Meet Coury, AKA, the cutest girl on earth.  Seriously though, CUTEST.  I discovered her blog, FANCY TREEHOUSE, after her sister emailed me about creating a custom illustration for her…..little did I know a few months down the road we’d be collaborating together!

I love working on projects for people who inspire me, and Coury does just that.  The girls got style…AND my hair.  I think we were destined to be friends!  Anyway….I drew up a few “fancy” little things for her blog.  A new header, a self portrait, and her sweet little dog Birdie.  Her family couldn’t be more adorable!

Visit Coury’s BLOG to get lost in a flood of wardrobe inspiration. And warning, be prepared to waste a few hours!

Aside from her inspiring blog, Coury runs an ebay store with heaps of unique hand picked vintage items.

AND…it’s your lucky day because she has offered to GIVEAWAY this hand made vintage crown!  All you have to do is comment to this post as to why it should be YOURS!  Extra entries to those of you who follow our blogs!

Also, we are doing a “flop” giveaway….so head on over to Coury’s blog to enter to win one of my art prints!  Yay for collaborations!

Winners will be picked on Friday December 10th!


  1. Clara

    That crown is sooo cute! It would be so nice to own it because it seriously beautiful. I love the artwork you did for the blog, it looks great!

  2. Kerri

    Hi sister! Love this floral piece! You are pretty darn cute yourself missy… see you soon!

  3. Krystel

    I would love to win this beautiful flower crown! Its so funky, fun, and whimsical. I LOVE FASHION, I LOVE all thing Pretty and let me tell you this is Gorgeous. I would also love to post on our blog about Coury and her company. I own a wedding coordination company and I know my Brides would love this! YAY! SO awesome!

  4. ediot

    i would love to win. ah what a nice giveaway. now following your blog-already following coury’s
    hope you’re having a good weekend


  5. Justyna

    It should be mine because I love it and I would keep it forever and it would be my precious and I’m arts and crafts challenged and could never make anything as beautiful and you’re both super awesome and talented. PHEW! run-on-sentence entry!

    Great giveaway lasses!

  6. Sher

    I adore Coury’s blog and this beautiful flower crown! I would love to win it so that I could wear it for my pre wedding photoshoot:)

    I’m already following her blog, now following yours!

  7. Liten

    Hi! Joining the art-competition at Fancy Treehouse. Love your stuff (all the way from Sweden) and hope to win. The print would look fabtastic on one of my walls. Your stuff is very poetical, kind of childhood-magical and beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend

  8. Grace

    Ooo la la, this is so gorgeous. I’d love it so much if you could pick me! On Friday I have nearly all my college finals & I’d feel like such a winner! Not to mention it’s just beautiful & I’m sure it would start a new killer trend on my small campus ;D !
    [following both blogs!]

  9. Hayley

    This head band is absolutely gorgeous! It comes at the perfect time – I just yesterday emailed Coury through her website asking if she also sold these in her store! I have attempted to make my own, but none are as beautiful these! Coury is one-of-a-kind inspirational. Also, I’m not only definitely a follower, but an admirer. :-)

    Hayley x

  10. kate

    Oh I want this head band so badly! I’ve been following Coury for quite some time now and she is just beautiful. Her pictures are magical. I want this head band so I can wear it on New Years. It’s mine and my boyfriends anniversary. Please please pick me!


  11. Claire

    I’d love to win because I am going back home from college for winter break and I’d love to make an appearance with such a gorgeous crown. :D

  12. Lainey

    I should win this crown because A. I love Coury Combs. She has been my inspiration even before she started her blog, through the band she was in Castledoor. B. I love headbands. Especially handmade ones. I once made a floral headband a la Diane Von Furstenberg’s’ spring/summer collection in 2009, I wanna say? I made it for me and my best friend to rock on our graduation. C. I think I would be able to rock it like no other. and D. If I didn’t follow Coury’s blog, I wouldn’t have been able to discover your amazing blog.

    Please pick me. :)

    Oh, and if I have you both on my blogroll, does that count as following? xoxo

  13. Lauren

    Hey! I’m so glad my email united you two…
    What a great collaboration between two talented blondes :)

  14. cathryn

    Gorgeous blog!!! Im glad you gave a shout out about it!! She reminds me of a young Julia Roberts, but a blonde version!!!

  15. Chelsea

    Hey :)
    I would love to win the rose crown because I have never seen something so beautiful in my life. I’m a teenager trying to find a dress sense, and I am in love with the way Coury dresses. Like most teenagers, fashion is a bit of a battle ground for me, but I want to be all vintage and fun and cute and that headband would be the most amazing starting point!
    I follow you both :)

  16. Valerie

    The flowers on the lovely crown look so real! I would love to own this! Maybe it would inspire frolicking through the woods….

  17. m

    the crown is sooooo cute & sunny .. id wear it through the harsh winter & itd remind me summer :)

  18. brandi lisenbe

    i am a follower!
    this crown should be mine because my family calls me PRINCESS!
    but not in a nice way….more like ,”OK Princess” “Sure thing Princess”

    I have no idea why?

    But I love your blog, and I just checked out Fancy Tree:)

  19. anna

    Her outfits are so inspired! and her dog is cuter than Christmas. I would love to have that crown as part of my wardrobe!

  20. Amanda Brooke

    I know you could easily sell this on etsy and it would be gone in a heart beat, but I would adore this lovely piece, and wear it all the time <3

  21. wellies & vogue

    every girl needs flowers in her hair.. this one is crazy pretty..

    love the illustrations you did.. especially of Birdie – very cute!

    Am a follower of the beautiful Coury’s and now one of yours…

  22. Leanne

    Im inspired by all things beautiful, I definitely need this to adorn my head so I can inspire others the way you two talented cats inspire me. x

  23. Crystal

    I love this Kelli! Each day I search your blog. I am always astounded at a mecca of inspiration, love, art, and smiles. This crown would make a lovely addition to a house full of girls (me – Mama Bear, and Charlotte and Harriet – my little babes). As I work around the house to create a woodland nymph dreamland for the two little ones, they dream and imagine together. I would love to wear this magical crown and officially be Mother Nature in their dreams and life.

  24. kelly ann

    she is one of my favourite fashion bloggers! i absolutely adore her style.

    i would love to win this! my blog is called “the flowerchild dwelling” (one of my nicknames is flowerchild) and i would love to have a new profile photo of me wearing this crown — it’s kind of perfect. ;)

  25. Elizabeth

    I would love this floral crown!! It is so beautiful! I love wearing flowers in my hair and this would be a perfect accessory, not to mention, the artwork is phenomenal.

  26. Linda

    I would love this crown because i failed miserably at making my own ive searched the internet everywhere to try n purchase one as i love cute hair accessories but no luck :(

  27. Lauren G.

    I follow both of your blogs and am obsessed with this crown, as well as your print. I am hoping for a Christmas miracle!

  28. Merrill

    What a beautiful way to make any girl feel like a spring goddess as winter quickly approaches! Both you and Coury are such amazing inspirations, and I can’t wait to see what you do next! <3

  29. Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller

    oooh! The crown should be mine because it will brighten up the grey January days that are coming to depress me… ; )

    I do follow her and would follow you except that I’m getting a message at the moment saying the widget is incorrectly configured. Probably it’s just my internet connection. I’ll try again in a moment.

  30. janae

    i would love love love this flower crown because it would look oh so pretty atop my dark brown hair :) i would wear it with simply anything and everything, because what girls doesn’t want flowers in her hair everyday?

  31. Tonya M

    I really love this flower crown. If I won this crown I would wear it with my vintage outfits and be reminded that collaborations in the art and clothing worlds are fantastic. I have a huge love for cute clothes and design and I think that both of your sites are wonderful and inspiring. Thank you!!

  32. Paige W

    I LOVE this floral crown. I feel the addition of whimsical inspiration to any outfit, however small or large, is an instant success. This crown instantly inspires one to dream.

  33. Emma

    such a cute giveaway, thanks for letting us know about Fancy Treehouse she has a great blog. so glad i found your blog, every post is amaze!

  34. Alicia

    This giveaway is an adorable piece. I’m truly inspired by your art&style and it’s why I follow your blog. I deserve this giveaway because it’s like i said adorable and it would definitely be an essential to my accessories that I wear on a daily basis.

  35. Amy

    This is beautiful! Enter me in!

    I just recently started following your blog and I love it. :)!

  36. Iris

    omg the crown is wonderful! I also love fancy tree house too, it’s one of my daily blogs. And I just followed your blog right now!


  37. -Cat.

    I love both your blogs and I cuoldn’t think of a more appropriate pair to collaborate! Beautiful work! Gorgeous headband too, wouldn’t mind that for Christmas! =)


  38. Rachel

    I would love this crown because I’m a photographer and it would be the PERFECT accessory for my next shoot. It’s also gorgeous, of course. I’d love to have it.

    Thanks for the opportunity!



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