I love this dress by Free People.  I think it’s actually supposed to be a top, but I am kind of a shorty, so I just layer it with a slip and wear it as a dress.  What is the “average” girl height anyway? I’m 5’4″ and always thought I was average.  But I am beginning to think I am on the small side. Anyway… I know it’s a bit of an odd choice to to pair a pretty lace dress with moccasins….but I liked it.  I don’t like to be too fancy or too casual.  I feel best somewhere right in between.

I hope you all are having a lovely week.  The weeks just seem to be flying by right now.  I can’t believe I am already almost 15 weeks pregnant! One more week and i’ll be 4 months! I’m still wondering when my belly will finally “pop” and when my nausea will go away.  I thought it would have hit the road by now, but no such luck.  Thank God for Zofran.  It works like a charm.

And for all of you who have asked about how I get my hair so white, I’m having my sister (and hair stylist) Kyleen do a guest post on the process and the products she uses.  So stay tuned!

On a random note: I think deep down inside I secretly want to be an indian and live in a teepee and wear my moccasins everyday.  I would ride my horses and paint the sunsets and build fires at night to keep warm. Sam would hunt and gather while I would make us clothes out of leather and fur.  I’d have a baby wolf named Kitty we’d all sleep under the stars.   But then again I don’t think indians wear lace or red lipstick…or drink iced americano’s. Oh the luxuries of life! I suppose I’ll keep my life as I know it.  I can’t complain.  I’ll just dream of my fancy teepee.

Photos by JOIELALA


  1. Carly

    I am foreseeing a new clothing line that meshes teepee-like elements with lot’s of super girly patterns/fabrics… ; )

  2. Ahna Childress

    I had to take medication the entire pregnancy, with BOTH kids! Glad the Zofran is working…You look beautiful and I am obsessed with all of your outfits & hair pcs! xx Ahna

    • kelli

      Ahna! I want to follow your blog but it is only open to invited readers…can you invite me! :) I’d love to stay in the loop with what’s going on in your life and see how big your kiddies are getting! xo -Kelli

  3. Ashley

    I am excited for you and I am also excited for the hair tutorial! I love that look together as well! Oh I wish it was warm enough here so that I could wear dresses without tights too!

  4. Michelle

    O my….I’ve just spent 10 minutes literally just staring at that dress. HOW PRETTY!
    do you know if it’s still for sale? i need this one….
    I like the way you paired it with your moccasins. somehow those colours (cream and tan i guess?) go really well together!

  5. kelly ann

    i love this entire post. especially the indian/teepee part. i want to build a teepee in my backyard! ;) and wear feathers in my hair every day.

    i LOVE that dress, it’s stunning on you… and i love it paired with your moccasins. :)

  6. Ilana

    Oh hun, well even if you still feel a bit sick, atleast you don’t look it! :) You look absolutely beautiful. My dear friend is 7 months pregnant and still on the off day gets a bit nauseous. All the best though, will be all worth it in the end when you get to cuddle the bundle of joy!


  7. Tiff

    u look amazing! Are u going to find out the sex of the baby? Do you want a boy or girl ?

    • kelli

      Thanks Tiff! Yes! I find out the sex of my babe on April 11th. Can’t wait! And I don’t care what I have! Just a healthy baby. xoxo.

  8. KeyonnaRenea

    I love free people and what you’ve done with that dress!
    Where did you get your moccasins?

    • kelli

      Thanks! I got my moc’s from a small moccasin shop in wisconsin when I was visiting my grandparents. I know that is no help! But the brand is Minnetonka! They are most likely online somewhere.

  9. Kirsti

    Hey, I stubbled across your LookBook and thought I’d check out your blog. Your illustrations are absolutely amazing! I love them so much!! And your blog is awesome too :) x

  10. Juliana Lins

    Hello Kelli, first and foremost I would like to thank you for your kindness and attention to my e-mail.

    I will explain the project. I study fashion designer. The completion of the course is a portfolio where I will be developing a collection. I will work with illustration, it is my theme. I will develop the art of a different way, so I need to study an artist inspires me. How I love your work, I choose you as a source of inspiration.

    So, I need to know a little more of your production:

    What led you to be an illustrator?

    How to start your career?

    What is your background?

    Do you do just pictures or you do something else?

    What are your inspirations for the designs and what are the artists that influence you?

    Some art (style) inspires you to create your images?

    Do you follow or care to follow some style to your creations?

    How do you make your art? On the computer?

    I saw that most of your drawings are pastel and your pictures are always lovely couples (animals or people), where the heart can be remembered. That’s right? why?

    Is there any meaning to the birds? They always appear in the illustrations.

    Is the fashion a influence in your work?

    I am awaiting your return and once again very grateful for your attention!

    Juliana Lins.

  11. Kerri

    Sister, you are too funny… you are so beautiful inside and out. Love you.



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