I am sorry….this took too long.  I thought i’d have some better photos of the opening of my Solo Show “Dreamer” to snag, but no luck.   Here is what I snapped on my own.  Sadly, I don’t have a full view shot of the entire space complete, but hopefully you get the idea.  The Habitat House was the perfect venue for my first solo show.  It is small, intimate and inviting.  The main wall that I had to work with was a pretty decent size.  About 24′ X 10′ I would say.  I recruited my husband to build me some whitewashed wood panels using old recycled wood to use as backdrops….(adding to the whole cabin theme I was going for).  I LOVED the way they turned out.  We actually  have a few hanging in our house now!  I also hand painted huge braids across the wall, from floor to ceiling.  It took a while, but the final outcome made it all worth it.  In the center of the wall I spelled out the words DREAMER, using nails and thick yarn….just weaving it tightly along the nail path.  (I just might use this idea for my ‘one day’ nursery.)


I had a handful of one of a kind tee shirts printed.  (it’s nice working for a company with a screen print factory sometimes!)  All of them were gone by the end of the night!

right photo:  ‘ANTLER GIRL’ original framed illustration- sold  / ‘FOXY ‘ original framed illustration – sold

‘STAY CLOSE’ – sold

Art prints available on my ETSY!

‘POLAR – 11″X11″ /  ‘HELLO DEAR’ – 11″X11″ (sold)

“WINTER DREAMS’ Original Framed Illustration

COZY – sold / HOME – sold

Contact me for prices!  xo -Kelli


  1. Holly Gauper

    I love how you displayed these on those pieces of wood with the braid! The one of you and your kitten is soo adorable as well. I can’t wait till you put it on your etsy!

  2. kelly ann

    you inspire me so much. when i’m feeling stuck creatively, i have a few sites/blogs that i can always go to for inspiration… you’re one of them. :)

    i can’t get over that first piece of the girl with the trees and mountains behind her. i love her flowing hair, her headpiece, and the heart on her cheek. it’s just so utterly perfect and i LOVE it. i wish it were hanging above my desk right now! ;)

  3. Ari

    These are so precious. I’m jealous of your artistic talent.
    Did you ever consider making a wall calendar? I would snag it in a heartbeat!


    • Eddie

      God is greatBeer is GoodPeople are crz2y&#8a11;why does Orly continue to be punching bag for CCN , MSNBC? Why? Doesn’t she get it , yet?I amhaving a beer now,ok?

  4. Lianna

    Kelli I just wanted to tell you I received my ‘fancy living’ print yesterday and I LOVE it. I’ve got to search for an awesome frame to display it in.

  5. staceypa

    how dreamy I love how natural your art looks the elements of nature mixed with the pretty earthy girls. I love stay close you can feel the cute furry embrace of the kitten.

  6. norma

    I just came upon your beautiful website.
    I love your work and your pictures. They are an inspiration.
    Do you know of a good screen printer in San Diego?


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