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Life is so good.  Two days ago my husband Sam and I found out that we will be having a baby girl!  Since the day we found out we were expecting, we have hoped and prayed for just a healthy baby.  With so many people asking me what I wanted, I could never quite say, because all I knew is that this little miracle forming inside me would be just what God had planned for us. And boy or girl, this would be one of the greatest blessings I would ever know.

Sunday night before our ultrasound appointment the next morning, I asked Sam what his final guess was, boy or girl? He surprisingly got kind of serious and turned to me and said “A baby girl, hopefully just like her mom”. Tear! He knew from the beginning,  but I wasn’t so sure.  My mom came along with us to the ultrasound.  I wanted her there to share with me in this special moment.  She has been the most incredible mother, supporter and friend…and if I am just the half of  what she was for me, I would be doing something right.  She and Sam stood by my side as the doctor spread goo all over my belly and motioned around until she found a clear picture.  “Girl” she said…..and then came my bout of tears and laughs and kisses. It is one of the most amazing things to actually see her squirming about inside of me on the screen (God knows I can FEEL her!).  The doctor assured me that although I am small for 5 months, that the baby seems to be growing healthy and strong, actually measuring a little big for where I am at! Such comforting news! The last time I saw her this way was at 12 weeks when she was just a tiny thing, the size of a lime.  Now, at just over 20 weeks, she weighs almost 11 ounces and measures about 10 inches from head to heel.  I got to see her tiny hands and feet and her big round belly.  Looks like she might have daddy’s full lips too!  We are so thrilled! Now I just need to force myself to control my spending, because shopping for a girl comes a little too naturally!

If anyone knows of any great baby websites (for clothes, decor, furniture steals, ect) ….do tell!  I would love to add to my ever growing list!  The hunt begins….

These beautiful photographs were taken from the blog Thoughts From Alice W. She too is expecting a little one, and I imagine her nursery will be just perfect…perfectly vintage.

Photos by JOIELALA

Quick post today! Sam’s parents are here visiting from Minnesota so we are about to take off and show them around town!  I wish the weather was a little bit nicer for them! It has been so cold and windy the last few days! Brrrr!  I’m ready for summer.

Anyway…I can’t seem to get enough of neutrals these days.  Loving this muted color palate with just a splash of plum.

Sweater by Free People / Slip from Club Couture / Shoes by Dolce Vita / Hair accessory from H&M

Hope you all have the loveliest of weekends!

xoxo -Kelli


Sometimes I feel like the slowest baby bump grower ever.  I read this article the other day on a woman with “Baby Bump Jealousy”.  She was 5 months along and couldn’t help but compare her large, round, very pregnant-looking belly to all the other little belly’s she saw of women in the same month of pregnancy.  I kind of found myself relating to her and her “bump envy”….only in the opposite.  I always had this idea in my head that when you find out you are pregnant, you automatically “get a belly”.  In my case, that was far from the truth.  5 months later and still no one has any idea that I have a little person growing inside me.   The worry wort in me resorts to thoughts of…”Is everything ok?” , “Is my baby growing the way it should”?, “What if something went wrong?”.  It is definitely not small because of lack of nutrients.  My appetite has been ravenous.  I know I can tell a big difference in the shape of my stomach, but I kind of wish other people could tell a difference too!   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the, “Oh please, that is my belly after a burger.”  I mean really, what is the fun of being pregnant when no one can tell, right!?   This is why every check up I have with the doctor is a HUGE source of comfort for me.  To have the them feel my stomach and tell me everything looks good, and to hear the baby’s loud heartbeat helps to reassure me that my body is doing just what it should be doing and growing at the pace that is normal, for me.  I get a little smile every time I feel a small kick or punch (which happens about 10 times a day already!), wondering what acrobatic movement is going on this time.   I know, it is silly to complain about not having a big belly.  Especially knowing when I get a really huge one, I am sure I will want it to be smaller! I suppose we all need to accept our different pregnant shapes and sizes and enjoy the miracle that is taking form within us!  But in all honestly, I am looking forward to LOOKING pregnant!  Maybe by month 8! haha!

I can hardly stand it, but in just a few days I get to find out the sex! I could have found out much sooner, but I decided to just wait it out and go when the doctor would be 100% certain. It has been a true test of my patience to say the least!

SOOOO….What is your guess!?! BOY or GIRL!!? Either way,  I will have all too much fun shopping!! All of the images below you can find with links on my PINTEREST. Verdict coming soon!




A few months ago I got the opportunity two work with an incredible husband/wife photography team on the re-branding of their growing photography business – THE WHY WE LOVE.  I created the logo above as well as a cute little illustration of the couple holding their favorite cameras!  Like me, they like the oldies (but goodies).

Can you say, TALENT!? Yes, these two are quite the rockstars.  Their work is incredible and creative and full of life.  Their photos really have a way of making you “feel”, if you know what I mean.  Emotion is not always the easiest thing to capture, but they seem to do it effortlessly.  Take a look for yourself!

Today, their work is featured on GREEN WEDDING SHOES – See their sweet elopement shoot,  A Magical Elopement in the Woods. I can’t wait to see what these two come up with next!