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1.  Hand dyed Jute Twine / 2. Free People Plaid High Low Maxi Skirt /  3. A.L.C Dropped-waist silk dress /
4.  Rag & Bone Bradford Brogue / 5. Citrine Hydroquartz Rose Gold Ring / 6.  Paige Novick Becca bangle set /
7. 'Nudes' photo / 8. Geode Lariat Necklace / 9.  Petiole off white T-shirt Dress /
10. Elke Kramer 'Pastels' Oversized Tough Love Resin Bangle


Ahh yes, the Windy City.  They don’t call Chicago that for nothing.  Sam and I nearly froze during our visit there over the weekend.  Living in California, you just don’t understand the meaning of “cold” like others do living in other places of the world, and you certainly don’t understand the meaning of an appropriate “cold weather” wardrobe.  Sam in his denim jacket and me in my loose knit sweater.  It just didn’t do the trick in 30 degrees and whipping winds.  But even the locals said it was an unusually cold week.  Lucky us! We were silly and cold, but we had a blast.

Chicago has got to have one of the coolest downtowns I have ever visited.  You can just FEEL the energy and history and culture as you walk through the streets.  And might I add, some pretty epic shopping as well.  Oak Street was full of designer boutiques like Mark Jacobs, Prada, Ultimo and Hermes of Paris…which I mainly just window shopped (drooling a little here and there).  While just down the road were more affordable shops like H&M, Barney’s, Urban Outfitters, Deisel, and a massive F21.  Danger zone for a girl like me!

We were not shy when it came to sampling the flavors of Chicago.  Two MUST-HAVE’S on my list while we were in the city were deep dish pizza and an authentic chicago-style hot dog.  Did you know they pile on tomatoes, relish, onions, mustard, peppers, and a full pickle onto the “jumbo dog”!?! SOOO good.  That pickle made all the difference. haha.  Needless to say, I had much more than my gluten fill on this trip, so this week I am on detox mode.  Or at least attempting to be!

We strolled through Millenium Park to pay a visit to the giant silver bean I had heard about!  Literally, the thing is 20 feet tall, 30 feet wide and 60 feet long…and made of nearly 18 tonnes of steel! So nuts.  It gives you an insane view of the city’s skyline, the lake, AND Michigan Avenue – all the things that represent Chicago.  These photo’s don’t even really do it justice.

And below are a few pictures of the REASON we took this vacation, to help celebrate the wedding of our close friends.  I guess I was enjoying the festivities too much to remember to take out my camera! That always happens! ….but how handsome is my husband!? ;)


Hello from Chicago!  I love this city!  Sam and I are having a wonderful time and in just a few hours we are heading to the wedding of our good friends Chris and Carly! Yayy! I love weddings!  …But it’s time for a quick bump update.

So, the last two weeks my belly has filled out a little everywhere.  My lower belly sticks out more but I’ve noticed my stomach getting a bit more full up high now.  When I look back on my picture at 16 weeks, I don’t see the major growth that I thought I might see at 18, but I can definitely FEEL it!  It’s hard as a rock too! I don’t know if that’s normal or not? The babe is about 5 1/2″ long now, about the size of a bell pepper.  Next time I post my baby bump I will know if I am having a boy or girl!!  My ultrasound is on April 11th! Eek!!  Then I can finally start  thinking about the nursery and narrowing down names!!

Can’t wait.  xo -Kelli


Hey all! I am soooo excited because tomorrow morning Sam & I are waking up bright and early to catch a flight to Chicago! We are going for a friend’s wedding on Saturday but we decided to extend our stay to enjoy the city! I haven’t been since I was a tiny thing (I was actually born in Chicago and lived there until I was 2…I don’t remember much).  I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures to share!  Hopefully I can drag Sam out to SHOP with me! But I got to get to packing…it always takes me WAY longer than I plan.

Art by MATTE STEPHENS.  How great is he!?!  I am in love with ‘Bear Monster Visits Chicago‘!


I know we were all pretty rocked by the recent disaster in Japan.  It makes me think about the fragility of life, and how something like this could happen to any one of us, at any time.  My heart goes out to all of the people affected by this catastrophe.  It’s hard to watch what’s happening and hear the stories without wanting to help.  Here is one way you can.

Jedidiah, in collaboration with Bulldog Drummond, has created a limited edition t-shirt collection to help heal Japan.  I designed the women’s graphic “Heart”, shown above, as well as the graphic below, “Headband”.  Both can be purchased on Jedidiah’s online store, along with a handful of other charitable tee options to choose from for both guys and girls.  $15.00 from every shirt purchase will be donated to the World Vision/Japan Disaster Relief fund.  Together, we can make a difference!

And here are a few other ways people are making a difference in Japan through their art.


1.  Help Japan – Gallery Print by Rob Dobi

2.  Every Bit Necklace for Japan – by iswas+willbe

3.  Bleeding Sun Greeting Card by martin rebello

4.  Charity / Red Eye – Three Inch embroidery hoop art by Goose & Trisser