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Saturday marked 2 years since the launch of  Sezio is a non-profit artists’ organization providing resources, exposure and community support to artists and musicians through a variety of new media, events, retail and community programs.  They’ve been a great support to me and my work and I am always excited to see what new event or creative project they are working on next.  To celebrate  their two year anniversary they booked Subtext Gallery and The Casbah for an all out block party. The first portion of the evening was hosted at Subtext, featuring a live performance by Little Deadman and an art opening showcasing (almost) every artist that’s been featured on  Each artist was mailed a 12×12 birch panel, hand-crafted by Wes Bruce under the tutelage of Mike Maxwell….the rest was up to us.

Around 9:30pm the evening shifted over to The Casbah for performances by Writer, Cuckoo Chaos, Trouble in the Wind, and Knorphus in The Atari Lounge.


Subtext Gallery // Art

Dustin Ortiz, Erik Otto, Brad Kester, Morgan Blair, Eric Taggart, Tocayo, GrandLarsen, Diana Sudyka, Kelli Murray, Knorphus Zortorch, Mike Maxwell, Andrew Heine, Taylor Dunfee, Austin McCormick, Pamela Jaeger, Matt Stallings, Justin Skeesuck, Jolby, Wes Bruce, and Exist 1981.

The Casbah // Music

Writer, Cuckoo Chaos & Trouble in the Wind

w/ Knorphus (Atari Lounge) and Little Deadman (Subtext)


My piece & Morgan Blair


Tocayo & Austin McCormick


Erik Otto & Mike Maxwell



Over the weekend I had the rare opportunity to create art on a 16′ X 7′ chalk wall set up at the Del Mar Fair.  The chalk mural was for Microsoft’s new phone – KIN – a new touch screen cell phone developed for social networking.  Having never worked with chalk before, I was a little shy in taking on the project, but after a bit of convincing, I decided to go for it…..with the assistance of my good friend and fellow artist AMANDA MUELLER. (check out her art…she’s pretty fab!) We worked Friday June 11th through Sunday June 13th on three separate concepts…all related to the theme of “staying connected”.  We had a blast drawing all day surrounded by fair fanatics and getting whiffs of funnel cake and kettle corn!  Thanks Microsoft for the opportunity!



I am in the process of decorating my home office…FINALLY…after about 2 years of living here.  Sad right?  But I suppose late is better than never.  I have gotten comfortable with my bare walls and lone computer desk.  It gets the job done but I am in desperate need of some inspiration. Here are a few workspaces I am inspired by.  Can you tell I am into the vintage industrial craze? However, I can tell you right now my office will NEVER be as clean as the ones pictured.  My creative process tends to get a bit “cluttered”!  I am loving all things Restoration Hardware.  I actually just gave in and bought the drafting table I have been obsessing over for the past few months (last picture).  I am anxiously awaiting it’s delivery so that I don’t have to draw hunched over on the floor anymore.  Although I am worried I have gotten so used to it that a big beautiful drafting table just might never get it’s use! (Nonsense!  It will be perfect.)

workspace2 workspace5 a1 trine_thorsen_james_merrell desk

What workspaces are you inspired by? Any creative home office ideas you’d like to share!!?


This last week has been a whirlwind of sketches.  Lots of freelance projects in the works (which is why I have been slightly neglecting my blog)!  Here is an illustration I drew up today. Not for anything in particular at all.  Just because I’ve been working too much and miss getting “all dolled up”.

Although I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s photo sesh with my dear friend SARAH SHREVES….speaking of getting all dolled up.  I am finally putting together my profile.  It’s been far too long in the waiting.  I’ll be sure to post some of my favs in the coming weeks.

dolled up_small


I recently came across the  lovely artwork of MELISSA CASTRILLON.  She is a freelance illustrator and Designer from Cambridge, England.  I love the sketchy nature of her work…the fine lines and soft color palette. More and more I seem to be leaning toward softer muted hues when it comes to artwork (including my own).  It may be just a phase I am in…but I am LOVING it.  Yet another “illustration inspiration”.

You can browse more of this goodness on Melissa’s FLICKR.

f2 f3 f4 f1