I have such a fierce face in this first photo. Haha!  This is the first time I dragged Sam out to be my photographer for my lookbook post.  Usually the sweet girls from JOIELALA handle it for me (they rock).  But Sam surprised me! It was like he had done it a hundred times!  We are getting so much use out of our new Canon! I am so glad we made the purchase. I still have SOOO much to learn when it comes to taking photos, but even on auto it can take way better pics than our old digi ever could.  One day I will take the time to learn it! I swear!  Anyway,  we found this cute little field behind a local BBQ joint we frequent.  So yes, I wore this to chow down on a pulled pork sandwich and shoestring fries.  Fitting, yes? Well, no, not at all….but whatever.  I usually prefer that kind of meal over a fancy sit down anyway.  Speaking of food, the ‘ol appetite has not slowed down.  Sadly, it’s even picked up!  I think this little girl is going to be a porker….or maybe mom is just turning into one! Oh Lord.  Thank God for a change in body chemistry because I fear I would have gained far more weight by now if that was not the case.  Tomorrow I will be 22 weeks along in my pregnancy (5 1/2 months!).  People still laugh at how small I am, but the last two weeks I’ve seen the quickest growth.  I will have to do a belly post over the weekend (time has been getting away from me lately!).  This outfit does a good job at masking the bump, but I promise, it’s there.

Since I enjoy pairing the colors in art with fashion, here is a lovely watercolor painting by Stephanie Ryan that I thought suited this look quite perfectly.  I wish I had the time to create more character illustrations to go along with these posts like I usually do, but like I said, life has been craaazy.  So the pretty art of others will take it’s place for now!

Maxi Skirt - Free People, Blouse - Frenchi, Bag- Melie Bianco, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Tomorrow I am having a girls day with my mom and two sisters.  Shopping and eating and chatting…what girls do best. To celebrate my baby sis turning 25!! (My sisters and I are all just one year apart in age).  Mom didn’t mess around.


xo xo


  1. stacey

    very pretty love the blue,red and cappuchino mix. The handbag is very cute and those shoes are to die for although don’t know how you managed to walk in them across that filed I would have broken my ankle in them! Cant wait for your bump update x

  2. Tickle Me Pretty

    Loving this look kelli! what a great skirt. and that bag just pops so well!
    P.s. I’m super impressed by the pictures, tell the hubby he did a great job <3

  3. Kyleen

    Those shoes are redonkulous :) by the way can i borrow that skirt for the wedding i’m going to next month? we could do a trade :) love ya!



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