I am a bit behind on my bump post.  So this pic is 4 days past week 22.  But HELLO BELLY!  It’s nice to officially meet you.

Our baby girl weighs about 1 pound now (mom has gained 9) and she is about 11 inches long….the size of a spaghetti squash.  I can’t believe how quickly i’ve grown in just two short weeks.  When I wear a fitted shirt, which is honestly rare, I see people looking at me with that question in their mind, but no one has dared to ask if I am pregnant yet.  I suppose out of fear I might just be uber bloated or something! Maybe a few more weeks and it will be obvious to everyone.  Bring it on!

I have started dreaming about her nursery and what I want to do with it.  I never knew how much baby stuff costs until I started researching everything.  I think decorating the room alone will wipe me clean!  Cribs are tormenting me right now.  I can’t decide if I want to go the more modern route and mix vintage with it….or get a more antique looking crib and create a really soft feminine space.  And then the question is cost.  Is it worth it to buy something expensive that I love or should I get one of the cheaper models and maybe refinish it myself to give it that “worn” look? Uhhh.  One thing I know is that if I am going to fork out the money on something nice, I want the crib to be convertible, so that she can grow with it and I don’t have to spend a loot more a year or so down the road.

Below are a few more nursery’s that I have pinned as inspiration.  I am still loving the softer, more muted palette with small touches of color  (I posted some others on THIS POST).  All images can be found on my PINTEREST. And if you are looking for more nursery room inspiration, check out the room tours at OHDEEDOH or head over to LAY BABY LAY.  Lots of goodness.

  1. Meli

    You look mah-levous dah-ling baby!! And mommy looks cute too. Ha! ;-) I am loving all your inspirational rooms. However, if I could go back I would. We all say that a transitional crib/bed is the way to go…but now I disagree. Go for vintage and fix it up. I promise you…by the time a “toddler bed” is par for the course…you will probably want a full bed for her to truly grow with. Whatever you decide…I know it will be fabulousity!!!!

  2. ediot

    what a beautiful room! and im so excited to see the baby bump progress, wish you all the best of luck both mentally and furniturewise preparing for the upcoming birth
    take care

  3. Carly

    You’re really showing now – how exciting! Better go buy s’more fitted shirts. :)

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with for her nursery… I love the pale color palate. And, an idea to cut some costs may be to put some of the nursery accessories on your registry.

  4. Ahlix

    You are looking great! I love the ideas, as to the babys crib there are cribs that turn to toddler bed then day bed and then a full size bed. Check around, your sure to find somthing that will work. Cant wait to see the finished nursery. Are you working on any baby bump paintings?

  5. Bre

    Aww cute lil bump! I really like vintage looking cribs. Very very cute. But it could definitely also be cool with a modern/vintage mix!

    I’ll be excited to see what all happens!

  6. stacey

    that is the cutest baby pump you are so lucky!
    I love the nursery concepts and the fact that they are so calm and soft. The mini bunting is very sweet and I like the last photograph with the pictures and wall art hung randomly above the crib. I have designed a few childrens rooms in my work and it is such fun the vintage eceletic mix is my favourite.
    I can’t wait to see what you do :-)

  7. tara

    hi kelli! we have, like a gazillion, mutual friends but have never met. i love your blog. i would suggest a convertable crib that grows with your baby… but beware! both my kids decided to use their lovely crib as a teething toy and shredded the rails to bits. someday i will get around to refinishing it, but maybe not.

    love the bump!

  8. Lynn

    awe, you look beautiful and little baby girl is really making herself known, good to see! gosh how i adore every single nursery insp you’ve shown. children’s rooms are actually something i’d like to live in as an adult too. can’t get enough of buntings, quilts and crib like beds. so cozy, comf!



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