She has arrived!!! Meet our new baby girl, Rylee Jean Larson.  Born Friday, August 19th at 10:45am, weighing a healthy 6lbs 6oz!  Honestly, I could not have imagined a better birth.  I have some catching up to do here on my blog about what went down the week prior to delivery….so….to back up:

A week ago, last Wednesday, I had my regular scheduled weekly appointment with my doctor. I was 2 1/2 weeks out from my scheduled due date of August 27th and was having very little contractions.  Some Braxton Hicks here and there, but nothing painful or concerning that I might deliver early.  The appointment went great.  I had my first internal check and both doctor and I were surprised to find out that I was already 2 centimeters dilated and 90% effaced.  Basically, my body was already preparing for birth and my cervix was “primed for labor” as my doctor told me.  But as always…my belly was measuring small.  So yet again, I was sent back to the radiologist to make sure her growth was on track even though I appeared little.  This had happened so many times throughout my pregnancy that I was not too concerned.  I had been given far more ultrasounds than a pregnant woman should ever need, but every time the results confirmed that my Rylee was growing just as she should. I assumed the results of this ultrasound would show nothing different.  But I got a call that night from my doctor telling me that Rylee’s abdomen was measuring significantly smaller than the rest of her body. Her abdomen was measuring 33 weeks and the rest of her body 38.  For some reason she was not receiving sufficient nutrients from my placenta to grow as she should, so everything she was taking in was going to the places that NEEDED it and not into her belly.  She told me I had a stage 3 placenta and that it had started to calcify and was not functioning to it’s full capability.  Rylee needed to come out because her chances of fattening up were better outside the womb than inside of me.  So I was scheduled to be induced on Friday morning.

I cried for a while after hearing the news.  Scared that she might come out with some complications and have to be taken away from me.  Scared of how my body would react to the pitocin and if Rylee would go into distress during labor.  But a peace came over me Wednesday night, knowing that God had this all in His hands, and that there was nothing I could do but trust that He knew what was best for the both of us.  It was such an odd feeling KNOWING the day and hour my baby would come.  I had anticipated my labor to be unpredictable.  To be scrambling around the house grabbing my bags and racing to the hospital with Sam as my contractions worsened.  Instead, I woke up at 4am and calmly gathered all my things making sure I did not miss anything.  Sam and I ate breakfast and prayed for the health and delivery of our baby, and drove in the dark to the hospital to wait to be induced at 5:30am.  When we arrived at the hospital the nurses there could not find my doctor’s order for induction.  I told them I was to be induced with pitocin, but they wanted to wait until the doctor arrived at 7:30 before making the call without confirmation.  So we were forced to stall the induction for 2 hours.  Alas, 7:30 rolled around, induction was confirmed, and as expected I was hooked up to IV’s and put on the lowest level of pitocin to get my labor started.  I was still just 2 centimeters dilated and 90% effaced.  My doctor Erin, who I absolutely loved, broke my water at 8am, and that is when my contractions quickly picked up.  By 9:15 I was already 5 centimeters dilated and the pain of the contractions were getting more intense.  The nurses and I couldn’t believe how quickly I was progressing.  Although it is very rare to be induced and not receive an epidural, I really wanted to try.  Being as sensitive as I am to narcotics (and everything else for that matter), I was worried of the effects the epidural might have on me.  But by 10:00 I was 7 centimeters and feeling like I needed something to relieve the onslaught of pain, so I called in the nurse and asked her if I could get the lowest level of an epidural. So at 10:15 the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural in my back and told me that my contractions should continue to get less and less painful over the next half hour.  But it wasn’t really the case for me.  I DID feel significant relief in my contractions, but I felt a whole other kind of pain…PRESSURE.  It was 10:30 and I felt like the baby was already coming and the epidural had not even kicked in yet!  Could this be right or was I just being a wuss!?  I had to call in my nurse again and explained to her what I was feeling and asked if she could check (yet again) to see how far I was dilated.  She shrugged her shoulders and agreed to check again…and the minute she did she went into “go mode”.  She got on the phone and said “Room 1, I need a doctor NOW, baby is coming”.  A few other nurses were rushed into the room in case my doctor did not make it over in time for the birth.  But thankfully, Erin came flying through the doors, threw on her masked, and coached me through my pushes.  Only 4 pushes and Rylee was delivered at exactly 10:45am!! With no stitches or tears! Baby girl wanted OUT!  There were a few specialists there to check her right away because of her anticipated small abdomen.  But only a minute after seeing them check her and wipe her down, Rylee was placed naked and crying on my chest (the best feeling in the world)  Praise God her belly was normal size!! The ultrasound was wrong, and Rylee weighed a healthy 6 pounds 6 ounces!   My labor was a grand total of just 3 hours!! I know, crazy right? I would have never imagined such a quick, smooth delivery.

I am still blown away when I think about how everything played out.  God really did have a plan for me and Rylee.  One that I could never have forseen. Not only for my labor, but also my entire pregnancy.
I have always been one to doubt my body, and when I found out I was pregnant, I was not sure how I would cope.  I was still battling my gluten and dairy allergies and all the complications that came along with that, but now I had to grow another little human inside of me? I was skeptical, to say the least. But throughout this process, my body has proven me wrong in so many ways.  Not only did it grow a perfectly healthy baby girl, but I too was healed of my gluten/dairy intolerance. Now who know’s how long that will last.  I have heard many stories of women being healed of some health problem during pregnancy only to have it come back after birth. But I can say being able to eat bread and pizza and cheese and milk while pregnant, was pretty awesome.

Sam and I feel blessed in every way.  This week we have both been home together just enjoying our little girl.  She is the tiniest thing.  Her head fits perfectly in Sam’s palm. It’s the sweetest sight to see him holding her.  He is already the best daddy.  Yes, babies a LOT of work (hats off to all you mom’s) and Sam and I are both pretty exhausted….but it’s so so so amazing to finally hold her in my arms and look her in the eyes and rock her to sleep. Cry’s or smiles, I love them both. Her hands and feet are really long.  And I laugh because I remember just a few days ago those feet being in my ribs.

 Life is a miracle.



  1. Meli

    Well, honestly, I did not expect to start crying while reading this….but I did!!!! I am so happy everything turned out beautifully. Your baby is gorgeous. As is your lil fam. Many blessings…

  2. Beth

    Wow..3 hours!
    Was praying for you and I am so glad everything worked out!! Wow what a beautiful family!! Xx

  3. Eva

    Congratulations!!! How incredibly exciting. I cannot imagine the feeling of looking into your sweet baby girl’s eyes. I have been following your blog for a while now, discovered it when I was planning my 7.17.2010 wedding and kept following it after the wedding. Now my husband and I are pregnant, due to meet our little man in December. It’s really been a joy reading your wedding/marriage/pregnancy….and now motherhood stories! :) Congratulations to you both!

  4. Vivian

    Ahh! I just all the warm and fuzzies inside of me as I read each paragraph and see each picture. CONGRATULATIONS to all 3 of you! YOU look amazing and Rylee is just precious!

  5. Brandi Lisenbe

    OMG congrats Kelli!!! That is so exciting~ You are so blessed! 4 pushes! LUCKY! She is beautiful and so are you! Really? after giving birth you look that cute? Not fair! xo
    Sam, you and baby cutest lil family ever:)

  6. NancetteImage

    Congratulations! What an amazing story! I have loved following your blog and your pregnancy (and also your style through the pregnancy…i have heard it is not easy to get cute maternity clothes but you have totally done it). Enjoy this amazing time with your husband and your new beautiful baby. God is good!

  7. Kirsti

    Congratulations, she is absolutely gorgeous! And what a quick birth! Good luck with everything in the future :) xxx

  8. ada90

    Congratulations!I’m verry happy because you both are ok.
    I wish you the best.A full life of happiness for you three:)

  9. Nedra Springer

    Kelli! What an amazing and beautiful story!! God is so good in His timing, He is faithful in His promises, and He is our healer! Praise Him for having her and you in His hands this whole time, and I know He will continue to! Thank you for sharing this story with us!! Blessings to you guys :)

  10. anna

    Congrats! She is beautiful & you look absolutely amazing in your post birth shots! Usually labor stories scare the bejesus out of me but this one was pretty awesome. I hope I’m so lucky in labor (some day). Enjoy your little love and I can’t wait to see her baby cuteness on your blog!

  11. cathryn

    What a lovely blog post!!! Congratulations!! She is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!! So glad it went well for you. Looking forward to all the baby posts to come!! I can’t wait till me and my fiance tie the knot, to start having a family :)

    And 4 pushes…… A girl can only wish :)

  12. Amy

    Congratulations, she looks so beautiful! I was actually thinking about you the other day since we hadn’t heard from you in a while and I knew your due date was approaching! Other moms must hate you… you barely gained any weight AND you had a 3 hour labor? Haha.

  13. Tori

    Congrats Kelli! I’ve been stalking your blog for awhile and just wanted to congratulate you on your little cutie. I’m due with my first (also a little girl) in November and I know I will not look as good as you did after delivery! LOL

  14. klara

    aw so cute. congrats. how come ur looking so pretty just after giving birth :) i cant wait til its my turn to have a baby

  15. Betty Hansen

    Awe Kelli brings tears to this Auntie’s eyes. So thankful that Rylee is here safe and sound and that you are feeling sooo much better. Can’t wait to meet her! Give Sam my love and Rylee a kiss. Love you soooo much Aunt Betty

  16. Anna

    Kelli, she is so so beautiful. Congratulations!! Wishing you, daddy, and baby all the health and happiness in the world! :)

  17. Lauren

    Oh, congrats, congrats, congrats! I couldn’t be more excited for you two… you’ve made a beautiful blessing from God! :D

  18. Megan

    Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is so precious. What a special story. Thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy every moment!

  19. Suzen

    Congratulations to your whole family! I have been checking your blog about 6 times a day and was so happy to read this story today and see all the pictures. (Although, seriously, WHO looks this good after just having a baby????) You know, I just had a feeling when I saw those last pictures of you that things were going to go very uneventfully in your labor/delivery and I’m so glad that peaceful feeling I had was right! Wishing you reasonably long stretches of rest, lots of milk, and no return of your food allergies. :-))) It will be fun watching her cute self grow and see her adorable little outfits you are sure to dress her in. God Bless!

  20. Jessica Zigenis

    OH what great news! Congrats to the beautiful addition to your darling family. And so great to hear you have God on your side! I’ll keep you and your little family in my prayers. xo

  21. Lena

    Hi! I’ve been following your blog for several months now, and as I opened my Google Reader today there was a loud “yay!” that came out of my mouth :) I’m truly happy for you and your family! :))

  22. Vanessa

    Oh my goodness! Fantastic news! I am so happy for you and your husband! Congratulations and thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

  23. Jessica

    Wow! Kelli! I can’t believe your story! God is GOOD! I am so happy for the three of you and hope that you are enjoying this precious time together. I treasure the memories I have of staring at tiny little Lyla and just feeling overcome with joy at our creation. Life is definitely a miracle and childbirth is the best way to see the Lord’s work. Congratulations! God bless your sweet family.

  24. steffy

    wow kelli! this was heartwarming to read, i must admit it brought a tear to see you with riley!! its been such an amazing time reading and following your whole pregnancy, i am not sue ive ever seen a person from beginning to end throughout a pregnancy, except maybe when i was too little to understand it. she is beautiful and i am sure you will be the best mom/ you are the best mom!! :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  25. Melanie

    Congrats! your baby girl is so beautiful. you look great! and have such a cute little family with sam ;-)

  26. stacey

    omg I can’t believe ive only just seen this post i have been waiting to hear all the news! she is totally beautiful and seeing the pictures of you all together as a family is so amazing you must be so proud! reading this account brings a tear to my eye and puts all my stress and worry into perspective. Congratulations to you all xx

  27. Giulia

    OMG! She’s so cute. I’m so glad that everything went well and you both are okay. I did not expect to start crying while reading this, but I did! You’re gonna be a good mom and Sam a good dad.

    Congratulations to you both Kelli and Sam.

  28. Katyha

    congratulations dear! I am so glad it went so well and those photos are great…you truly look blissfully happy :) enjoy each and every step!

  29. kate

    CONGRATULATIONS! when you had not posted for a few days a had a little suspicion that you may have given birth earlier than planned :). all the best for you and for your family. your daughter is truly beautiful.

  30. Jenn

    Amazing! I so have tears running down my cheeks right now. SO happy your little bunny and you are healthy! Cant wait to experience that in a couple of months!!!!

  31. kelly ann

    I read this with tears in my eyes! What a beautiful blessing… I’m so glad both you and sweet Rylee are healthy and happy. What a precious little babe she is, congratulations! <3

  32. Ellen

    Kellie! I’m so happy for you! I’ve been screaming that in my mind while reading your entire post! I enjoyed every picture and I’m so glad that everything went out better than perfectly. Much love! <3

  33. Ani

    Im so in love with your lil lady. Shes the most perfect blessing and im so happy for you and sam!!!

    love you kell bell xo

  34. Ashlie

    Congrats on your arrival! She is gorgeous! I’ve been checking out your blog on a regular basis waiting to see your precious wee bundle of joy arrive, all the way from new Zealand. : ) Enjoy parenthood & all the best! x

  35. ___wanda____

    congrats to both of you kelli and sam! beautiful rylee already has a fan in germany… and around the whole world i think :-)

  36. Margarita Vernaya

    Congratulations Kelly you are very strong girl:)
    God really blessed you minor miracle;)
    May He give you strength and patience in bringing this beautiful baby

  37. Che

    Hi Kelli! Ive been following your blog for quite a while now but this is the first time I will comment here. This post of yours made me cry because I am also anticipating for your baby to be born… I would check on your blog every now and then just to see your progress… and now, you have Riley in your arms! I am so happy for you and your husband. May God continue to bless your family!

    P.S. You still look pretty even in hospital clothes!

  38. Em

    Glad to hear that you are all doing alright! I do have to say that you are one Hot Mama even in hospital clothes and I believe that Rylee will follow her mamas footsteps. ;)

    Love and blessings from Finland. <3

  39. Sophie

    Ooh, this is so precious.
    Such a wonderful God we have.
    What a gorgeous little bundle of sweetness your wee girl is.
    Congratulations :)

  40. Susana

    Congratulation from Spain!!!
    Muchas felicidades! Enhorabuena, es una niña muy, muy guapa!
    She is so pretty!!

  41. Natalie Taylor

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you and Sam on the most precious little bundle of love. Praise the Lord for overseeing every detail of the whole thing. He is SO faithful and always know just how to take care of us. Rylee is PERFECT. She could not be more amazing. Soo happy for you guys. She’s a perfect addition to the Larson family :) Cant wait to meet her xoxo

  42. Pam

    Congratulations! Being a mom is so awesome and worth all the work!! Many blessings to you and your new little family!

  43. Bec

    congrats on one beautiful baby!! ps. i’ve never seen someone look so good in birth hospital photos!

  44. Sonya

    Congratulations she is beautiful! Thank you soo much for sharing your pregnancy, it was great to follow and I learned so many new things. I wish you and your family all the best. xoxo

  45. Crystal

    I am glad that the birth was a beautiful experience and your beautiful baby girl arrived healthy. Sending you love and warmth while resting and caring for the new babe.



  46. blair

    don’t know how i missed your birth story!? so touching and made me tear up reading it, God is so good!

    also, just a random question, but was that your standard L+D gown, or did you get a custom gown, it’s a really cute pattern and they normally aren’t! =)



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