Hey friends! First, I want to say thanks to all of you who follow my blog.  I have been extra sensitive these days (ohhh pregnancy!!…a blessing and a curse!).  I’ve put a lot of thought into my purpose in life and what keeps me inspired and hopeful.  I’ve realized one of those things is YOU.  It is so amazing to have a community of people to talk and share with on a consistant basis.  Your continuous kind words and encouragement here on this little blog really motivate me to keep creating and keep persuing my dreams.  So really, I just wanted so say a big sappy THANKS for taking an interest in my life and for encouraging me daily.  I truely appreciate it.

And in honor of that, I wanted to do A BIG HUGE GIVEAWAY of my art…to one of you!

A lot of loot right!? I was feeling generous. So my gift to you will include:

1.  8X10 Wishing Print / 2. OH HELLO Mini Notecards with Envelopes / 3.  8X10 Fancy Living Print / 4. Winter Dreams Magnet Set (3) / 4.  11X14 My Beloved Print / 5. Rooted in Love Card Set / 6. Jedidiah All Dolled Up T-Shirt – M



1. Follow my blog.

(and if the little gadget on the side says “configured incorrectly”…just go to the very top left of the page and click “BLOG” again to see all my posts and it will allow you to press “FOLLOW” on the sidebar. Not sure why it does that?)

2. Comment on this post as to WHY YOU SHOULD WIN! Get creative.

**Extra entries for sharing this giveaway via Twitter/Facebook/Blog!  Or for “liking” JEDIDIAH or ME on Facebook! (Let me know about it!)

Giveaway ends on Friday June 17th at 11PM and a winner will be picked on Saturday morning!! I wish I could give it to everyone who enters!! But there will only be one lucky lady (or guy if there are any of you that read my blog! haha)

Thanks again to all of you! You make my life just that much sweeter. xoxo -Kelli



  1. Elizabeth Hernandez

    Hey Kelli! Congrat’s on the pregnancy! I’ve been reading your posts for the past few months and I’ve been praying for you and the baby. I love all of your work and I think all of it is so cute and creative. I’m redoing my room soon and I really think your art would look awesome in it. I really hope I’m, at least, considered. I also “like” you on facebook! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Elizabeth, 17

  2. Bethany Crisp

    Wow Miss Kelli,

    How does one say that they should win these pieces of incredible art? Hmm as I ponder for a response the only thing that comes to mind is encouraging you and thanking you.

    First off Kelli, I don’t think you really understand how much you have inspired me to live the life that God has designed me for. It is clear to me that God created you with the gift of art!

    When David and I came down to visit your family in SD I was blown away from your families vision and ultimate belief in your desires. Not only did I go home leaving SD thinking, ” wow I want to dream like Kelli, and wow she is doing it..living her dreams.” Your constant creations inspire me daily and help me believe that you can achieve your dreams through hard work and motivation. You are an outstanding artist,one with the gift to change lives, and help people ( Jedidiah). I also may add that your style is UNREAL!! bangarang!! wowzers..Sexy baby mama ..haha

    Thank you for loving your craft, because by doing that I love my craft just as much. We were all created for something and clearly you were born an artist.You also have been an ongoing joy in my life..

    I can’t WAIT to reunite!!!

    Lots of love Beth

  3. Alice Cooper

    I just found this through the actress Bethany Crisp. This stuff rocks!

  4. steffy

    YAY Kelli i am SO excited about this giveaway! I ‘liked’ you and jedidiah on facebook and i follow on bloglovin.

    i think i should win because i LOVE your artwork. i feel a connection with it. you create little people who literally come ALIVE and have personalities, and i think if i won i would cherish what you send me, and look at it every day and it would make me happy! :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Ashley Diamond

    i have been following you for the past year! I love everything about your blog! I love your work and your outfits! You have actually recently inspired me to create my own fashion blog! I am also going off to my first year of college next year and have recently decided to follow my passion of art and major in graphic design. It is something I have always wanted to do but felt like my parents wouldn’t support it. But when reading your blog I thought of you and knew I could do it! and actually my parents have been very supportive and think I can do well in it! It is funny that someone I have never met can really inspire me to make changes in my own life! I know it is pretty lame to say all this when you are giving something away so please know I just wanted you to know this, not just so I could get awesome free stuff! :)

  6. Madison

    I’ve ‘liked’ you on facebook, and i’ve promoted the page on my facebook!

    As to why i should win? Well… I am on the Lookbook, and think that shirt would go amazingly with one of my outfits for there! Not to mention i love your art, have been following it for way over a year now, AND i want to decorate my baby room with your art! Wouldn’t that be adorable?


  7. Afura

    hi! I think I should win because I’m really inspired by your work. I’m an illustration major in college, and sometimes when I get discouraged or unmotivated, your work makes me want to get back on the ball.


  8. Mariel Evans

    I first heard about you when my friend introduced me to Jedediah. I have been a follower of your blog ever sense. I am always inspired by the things you put up here. I am an artist myself and I’ve found such joy in keeping up to date on all the things you do.

    I should win because I’ve been needing some new art on my walls. And I would love to look at your art all the time every day!

  9. Rebekah Chua

    Hey there Kelli!

    I guessed you’d probably wanna know how you get your readers so here’s how it goes for me! One fine day I was browsing through lookbook.nu and I chanced upon your look. I thought you outfit looked cool, it was just the way I liked it, sweet and girly. Your illustration accompanying it was such a winner too! So I knew I had to check out your other looks and your blog. It all seemed good, so I decided to follow you (hehe though it sounds quite stalker-ish). I don’t exactly remember when but it was a while before your pregnancy. Yea that’s about it. :)

    As for why should I win, I guess it’s cos I’m Singaporean! Haha. I wonder if you know of this tiny red dot (as they call it) called Singapore and I guess you’ll be surprised to have a reader from such a far away land. Maybe one day you should tour this sunny island.

    Anyway this may be a cliche but your drawings are so inspirational! Really! You have this unique style that shows your creativity. Last but not least, I wish for the best for your baby! And always lovin’ your platinium blonde hair. Oh and I ‘liked’ you and jedidiah on fb. :)


  10. Destiny

    I absolutely love your art!! I have been following you since your first shirts on Jedidiah and fall in love with each new one a little bit more than the last. The lightness and joy that is expressed is so unique. these last few years have brought many trials but each time I see one of your works of art it refreshes me :)
    Just wanted to tell how how much I think you for what your doing. It’s an encouragement for my 2 daughters (one is a recovery anoerexic, and the other has a strong heart for missions.) I pray that they will always be inspired by all you do
    Thanks again and NEVER stop painting. LOVE YOU!!!!!
    Destiny Rodriguez

  11. Brianna Lowe1

    Cool, I found this giveaway from an actress on twitter. How did I not knowabout you? this is neat. I will pass the word aroud. I think I should get the prize! I am your newest fan now

  12. Megan K.

    I was SO excited when I saw you are having a big giveaway! I would absolutely love to have your beautiful work hanging in my house; perhaps in my ever-growing, little girlies rooms. …and some for me too :D Black lacquered frames….Yes. I can see it all now!

    Megan K.

    {P.S. I ‘liked’ both pages on fb.}

  13. Allison H.

    Welllllll I should win because I literally HAVE DREAMS about your work. One morning I woke up all foggy and confused because I had slept in a teepee with an antler hat on with sweet little sparrows flying all around my head. I thought, I have GOT to stop looking at Kelly Murray’s blog before I go to sleep… hahaha. To say you inspire me is, apparently, an understatement!

    And just in case that’s not enough, I did all the liking on facebook and following on twitter. :) Have a good day!

  14. Abbey

    I found your work about a year ago on the Jedidiah website, and without even knowing who the artist was, I was immediately captivated. I searched to find the creator until I found your name!
    By hearing about what you do, I have been inspired to follow my own dreams and find a way to use my art for a greater purpose like you have done with Jedediah.
    Nothing would make me happier than winning this giveaway. I would only be that much more inspired to let nothing hold me back from using the talents God gave me to further his ministry. Even if I don’t win, i would love to say thank you for the awesome things that you do and the example of a Christ following woman you set for everyone to see.
    Love, Abbey

  15. jooleedoh

    Hi, Kelli!
    I’m kind of blown away by this generous giveaway! I’ve only been following your blog for less than a year, but I was instantly hooked. I fell in love with your art/illustrations, personality, and your impeccable style! you’re definitely my fashion icon and overall inspiration. I would love to win this giveaway because, well… i’ve never won anything before and my birthday is on the 21st! so that would be pretty magical. I’d love to go on and on, but I like to keep things short and sweet. xo!

  16. Mariela Osegueda


    you art work has been such a blessing to follow and is so inspiring and motivating! your style and individual interest also inspire me! I am an artist and have been truly inspired by your work. i have been doing photography as my focused but because of your art i have been motivated to sketch and draw more. anyway i know that it would be a blessing to receive anything from you but honestly i don’t deserve it, as we are all undeserving of this life and by grace we are only able to live it. just wanted to shout out that you have made a difference in the art world and have touched peoples lives. i long to make that same difference with the gifts that God has graciously given me.

  17. Lisa Jayne

    Hi Kelli.
    First thing. I cannot believe your pregnancy is nearly over. I remember when I went to visit your blog one day and you announced you were having a baby and how happy I felt for you. I cannot wait to see what name you give her. I just know it will be something original and so you.
    I would love to win your giveaway for a number on reasons. Firstly I have never won anything like this before, despite numerous entries :(. Secondly, I tell everybody who loves art about your blog because it is the best one out there and the only one I follow. It’s original and oozes your personality and creativity. And thirdly, I am going to study Textiles at University in September and I would love to have your work on my walls to inspire me everday and to show all my flatmates.
    I do mean all these things and I would love to be able to draw like you. I think your such an inspirational person and you give so much back to all of us that follow you.
    Thank you for being so great at what you do and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is well and your baby is safe.
    I shall keep sketching and working hard to achieve. Bless you.
    All my love, Lisa Jayne, United Kingdom! xx

  18. Hannah

    Well. I want to win this is why i should win. I really love the way you draw and i love how you inspire me. that’s why i would be one of the happiest persons on this planet if i win!
    love, Hannah

  19. Sophy

    I have followed you for ages and ages now, and read pretty much everything you’ve written, and some things a few times.
    I am so enviable of your artistic talents. I show all of my friends amazing pieces you’ve drawn online, and I think they’d love to see them in the flesh, as it were, as well.

    The real short and long of it is, I would absolutely love to win, I never ever win anything, ever.. and If I could win something then I hope that its as amazing as this! I would like to give you more reasons, but you’ve probably got the gist of it by now ;)

    Love and Hugs

  20. Simona

    Dear Kelli,
    I really admire your blog and art work.I come everyday here to see more of beautiful things you had created for the world.Your blog is very sweet.I watched every inch of it.I think your family, with the new baby coming will be even more awesome :)
    Remember that you inspire me, every morning I grab a cup of coffee, take a big piece of paper, my pencil and start drawing something beautiful.
    And now you give something artistic to others. That’s very generous of you.I’m not entering the contest, just wanted to say these words, but didn’t had the inspiration to do that in English, because It would be more sincerely If I would do that in Lithuanian ;)
    Just wishing you a good time, beautiful mornings and happy days with your husband and coming child,
    Best Wishes,

  21. Jennifer J

    Hi K.

    I’ve ‘liked’ you and Jedidiah on facebook. And i already following you!
    But what can i say, you are an awsom artist, love your work!
    I’m decoration my house, and you stuff wil fit perfectly in it :)

    Take care, and have a nice week!
    Greets Jennifer

  22. Tasia

    Kelli ! Been adoring your art for some time now – very original and I love the fact that both you and Sam are artists (your lil babe is so lucky!!). Myself, I’m a bit of a “failed” artist, so I decided to become a paintings conservator because I love the idea of being able to take care of art for the next generation to see. This year I took so many courses in paper conservation (as electives) and absolutely adore them – especially learning more about prints. One day I’m hoping to have the chance to see your works in an art collection so I can take care of them :) Oh, and I guess I want to win the giveaway because I’d love to rock that shirt at work or on my blog! Keep up the good work and can’t wait to see more baby posts:)

    Following the blog and on twitter @Ruffles_Sequins
    All the best!

  23. Julia

    Oh, lovely! I already follow you and likes you on Facebook.

    I love, love, love your art. You inspires me and if I could, I would by everything! You have an uniqe style and I will be very happy if I won!! Think about it, wouldn’t be cool to have some of your art in Sweden? :D I think so, you are such a big talent. To see and feel your art everyday is a dream. You are more then an artist, for me you are a rolemodel! You seems like a humble and down-to-earth person. As I said, I love to win this beautiful giveaway.

    Love / Julia Järnroos, a big fan from Sweden

  24. stacey

    Hi Kelli

    I first discovered you and your blog when I saw your wedding as I was searching around wedding blog land in the little old uk trying to find inspiration for my own wedding. We are very behind the times here, we didnt want the tradtional wedding and wanted to do a lot of DIY all our wedding mags are soooo boring. So upon my searching I discoverd that you guys have the most amazing weddings.
    When I saw your wedding video it made me cry it was so beautiful and your art I fell in love with. In fact I fell in love with you and Sam as a couple you are both just so cool. As a lover of clothes and fashion I love your looks you put together they are so inspiring and following you in your pregnancy has been so special.
    From a big fan in the Uk

    lots of love Stacey xx

  25. Emma

    YAY!!!! amazing giveaway..

    I adore your blog, and you, and your style! and especially your art! such a talent. Look forward to every post you put up. :P

    I’m a follower on bloglovin but just added you on google reader, added you on twitter and liked your facebook! stalker much! hehehe

    Finger Toes Everything crossed and hope i win! :)


  26. Anna

    Hey Kelli
    There are so many reasons why, but I think this why is most important to me. I believe Art is a powerful tool, its a conversation starter, it can provoke people to action, and it can change peoples lives. Your art does all of this, many times Ive shown your art and also jedidiah tshirts to people and theyve started amazing conversations about justice and life. Its such an amazing thing to hear people talk about change which all began from seeing an image. I dont actually have any of your illustrations in physical form, but would love to.

    As a designer/illustrator myself Im really inspired by all your work, and by your passion for justice. I will always be grateful that you took the time to help me with my research back in 2009, it means alot.

    Hope you have a really amazing weekend :)

    Take Care

  27. Sarah

    I want to win this so badly because the prize has my fav print of yours!!! To be more precise, the Wishing print! I love it, and I want to win this because I saw on etsy that it can’t be delivered to my country, Romania.

    Lots of love,

  28. Adia

    I’d like to win your giveaway because your work is really amazing and beautiful with creativity.I’m a photographer for Glossyart.net and I always look for something that inspires me and your work is the one.

    I follow you via GFC and facebook.
    GFC name: Adia
    Facebook : http://facebook.com/adiar

    Thank you so much for the giveaway :D

  29. Holly Canon

    I love your blog and your work so much! I would LOVE to win this because I’m going off to college soon & my dormmate/best friend are decorating our dorm inspired by your work! {The ‘barely there’ color scheme, decorating styles we’ve seen here on the blog, & similar art} It would be so AWESOME to have some of your actual work hanging on our walls!! {So, here’s my creative part}
    xxx xxx ooo xxx xxx ooo !!!!!!
    xxx xxx ooo ooo xxx xxx ooo ooo !!!!!!
    xxxxxx ooo ooo xxxxxx ooo ooo !!!!!!
    xxxx ooo ooo xxxx ooo ooo !!!!!!
    xxxxxx ooo ooo xxxxxx ooo ooo !!!!!!
    xxx xxx ooo ooo xxx xxx ooo ooo
    xxx xxx ooo xxx xxx ooo !!!!!!


    haha that took a little longer than I expected! -Holly

  30. Holly Canon

    oh^ oops that didn’t turn out well at all! haha :] Just ignore my attempt at being creative right there! Anyway Haley and I would LOVE to win this!!

  31. Kassie Spilman

    Hiii Kelli!

    Oh my! you have inspired SO many. I read through the comments and thought “ohh no! tough competition!! :)”

    I am a small town Nebraska/Iowa girl who has been following you since the begginings of Myspace! (I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon you.)

    My grandma was an amazing painter and I never felt up to par with what she could do, but you’ve inspired me to find my own way of painting/drawing that makes it unique and my own… so thank you!

    As a hairstylist, I’m also crazy about your hair! Your sister does amazing work!! :) I’ve featured you on my blog several times as well as the post your sister wrote about your perfect platinum hair.

    If nothing else, I will always be a loyal follower who is inspired by you as long as you keep doing what you’re doing!

    Thank you for giving us all something to look forward to every week!

  32. holly d

    you werent kidding, that is some loot! well of course i follow your blog. and i would love to win to bring some fresh, new, happiness into my home. i have so many empty walls! and all the notecards would be perfect for all the thank you cards i need to write for my bridal shower + wedding in the next 2 months!

    fingers crossed :)

  33. Susan

    hey =]

    wow these are beautiful… and the reason why i should maybe win these is simple. I love your style of drawing and they inspire me to try new things in fashion and in my own art. Would love to hang these up in my newly decorated room.

    Good luck with your wee baby belly =]


  34. Alejandra Cervantes

    Oh gosh where to start! I’ve been following your blog under my Favorites menu on my iPhone since you designed the blog heading for The Swede Records
    I stumbled upon that blog through Diane Jago who shot their engagement photos. I fell in love with the style of the drawing. You were able to portray their personality and interests flawlessly; it really looked just like them. So after that I of course headed over to your blog to check out all your other work and I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!
    I told my husband wouldn’t it be nice if when I was pregnant I could request a painting of me and my baby bump and the cute little birds tying a peach bow over the crib made out of bird nest sticks? Well when you gave us the news you were expecting I figured you might come up with something in that nature.
    But anyway, the reason I would love to win these awesome pieces of art is so that I can proudly hang them in my craft room I’m putting together this summer! I would love to walk in there and feel inspired by your work. I know that looking at those pieces in my room would make me smile big, plus the Jedidiah All Dolled Up T-Shirt is my size! Isn’t it Perfect ;)
    Oh what an HONOR it would be to Win <3
    P.S. Im already a official follower on your blog, I shared the giveaway via Twitter and FaceBook, I LIKE JEDDIDIAH and YOU on Facebook.

  35. Olivia Janae'

    Hi Kelly, my new friend! :)

    This is the first time I’ve seen your blog, my buddy Vince posted in on his facebook! I thank him for the introduction!

    You look beautiful with your growing belly – congrats to you & your family!!
    Why I should win your art, you ask? Well, we have a shared heart for art for starters! I appreciate that you took initiative in designing what was in your heart, so many people dream but can’t find the confidence to create. God gave you an incredible talent & through your hands He brought your talent to life! I’m inspired by you. By your art.
    I have small babies and I understand that it’s a challenge to keep your identity and heart for deisgn alive sometimes, it’s easy for the inspiration to get lost. But your blog is one of thoes daily reminders & inspirations that keep other young mommas, like me, moving foward! Id love to have your art!! It represents desire, inspiration, committment, creativity & everytime I look at it, I would feel refreshed! Thank you for letting me be a part of this!

    Olivia Fitz

  36. Kendra

    Well, I could certainly come up with a lot of reasons why I should win this giveaway, but plain and simple your art is the best. I want a piece of your awesomeness and winning all these goods would be so amazing. I’m an Oregon girl who first got a glimpse of you in Russell Brownley’s super greight vid of you and Sam, then on Green Wedding Shoes and found myself here admiring everything that you do!

    You are an inspiration and am so happy you are willing to share your life with us on this blog.

    bonus-i like you and jedidah on FB and follow on Twitter. i’m spreading the word about this giveaway on both!

  37. Cáti

    I sould win because your drawings really inspire me *

    I’m following you through facebook! (the name is Cátia Marques)

  38. Amy

    It won’t let me follow your blog with Google Reader (I don’t know why – it’s not because of the problem you posted about), but I have been following it with blogger for a while now?

    I should win because I do not own ANY artwork! None! And yours is amazing/gorgeous/perfect. I’m a college student who is leaving the dorms and moving back home and I would love to spruce up my room a bit. ;)

    I’m not a big commenter but I love reading your blog. When you announced that you were pregnant, I actually freaked out a bit and felt so happy for you!

  39. Aubrey Carroll

    Hey Kelli!
    I collect artwork from other fellow artists, and it’d look great in my new apartment! You artwork is so whimsical and stylish, and just so darn cute! And perhaps they’d be some inspiration for me to be as stylish as all your characters are! ;)

    But most of all, I’m inspired by any artist who can make a name for themselves, as it’s been a continual (emotional) process for myself. You’re a great encouragement to me as I continue to follow my dream as an artist. It’s been a bit of a slow summer for me. I’ve been really frustrated and disheartened at times, but seeing examples such as yourself is motivation to keep after my goals. Thanks for that!

    I followed you on facebook as well, and hope to continually keep up with your artwork and all the exciting things going on in your life!
    Thanks for inspiring,

  40. Katie Williams


    I can see from your artwork and your heartfelt thoughts that you are a beautiful person on the inside and out.

    My first baby just finished her first year at college, and now I’ve gone back to get my art degree.

    I am so thankful for all the people over the years who have prayed for her health, safety, success and christian growth.

    If I won your giveaway, I would use your inspiring work to remind me to pray for you and your little one as you venture into this new territory of motherhood and learning what unconditional love really is. I can’t wait to see the inspiration your little girl will bring to you.

    There is nothing more exciting than to pray someone into God’s purpose for their life. I’m already praying that your little girl will find her niche and have a wonderful impact on the Kingdom just like her mother has.

  41. Lauren

    Seems like you are always paying it forward! Whether at Jedidiah or otherwise, so THANK YOU for reminding us that our passion & work can be fun, beautiful, wild, powerful and purposeful. And for using your incredible talents to inspire, express & change the world around you. I’ve always had a love/admiration for your creativity and i’ve spread the word via the ole interwebs for the last year or so :) Either way, just had to pass on the love. Keep up the amazing work and congrats for the beautiful babe on the way.

    Put on love,

  42. Lindsey

    Hello. ^_^
    I’ve like the fb and attempting to follow you.
    I saw you through the wonderful Jedidiah.
    I would really enjoy receiving some of your work because I can’t afford any right now because I have to pay my way to Invisible Children’s Fourth Estate in Cali. :D I believe art inspires others, including myself. I am into fashion and your work includes both wonderful artistic elements as well as fashionable qualities.
    Keep up the amazing work! <3 Good luck with all!

  43. Dan

    Hey Kelli, I have bought several items from Jedidiah and have always enjoyed your art. My wife and I just had a daughter and we named her Abigail…we would love to win item number one to hang up in our daughters bedroom which would be something that she could have forever.

  44. kendra

    Hi – I discovered you through Jedidiah when i used to volunteer with YFC and have been a huge fan for several years.

    I am all for clothes with a conscious and am so thrilled with all of the amazing work you and the crew do!

    all the best- Kendra from Saskatoon, Canada

  45. kelly ann

    Lady, your blog and your art are such a ray of sunshine, my goodness. Thank you for inspiring so many of us with your talent and your kind heart. You’re a blessing!<3

    I totally follow you, and I have no idea why I should win… other than I've been wanting the wishing print for my office because the girl has red hair like me. ;)

  46. Ellen

    Hi Kelli! I’m really glad that your pregnancy is going so well, despite the fact that it seemed like you weren’t gaining the appropriate amount of weight. I’ve gotten really interested in your blog and your adorable illustrations ever since I first saw your looks on Lookbook.nu! I was instantly a big fan of you. :) I love your feminine and chic style. You have a great talent for drawing so well. I hope you don’t mind this ridiculously long comment, but the reason why I should win this giveaway is that I’ve started reading your blog since late 2010 (I know it’s not too long ago), not to mention that you’re one of seven of my favorite bloggers who are bookmarked on my computer. (Yes, bookmarked.) I click on your blog everyday to see if you posted anything new, and if you didn’t I would always reread your posts from the day before to see if I missed any facts or details. You inspire me to illustrate my own designs like how you do it for your previous looks on LB. I’m 16 years old and one day, I’d like to be a fashion designer. Illustrating plays a huge role in fashion designing to me. I also really like photography. I wish I can look as nice as you do in your photos.

    My first impression of you on LB was, with expanded eyeballs, “WOW, she gets hypes up to the three-thousands!!! Simply amazing.”

    This comment took me a long time to type (long, as in 50 minutes) because I needed to think about what to say…creatively. (I’ve proofread this multiple times as well.) Even if I don’t win this giveaway, always remember that I support your blog and I truly enjoy reading about your interesting life and soon, with a newborn baby!

    Take care, Kelli. ?
    Love, the dearest Ellen

  47. Ellen

    The question mark after, “Take care, Kelli” on the above comment was supposed to be a heart. I guess the computer can’t read it.
    Here is another heart: <3

  48. Helen

    Why I should win…. well I enjoy your work and it would be nice to see it hanging on my wall. I’d also have something to show for my hours spend on trawling through blogs on Blogger. It’s nice when you find a blog gem and follow :)


  49. iLDo

    Ooooooh my God!!!!!Treasures!!!!!!!!I could be happy with any of these!!!!!!!!:)))

  50. Linda

    very short.
    Love you’re art and your such a big inspiration for me. (:
    liked you on facebook.

  51. Mary Kate

    Hello Kelli – This is an Awesome give-away! Thank you for the chance to win!! Okay, well, why I think I should win. First thing that came to my mind was, hahaha..I’ll be in San Diego this coming weekend anyway and I could save you some shipping! Thrifty thinking aside, I honestly love winning people over for the things I love – I first saw your art in my boss’s home (Actually I think you know them, Dave & Morgan Hansow) and I loved it! So, if I could hang your art in my home, I would enjoy being able to tell all my friends/family and guests about your work and more than likely they would love it too! I feel like I sound so cheezy, but I am serious! :)

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!

  52. Lisa

    I would really really love to receive some of your works. I live in Germany and study Design in a city called Münster. Your blog inspires me so much. I love your artworks and your style. I would be proud to show your work to people here in Germany. I think they would enjoy it as much as I do.
    I wish you the best for your future and your little baby girl?

    (and I liked you on Facebook)

  53. Jacqueline

    Top 10 reasons why I should win your amazing giveaway:
    1-My two daughters are your biggest fans!
    2- I am, too!
    3-We really love your blog, your style and your awesome illustrations!
    4-The artwork would look fantastic on our walls.
    5-”My Beloved. My Friend” has always been Tristan’s very favorite piece from your shop!
    6-The “Rooted in Love” cards are my very, very favorite and my husband would be love one of them as a surprise in his mailbox at work.
    7-The OH HELLO cards are so adorable and all our friends would want to know where we got them.
    8- The magnets are super cute and would look great on our fridge!
    9-My girls would both love the t-shirt so I would probably have to order another one!
    10-We would all jump up and down and be sooooo happy if we won!

    I also mentioned your giveaway on my blog in a post about the Switchfoot Bro-Am!


  54. Carmen

    Hello your art has been an inspiration to me, your art is unique and very cute. I first found your art through JEDIDIAH because I was immediately drawn towards a T-shirt with your art on it. When I bought it I just knew I had to find the artist, luckily I found this website. I wish I could win all the neat stuff up there because I am a big fan. Your art is wonderful and you are wonderful. I pray everything goes well for you and your baby girl. :)
    I already liked JEDIDIAH and you on facebook :D

    • kelli

      Oh my! I am humbled & blown away by everyone’s comments! You all are WAY too nice! :) Thank you so much! I am reading every single one. I have no idea how I am supposed to choose just one of you now!

  55. Taylor

    Oh my goodness… this is amazing! I’ve been lusting after your prints for so long but being a broke college student my money goes to food/rent/books/ect =] haha I’m following you on here and on facebook!
    p.s. you’re seriously the cutest girl ever!

  56. Maritina


    Omg I started screaming when i saw this post on your blog! I am so excited! I love your art work, and you are so talented! I also love viewing your fashion posts, you always know what to wear! I try and base my style off you! You are like my inspiration/idol! (:

    And I followed your blog, liked your facebook page, and jedidah facebook page!

    And I would be HONORED to win! I always have admired your artwork, I even used one of it in a past theme of mine for my tumblr blog ( I gave you credit of course, stating your name and website!)!

    If I where to win, I would love it to hang in my room, and stuff! I think it would make it look amazing and improve my room decoration so much! I would def make a post about it on my tumblr, twitter, and youtube! (:

    Thank you so much for posting this giveaway, you are so kind, and talented! I am so sorry that this is such a LONG post! ahah! But I have so much to say!

    Thanks again!

    – Maritina

  57. Maritina


    Omg I started screaming when i saw this post on your blog! I am so excited! I love your art work, and you are so talented! I also love viewing your fashion posts, you always know what to wear! I try and base my style off you! You are like my inspiration/idol! (:

    And I followed your blog, liked your facebook page, and jedidah facebook page!

    And I would be HONORED to win! I always have admired your artwork, I even used one of it in a past theme of mine for my tumblr blog ( I gave you credit of course, stating your name and website!)!

    If I where to win, I would love it to hang in my room, and stuff! I think it would make it look amazing and improve my room decoration so much! I would def make a post about it on my tumblr, twitter, and youtube! (:

    Thank you so much for posting this giveaway, you are so kind, and talented! I am so sorry that this is such a LONG post! ahah! But I have so much to say!

    Thanks again!

    – Maritina

  58. Maritina

    Omg I screamed when I saw this giveaway! I love love love all your artwork so much! You are so talented, and your characters are amazing. I wish I was half as creative and talented as you are! You are honestly my inspiration/idol. I even used one of your dolls as part of my tumblr theme! I gave all credit to you of course and a link to your website!

    I love your fashion posts as well! They are so inspirational, I love going on your blog, and scrolling down and seeing your outfits, and I try and buy things similar. You give me outfit ideas, since I am terrible at fashion!

    Anyway it would be an HONOR if I won the artwork. I would decorate my whole room with it, and wear the shirt everywhere I go! Ahaha! I would even do a youtube video about it, and a post on my tumblr!

    I want to thank you for being so kind, and giving away all this beautiful art! You are so kind! Again, thank you so much!

    And I liked your facebook page, and jediah. I also followed your blog! (:

    Have a lovely day, and remember you are talented and beautiful!

    – Maritina

    P.s I am soo sorry this is so long! I just had a lost to say!

  59. Maritina

    I posted twice, :S
    I am sorry! When I clicked submit for the first post, it redirected me to some page :S
    and I thought it didn’t work, so I typed it all out again! But it did! I am such a ditz! I am so sorry!

  60. Jennifer S.

    Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now with Bloglovin’ but when you posted this giveaway I started following you with Google Connect. I also liked you on Facebook a couple of months ago. I’ve been thinking about the “why you deserve to win” part since you posted this and all I can tell you is that I absolutely love your art! It’s so dreamy and unique. I would love to win this giveaway because I have been wanting to own something you did for a while now and in a couple of months I am moving into what is pretty much my dream apartment in my college town. My roommate and I are both very much in to art (I am an art major and she is a fashion design major) and we are absolutely desperate to fill our walls with (good) art!! We have been talking about it for months and I can picture nothing better than your illustrations and paintings hanging around our home. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, it is so sweet of you.

  61. Maritina

    I am sorry for posting so much.

    But I just wanted to say, why I think I should receive the giveaway. I diddn’t really say before, because I was in shock from this giveaway. And I just went rambling.

    Anyway, I am a major fan of your art (as i said before!), I believe that this paintings/pieces will give my room a soothing atmosphere and a more trendy vibe. Many of my friends, and families will be astonished at this art, and I am sure it will make a lasting impression to them. I am an aspiring graphic designer, I sell themes on the internet, I know I am young (16 teen), but I am starting out! And you really inspire me! The shirt, (will I not only wear everywhere), but kind of has a message to it, like its saying who I am, what type of person I am. If you understand? I love the cards they will come useful when I go to a birthday party, or just remind a love one how much they mean to me! I believe these art pieces will make me stand out, speaking out to the world, showing them your art work. And how Kelli Murray will be the next Picasso. But of course modernized! Aha! (:

  62. Michelle

    Hi Kelli!

    I absolutely love your art! It’s so pretty, feminine and unique. :) I would love the opportunity to win all those goodies because I’d really like to share them with my family and friends… spread the word & love! I’d think the prints would look oh so pretty in my home! I need some art that’s really me desperately!

    I love your blog! I did “like” both Jedidiah and you on Facebook as well.


  63. Martina

    I should win because I’m a frequent corresponder and need lovely stationery to send my lovely friends. Conversely, if I were to win the magnets I would never send them away. I would treasure them and have them for life as evidenced by the mickey magnet on my fridge from my trip to Disney World when I was 5. also, please and thank you

  64. Ahna Childress

    I wanna win!!!! I have no good reason as to why I should, other then I am obsessed with everything you create. Your art, your fashion, your makeup and I am loving all things Kelli prego belly! I love it all! Pick me, pick me :)

  65. Shannon Waite

    Hello Kelli!

    I stumbled upon your work, probably close to a year ago now, and immediately fell in love with its quirky nature. I’ve had you bookmarked/favorited on Etsy ever since!

    My issue is that I’m a college student working five jobs in order to pay off school without taking out any loans, and usually that means that I don’t have much money left over for art. Therefore, when I saw this giveaway, I was super excited! I’m not going to lie, I called up my boyfriend to tell him my creative plan that I was going to execute so that I could win.

    So! Here it goes, the reasons that I deserve to win:

    1] My first reason entails a mini essay/story for your reading pleasure.
    You see, one fine day around 8 years ago, my mom decided that it would be a fantastic idea to hang up her children’s art. This day, while nonetheless making her a great mother, still stands as the day that she put my health in jeopardy. It’s imperative that I win this giveaway collection not only because I adore your work, but also for my health.

    Yes, my health.

    My mom has had my mine and my sister’s art framed and hung in our living room for years now, and while I’ve always been quite the little artist, my sister on the other hand, hasn’t. Not that that’s a bad thing, but you know, my mom only hung her stuff up so that she wouldn’t feel left out. ): And as great as that is for my sister’s self esteem, it unfortunately has taken a great toll on my eyes. Looking at such poor art for so many years has started to kill my vision, and since I’m also an artist, that thought terrifies me! So this is the reason that I need your great art. I need someone to save me from such despair.

    Your art hung in my house will help restore my vision and bring joy back into my now desperate life. Please help me?

    (….So the above story isn’t exactly true, and my sister’s 2nd grade art isn’t that horrible, but if it was true that I was losing my eyesight, it’s a pretty good reason to win, right?)

    Alright, my attempt at being funny’s over. Moving on:

    2] At the end of every class I take, I give my professors thank you cards. I know that it’s their job and that I’m paying them, but I think that it’s an incredible job that they do and they don’t get enough credit for it. You’re giving away two different sets of note cards. If I won, it would be awesome, because that means less note cards I have to buy! Yay! Since like I said before, I’m broke, and cute note cards (while not -exactly- expensive) are still not cheap.

    3] If the above two reasons didn’t already sell you, I will then introduce:
    (Drum roll please,)

    A painting that I created for you and this contest! I do apologize for showing you something at such low quality (I don’t exactly have an awesome scanner, so I take cell phone pictures of my art) but the following links lead you to an watercolor and ink illustration of you that I made, with calligraphy describing what I think of your work:

    (I’m going to try and embed the picture in here, but in case it doesn’t work, the links are listed below it so you can view it through that way instead.)





    (If you would like the original of this, just let me know. You’re more than welcome to have it, and I can mail it to you.)

    What better way of telling you what your work means to me than through the media/work itself? Just like the other dozens of people telling you how inspiring your work is, I’d like to reiterate it and tell you that the reason I want this so much is because it’s beautiful, and it comes from a beautiful person. I know that I love it just as much as everyone else does, I’m sure. (I’m just hoping that this extra work on my part wins it!)

    (So hopefully this qualifies as a winning entry.)

    4] If the above three reasons didn’t do it, June 17th is my birthday and winning this stash would be a PHENOMENAL birthday gift. All I’ve wanted for the last three holidays has been art, but I’ve had to ask for more practical gifts instead (like dress clothes for student teaching, since those aren’t cheap!)

    5] I really like receiving packages. (Who doesn’t?!) This would be a pretty rad package to receive. (:

    And last but not least:

    6] Just an FYI, I’ve followed you, specifically, on Facebook for a long while now (under the name of Shannon Lorraine Waite), I just liked JEDIDIAH, and I mentioned you/the contest on my Facebook underneath my upload of the painting that I did.

    So there you have it! The reasons that I think that I deserve to win this contest:

    I need to improve my health, I would like free note cards to write “Thank You” to my professors with, I painted you a pretty picture!, and I’m following you all over the place.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. I truly respect the work that you do and the person that you are (from what I’ve read).
    I hope that you’re having a great summer and congratulations on the baby and everything else going on in your life.

    Good luck choosing a winner, girly!

    <3 Shannon. (:

  66. Dara

    I love your work, its so very different from my own, and i admire your style very much. really great. You make pregnancy look gorgeous! haha. much luck and love for the new baby. thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Mariana Sanson

    Hi Kelly!!!
    My name is Mariana, i’m 21, i’m a graphic design student, i really love your work, and i love your pregnancy posts! i know i’m too young but i can’t wait to become a mommy, i think you really rock being pregnant!
    I think I should win because that way I can show my little children in the future to the designer that inspired me the most!! I really enjoy your work, mine I think it’s too girly and i’m always looking for new inspirations to be a better designer and you really inspire me, and well if I win I would be really really happy!!
    Saludos desde México!

  68. Ambria Marie

    I have been a huge fan of yours since I saw your post on the ‘Green Wedding Shoes’ blog. The video brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it. I hope to someday have half as beautiful of a wedding as you had. AND now you and Sam are procreating!! She is going to be the most beautiful baby ever!! (and I cant wait to see what you do for her nursery!)

    After little research I found I could buy your work at your etsy shop and from Jedidiah, learning a little bit more about your character and kind nature and extreme talent to make something really beautiful out of nothing. I have grown to officially be one of your biggest fans. Never stop doing what you do! Each piece of your art speaks to me and helps me realize how beautiful life can be.

    I really appreciate your inspiration and, even though I am probably about your age, giving me someone to look up to. You do great work and live a beautiful life.

    ANYWAY… I just think what you do and the art you create ‘makes my life that much sweeter’ and when I can afford it I will buy one of everything! Until then, I will be posting comments for ALL of your giveaway contests!



  69. Danielle

    Kelli, I’ve been following your blog for a little over a year now, and I really enjoy each post and piece of art you share. Your giveaway is so generous, and I would be elated to own any of your work! ((esp. that adorable ‘all dolled up’ shirt))

    With that said, I follow your blog because I love your style – from how you design/create art to how you style the clothes you wear. Your blog is open and honest, and really impresses upon your readers that you can thrive in the art world by staying true to yourself, supporting great causes (Jedidiah + Invisible Children) and keeping positive.


  70. zelina

    awesoem giveaway and loads of cuteness. I think I should win because I’ve been following for a long time now and really admire your work and would love to show it off. <3

  71. Mara

    ooh I want to win!!! Everything is SO cute and those two prints would be adorable in the 2nd bedroom Matthew and I are fighting over (office vs my closet) haha

  72. Shannon

    I would LOVE to win all of this beautiful art! You are very talented and have a unique style. I actually first came across your work when you were featured on Green Wedding Shoes and instantly showed my sister, (also an artist), how neat your invitations and other signage were! Very impressed. I would love to hang those two prints in my future apartment! And I know my friends and family would enjoy receiving notes on the cute note cards and envelopes! :)

  73. Megan

    Hi Kelli! This is by far the greatest giveaway I have seen on a blog yet! I absolutely adore you work, seriously it is absolutely incredible. I would love love love to win because Saturday is my BIRTHDAY, my last “unmarried” birthday, my last birthday that I will still have my family name for. I would love to win this giveaway as a birthday present because it is just so unique and special. It would mean a lot to me to recieve this as a birthday present… I would finally be able to put some of your artwork around my apartment (really I should just order it from you anyway, silly/lazy me).

    Congratulations of your pregnancy!! I am sure the baby’s nursery will be decorated with lots of your artwork. I am definitely planning on putting some of your prints in a nursery for my future babies:)

  74. Renée

    Ooh love this giveaway! I just found your blog and I think it’s adorable!! Your prints are so beautiful and unique! Love it!


  75. Jessica Zigenis

    Oooh goodie! What a generous give away. You’re such a sweet preggers gal. ; ) I have been following you for a while, and I love seeing your little bump grow.

    I’m thinking I should win because I’m a huge believer in preserving the art of hand written snail mail and supporting independent artists. I would most definitely put your sweet art to good use by brightening others day with a sweet, hand-written note. And I can’t be sure, but I think I hear that darling print whispering it’s longing to live on my bedroom wall. Yup. And who are we to keep them separated? Not to mention… funky tees under a blazer are my go-to outfit for the office. Bam. It’s a match made in heaven.

    Thanks for the fun give away girl! xo

  76. Jessica

    I love love love your talent. I really want to win your awesome giveaway loot! I want to win because that tee is super fantastic and I want to make others jealous when I wear it. lol. Really though, i just want to win because I love your art and makes me smile when i look at it.

  77. Chelsea


    Love, love, love your work! You make the most inspirational, dreamy pieces! Would love to own any of your work :)


    PS: Congrats on the pregnancy and the ultra cute baby bump!

  78. Tasia

    Gotta admit, it is a little weird saying WHY I should win anything! None of us really deserve something free & it is very cool that you are giving such a prize away. Everything in that package is gorgeous & would be like a breath of fresh air to my room + life!

    I have been a fan for quite a few years [been following your work with Jedidiah for 4-5 yrs – super inspiring] & even though the past few years have been extremely tough financially, I have planned to buy your “Vows In The Valley” print as soon as I can come up with the cash! It speaks VOLUMES to me on a level you probably wouldn’t realize that it could. I even have that phrase tattooed on my wrist.

    It also inspires me that you overcome health issues & do your best to remain positive & hopeful – I definitely identify with you there.

    Best wishes as your pregnancy comes to a close & you get to see that beautiful baby!


    [ps: Since you asked, I “like” both on facebook, follow you on twitter, promote your stuff on my blog occasionally & tell people about your work regularly!]

  79. Angela


    Ever since I spotted your wedding on The Lane I’ve loved your style, you artwork, and your personality! I was also smitten by Precious Moments as a little girl (maybe that’s why your work appeals to my eye so much!) If I won the giveaway I would display your work around my house to lighten the mood, add femininity, and create more conversation with guests!

    I’ve followed your blog for a while because, well, you seem so kind and down to earth. ?


  80. Erica A

    I am following you. I liked you on FB, tweeted the giveaway. I think i should win because I’m completely redesigning my entire house and need some new artwork to go in my living room and kitchen and other rooms and your artwork is amazing and just my style! Adore everything!

  81. Phyllis

    I’m in love with your work and would treasure every piece! They’re absolutely beautiful! Praying all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!

  82. Crystal

    Hey Kelli,

    Thanks for giving us all this opportunity to be the proud possessors of such beautiful work. For almost two years now I have avidly been following the inspirational world that is you. Each morning I awake and head to the computer to check for new posts. You let us passively participate in all important aspects of your life. We watched you get married in an earthy day of love. We eagerly anticipated your art projects and adorable creations. We now get to watch as your little body houses a littler one.

    You are a constant inspiration and being a young mama and creative myself, I would love to have these pieces in my collection to remind me of your little world of positivity, warmth, magic and what we are working in the world to preserve for our babes. You and I have shared emails and you are the sweetest gal.

    My fridge permanently houses your precious magnets but my apartment is dying for some new additions.

    Love and hugs from Crystal and blessings to you and your new little fam to be…hopefully you can bless me with this giveaway.


  83. ashley

    i am a proud follower of your beautiful blog.

    i love reading it, looking at your magnificent artwork and dreaming about one day being beautifully pregnant as you!

    the joy upon winning this giveaway would be so great that glitter would come out my ears and rainbows from my eyes. all the unicorns of the forest would come racing to my door begging me to bridle them with a golden bridle and ride them ’round the world sharing my happiness with the masses…

  84. Lucile C.

    Dear Kelli,

    I can’t believe I’m writing on a blog, it’s the first time ever that I’m posting a comment! But anyway, I think it’s worth it this time.
    So let’s begin my demonstration…
    I think it’s just destiny for me to leave a comment on your website : in fact, we have nothing, really nothing that could have brought us closer : I’m a 23 year old girl from France (hence the grammatical mistakes, sorry btw !) I live to thousand of miles from you, an ocean separates us, but not only. We don’t speak the same language, we haven’t the same culture, I live in the center of Paris, eat bread and drink champagne (well, not that often actually, except for the bread)! You on the opposite live around San Diego, near the beach, with your husband and a future baby! We have each our lives on our sides, our own family, nothing could make us meet, and yet, thanks to internet and you website, I discovered you and realized that we look like a lot!
    I have to say that, even if it’s not my work, I’m also a drawer. Drawing is more than a past-time, it’s an addiction, a way to act on life in your own way, to make your days more beautiful just by using a pen and plot a curve! Drawing makes me serene, and I’ m sure you feel the same when you draw!
    We’re also fond of fashion. When you can’t change what you are, clothes are a saver that permits you to be different from the others and to emphasize your own style! So many people and yet billions of styles ! That’s what I love about your blog : you mix art and fashion, you share your thoughts with us, and I think we have a similar personnality, despite our differences!
    If I wanted to write on you blog, it’s because I would dream to share my art with someone that I was not supposed to meet, someone at the other part of the world, and above all, that that someone shares his art with me! It would be such an honor for me to have something from you at home, it would makes me feel that we can actually act on our destiny ! Art is certainly something personal, but it’s also something that must be shared !
    I think my message is already long enough. Let’s finish there. Kelli, I really hope my comment will move you. Now it’s time to go ton bed for me, it’s very late in Paris!
    I keep my fingers crossed!

    Bonne nuit K.


  85. Maritina

    Omg I screamed when I saw this giveaway! I love love love all your artwork so much! You are so talented, and your characters are amazing. I wish I was half as creative and talented as you are! You are honestly my inspiration/idol. I even used one of your dolls as part of my tumblr theme! I gave all credit to you of course and a link to your website!

    I love your fashion posts as well! They are so inspirational, I love going on your blog, and scrolling down and seeing your outfits, and I try and buy things similar. You give me outfit ideas, since I am terrible at fashion!

    Anyway it would be an HONOR if I won the artwork. I would decorate my whole room with it, and wear the shirt everywhere I go! Ahaha! I would even do a youtube video about it, and a post on my tumblr!

    I want to thank you for being so kind, and giving away all this beautiful art! You are so kind! Again, thank you so much!

    And I liked your facebook page, and jediah. I also followed your blog! (:

    Have a lovely day, and remember you are talented and beautiful!

    – Maritina

    P.s I am soo sorry this is so long! I just had a lost to say!

    Oh! I also posted about your giveaway on my tumblr blog:
    ^here is the post
    and on my twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/dailymaritina
    it should be the first post or around there.

    Again I am so excited for this giveaway! Thank you so much for doing it! Love your art! (:

    Oh! I also posted about your giveaway on my tumblr blog:
    ^here is the post
    and on my twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/dailymaritina
    it should be the first post or around there.

    Again I am so excited for this giveaway! Thank you so much for doing it! Love your art! (:
    But I just wanted to say, why I think I should receive the giveaway. I diddn’t really say before, because I was in shock from this giveaway. And I just went rambling.

    Anyway, I am a major fan of your art (as i said before!), I believe that this paintings/pieces will give my room a soothing atmosphere and a more trendy vibe. Many of my friends, and families will be astonished at this art, and I am sure it will make a lasting impression to them. I am an aspiring graphic designer, I sell themes on the internet, I know I am young (16 teen), but I am starting out! And you really inspire me! The shirt, (will I not only wear everywhere), but kind of has a message to it, like its saying who I am, what type of person I am. If you understand? I love the cards they will come useful when I go to a birthday party, or just remind a love one how much they mean to me! I believe these art pieces will make me stand out, speaking out to the world, showing them your art work. And how Kelli Murray will be the next Picasso. But of course modernized! Aha! (:

    So I thought I would combine all my posts, into a giant one, and post it here, so you can delete all my other ones, if you want to, or have the time! As you are probably very busy!

    Anyway I wish you all the best luck in your pregnancy, art, and everything! Have a fabulous day!

    – Maritina

  86. Ashleigh Kate

    I came here my martina i think her name is i absolutly adore your work, i want to be an illustrator and your such a big inspiration ! :D <3

  87. CyCy

    heyyy wow ur drawings are soo cutee :) maritina suggested i check ur blog out and im rlly glad i did <33 have a lovely dayy.

  88. Megan Gartner


    My name is Megan and I’ve been following your blog for quite some time. I believe I first found it through Promise Tangeman’s blog and fell for your style. You mentioned that your followers provide a lot of inspiration for you to keep reaching forward toward your dreams, but I think it comes full circle, as you provide just as much inspiration for us.

    I have always wanted to just be an artist; that would be my ultimate dream. However, I never felt completely comfortable with relying solely on my art to generate a source of income. For that reason, I am attending graduate school to get my M.S. in Art Therapy Counseling. It’s the best of both worlds; I get to make art and help others.

    This summer, I am interning with CASA, a national organization that places court appointed advocates with abused and neglected children. I am working to develop a packet of art activities that the volunteers can use with their children to encourage discussion about themselves. Most abused children learn to ignore their feelings, so they may need to re-learn ways of expression. It has been challenging in two aspects: First, it is disheartening to learn about the issues these children face. For example, I read somewhere that only 20% of foster kids graduate high school. Most have no plan after they turn 18 and are, more or less, dumped from the system to fend for themselves, without knowing simple skills like knowing how to balance a checkbook or get car insurance. Secondly, I don’t want to let them down. I want my art project to be fulfilling and, most of all, fun. I want these kids to be able to escape their troubles, if even just for a moment.

    That was fairly depressing, but that’s the reason why I am here. I come to blogs like yours whenever I need inspiration to keep moving ahead. If you can be successful, then why can’t I? Your “realness” also keeps me coming back. It sounds a bit voyeuristic, but I enjoy reading about your life, just as I would an old friend. Maybe it is just nice to read about positive things once in a while. Anyway, thank you for inspiring me.

    Best wishes,

  89. Christen

    Oh wow, what a beautiful post and giveaway. I’ve spent the last few minutes reading through some of the other comments….some nearly made me cry, they are so special!

    Kelli, you are clearly an inspiration to SO many people (including me). Even though I’ve never met you, I know you are such a beautiful soul. You always have such a positive attitude towards life…and the beautiful artwork you create showcases your beauty even more.


  90. Alexandra

    I have been in love with your art since I saw your wedding on GWS haha dorky yes I know, but I’m a little bit ok with that. Anywho a couple months ago I was stumbling along and oh my lucky stars I stumbled onto your blog and have been addicted (not on a weird level, just a little over the norm though I will admit) ever since. I’ve been waiting for this give away since you blogged about it awhile back. Well enough of my rambling. Oh and I must let you know that you are absolutely by far the most adorably precious pregnant woman that I have ever seen.

    oh and P.S I like both you and Jedidiah on the FB. =o)

    God bless

  91. Anneka Bjorkeson

    Hi Kelli,
    My name is Anneka Bjorkeson, and I’ve been following your blog for about a year..? Anyway, I love your work, I’m always looking for inspiring art on the internet, and you always seem to impress me. I’m starting school at the Rhode Island School of Design this september, and I know I can always look to your blog for inspiration, not to mention i’d love to decorate my dorm with some of your stuff ;)


  92. Mo

    Hello!! I first started following you when I saw your wedding Invitations, save the dates, and programs for your wedding ! They were soooooooo adorable! I even emailed you and asked you how you did them :)
    I would decorate my office with your work- Hope I win!!
    I will like you on FB when I get home from work!

  93. Megan

    Hey Kelli,
    First of all congrats on the Bebe! I first came across your work through Promise Tangeman’s blog about a year ago. I instantly fell in love with your designs. I love how you combine femininity with a message of hope.

    Last fall I moved away from home after to college to intern at Light Gives Heat. It was definitely a step out in faith. The first time I walked into the founders of LGH home I saw one of your illustrations hanging on the wall. I knew it was a instant match :) Working for a not for profit can be trying at times, but when I look at your work and what other organizations are doing it reminds me that we are all in this together. We all need hope and healing, hopefully we can give that to each other. Your work is a reminder of that…its inspiring!

    Well, my internship turned into me moving to Colorado and I recently moved into my new home.I would love love love to win this awesome giveaway and decorate my home with your beautiful artwork. :)


    P.s I “like” you and Jedidiah on FB. ;)

  94. skye

    you are magical kelli! ordinarily i could come up with a creative reason why i think i should win but after reading some of these comments i’m not sure i can beat them so….i’d say you should pick me because i adore your work and i would give it such a wonderful home :)

  95. Amanda Bozian

    First of all, a million congrats on your pregnancy! It is such an amazing time in a couple’s life together and I know that you and Sam will be the most amazing parents to your daughter.

    Secondly, I want to commend your talent as an artist. I myself like to sketch a few things here and there but your work is amazing! I look forward to checking out your blog and your shop to see some new creations from you!

    I found your blog on tumblr actually. Someone posted the video of your wedding (Absolutely breathtaking btw! You make a gorgeous bride!) and a lot of people had some of your drawings on their blogs. This peeked my interest so I searched your blog and have been in love with it ever since! I am so happy that I have found it. I’d still be missing out on all of your talent if I hadn’t!

    My boyfriend and I are on a house hunt and I know your work will look stunning when we do find a place of our own. And I am obsessed with the “all dolled up” shirt. Soooo cute! And the wising print is my favorite! (:

    You have quite a hard decision to make. Best of luck with your daughter, work, life, and to the future! (:

    Amanda Bozian

    PS: I “liked” you and Jedidiah clothing on facebook

  96. hannah

    Hi Kelli!

    I first landed on your art almost three years ago on Jedidiah’s MySpace page and ever since then I’ve been such a huge fan of yours and everything you and Jedidiah stand for! It’s always inspiring to see a young woman pursuing something she loves, but what makes you and your company unique is it’s selflessness and the genuine compassion that you guys have for others. I am such a huge fan of yours! You are the kind of woman I aspire to be like; motivated, compassionate and radiant! Believe it or not, but you got me to pick up that paint brush and start painting again!

    I love love love your art! It’s been amazing to see it evolve from your earlier vibrant paintings to your more neutral earthy tones. Your art represents everything i think art should accomplish; it’s not only beautiful but inspiring!

    Winning this give away would be just AMAZING! There is nothing you’ve created that I haven’t LOVED!

    I’ve liked Jedidiah’s and your facebook page as well!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and keep doing what you’re doing because its people like you that put a little ray of sunshine in the world! Your baby is going to be one blessed little girl having such an awesome mum!


  97. yana

    Why should I win?

    That’s a tough question. I don’t deserve to win more than the next person who loves your work.

    I do love your artwork. But what makes you stand out to me as different than others is your honest wriitng style, the positive atmosphere of your blog, and your personality which bursts forth in every post.

  98. Jessica

    I follow this blog! *Insert pic of me with huge grin and wink here in front of a computer screen showing this site*

  99. Jessica

    I can’t think of a hugely creative reason I should win this. I don’t know I found your blog like an ordinary person ( via Busybeelauren) and it started there. Love what you do. I’m not very exciting maybe winning would make me exciting. Hmph.

  100. April

    Hello there darling!
    This giveaway is such an awesome one, and I definitely would love to win! By picking me you will truly be making me the happiest person alive, your art work is a huge inspiration to me as a person and as an artist. Love your work, definitely always look forward to reading your blog daily and now that I follow you on Facebook I can get more awesome updates from you!
    Thanks for the opportunity in entering your contest!
    – April

    p.s. I posted the contest on my tumblr page, to spread the word :]

  101. Larissa Moran

    The trendy artist named Kelli Murray,
    Name me the winner please in a hurry,
    First saw your work on green wedding shoes,
    Instantly loved, your style I choose,
    Such a gift of artistic creation,
    Your work for me is an inspiration,
    Best part is that you use art for good,
    Improving the world like we all should,
    In my life your work has a home,
    Your sweet skills be admired where I roam,
    So trendy artist named Kelli Murray,
    Name me the winner please in a hurry!

    I already followed your blog (how could I not) and liked jedidiah (like I said… how could I not) but now I also like you on facebook (bonus). Thanks for everything!

  102. Laura Thornborough

    Hey Kelli,

    You are SO kind to be giving away such a great gift!

    I would be so grateful if you chose me because I LOVE your art work and your blog!

    I would love to win because I am going to university this September and I could decorate my room with them! It would look AMAZING! and it’s my 18th birthday really soon and it would be the most amazing gift ever if I won!

    I follow you and Jedidah on Facebook and Twitter and have retweeted your giveaway! :)

    Your work inspires me so much. I love art, photography and fashion! I looked at your work in my Art A Level at school.


    Laura :) x

  103. Lizz

    Congrats on being pregnant and stuff.
    So why should I win your giveaway?
    Well I really enjoy your style and art. It’s girly and awesome. And I always enjoy seeing what you been up to with your projects.
    Also I really really want the t-shirt. I would definitely rock it. haha.
    Peace and Love,

  104. Mia Helen

    Since reading your blog I have been so inspired to not be afraid to be bold in my art form and embrace my particular artistic style. I am so inspired by your work’s simple and yet complex style. Ever since I first saw that you sold shirts I wished so badly that I could get my hands on one. I would be honored to own some of your work.

  105. Chelsea Hansen

    Thank you for always being so honest in all of your blog posts. As someone who is trying to find her place as an artist in this big online world of endless blogs, shops, fashion posts, inspiration, projects, and more, it’s easy to get discouraged. I’m always inspired by your shared realizations of God knows best and is in control. Whenever I read those posts and am reminded of that, it puts a lot into perspective. It reminds me to let myself shine through my writing and creations. I was made in His image and am proud of that ( but it’s easy to get side tracked) :) I think that it’s so great to be able to read artists’ blogs. We get to learn a little about them and who they are. In that sense, I think your work would be a great reminder to me (and of course, it’s gorgeous and I just want it in my home) :)


  106. Chelsea Hansen

    I follow your blog, I liked you on Facebook, I follow you on twitter (and tweeted about this), & I blogged about it as well. :)

    Hooray for giveaways!


  107. Kirsti

    Firstly, I just wanted to say congratulations on the pregnancy! I’ve been following your baby bump photo’s! And your art work is truely amazing! You have inspired me so much to keep going with my drawing. I do fashion at uni but my drawings aren’t the greatest and I always feel like giving up, but looking through your blog and your work has really made me think that I can get better if I just keep at it :) All of these pieces you are giving away are amazing, you are very generous! I would be honoured to win this giveaway and show off your work to my friends, I especially love the t-shirt! Hope you and bump are well :) xx

  108. KristyNeufeld

    K – E – L L – I,
    Pick me, or I’ll have to cry.

    How touching that you’d use YOUR gift,
    to give to those of us Murray-obsessed.
    Hopefully you haven’t dozed off yet,
    while through these comments you’ve had to sift.
    With your kitty by your side
    I can’t wait to hear what you decide!
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming…

    I follow your blog, your kitty, your Etsy, and your Facebook pages – always inspired and touched by the fanciful beauty of your work.

    A starving artist myself, I can’t afford to buy all the wonderful things you have created to generously give away, but would be honored to display them in my home and share them with others. (My friends have all become fans of yours as well.)

    Your artwork actually inspired me to start my own business last year (EchoDesigns), and I will be eternally grateful for that gift alone.

    You have shown us all what it looks like to follow your dreams… Besides, who knows? It may just least to winning a KelliMurray giveaway someday!

    Thank you so much for considering me –
    Blessings & beyond,

  109. Danie

    Loving your work and bLog! Very, very inspiring. Best wishes to you and your pregnancy, i have a baby boy (1 yr already) and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me!! i’m just starting up my creative business so if you have any insight you’d wish to share i’d love to hear from you!

    love & hugs,

  110. Carlee

    1. Following your blog.

    2. My hubby and I love your work (obviously, from all of the originals we have around our place). I am actually hoping that I can win the giveaway so that I can give it to my madre. She is my best friend :) And her father (my grandpa) passed away this morning. I know nothing with bring him back, and knowing that he has gone to Heaven is really the only comfort that we can have, but I thought that maybe having a little something extra would be a way to ease the pain, especially since Sunday is Father’s Day and she won’t be able to celebrate with him.

    3. Shared the contest on Facebook

    4. Shared the contest on my blog [http://cmcdot.blogspot.com/2011/06/kelli-murray-giveaway.html]

    5. LIKE Jedidiah

    6. LIKE You :)

  111. Crystal

    Beautiful mama-to-be that entrances with her creativity,

    I have been Murray (now Larson…oh what a lucky Cowboy Wayne!)-obsessed since your blogging humble beginnings. Full of awe, was I, to see such grande amazingness emerge from such petite platinum beauty. Your images, characters and simplistic, unique style captivates and provokes the most closed of minds to see beyond and embrace nature, love, each other and spirit.

    The theme is carried throughout your life it seems: you married the love of your life in a ceremony surrounded by your life’s loves (family, art, earth, GOD). The video that your friend composed of your day to share at the reception must be such a keepsake, one to share with your babe to be. I absolutely loved your crafty execution of accessories. Thank you for allowing us as readers to share the most special and intimate of moments.

    Fashion has played a huge part of my life as it has yours. I was absolutely overjoyed when you decided to add your personal stylings to the lookbook.nu community. You are a well-loved, well-styled, Well…ICONIC addition. Must say that the lace skirt from Free People is HEAVEN!

    We watch now as you embrace your changing body and motherhood. For me it is truly exciting to share an experience that I hold so dearly, being a young, artsy mama of two little girls. I emailed you suspecting the pregnancy before the official announcement arrived and I was over the moon. I went on and on about the news to my hubby. He, knows very well of my love of all things you and shared in the excitement. I anxiously awaited posts of baby bumps and the sex of the sweet little one. Oh you will be Great!

    I would ultimately love to win this prize pack. You have touched my heart and life so intimately. Your art and energy is a constant source of inspiration and love to me. I would be so honoured to wear you, see you and feel you in my own little world.

    You have captured my heart.



    P.S. I re-wrote my first post as I had to go into greater detail about the impact you have had in my life. I am also deeply considering permanently inking one of your works onto my body (with your permission of course) and follow you in all areas and of course have blogged about your amazingness on my own blog


  112. Brooke Evans

    This is an great giveaway, I’d love to have any of these things. I have so enjoyed following your blog, and seeing your pregnancy progress. I can’t wait to continue following after the baby comes, parenthood is such an amazing life change.

    P.S. It would also be fun to win since today is my birthday, and I can’t think of a better present.

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