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Alas! The long awaited nursery photos!  Sorry these took me so long to post, but I FINALLY got around to editing them….3 months later!  Rylee’s nursery was certainly a labor of love for Sam and I.  This room used to be our “guest room”  which consisted of only a full size bed and bare white walls.  We never did get around to decorating it because we always knew it would one day be turned into this….our first nursery.  We live in a humble, 3 bedroom town home just minutes from the ocean in Encinitas.  We did not have a lot of square footage to work with when dreaming up Rylee’s room.  Working with a small space posed it’s challenges, but it also made it easier for me to piece together and coordinate.  We began by ripping out the carpet and installing wood floor, thanks to the handiwork of my husband!  He pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, without breaking the bank that is.  We painted the walls a very soft grey (Glidden’s “Smooth Stone”), removed the closet for more space, and installed white baseboard to match the ceiling.  Those changes alone opened up and transformed the room and really allowed me to get a vision for what I wanted to create.

I have always had this obsession with peach (not really a TRUE peach, more of a muted peachy pink color).  I used it in my wedding and when I found out I was having a baby girl, I was selfishly excited (for many reasons) but also because I knew I could use this color in her nursery.  My idea for the room was to create a calming dreamy space….infused with vintage finds, sweet little animals, and handmade details. I stuck with a very soft color palate of ivory, grey, taupe, and peach.  The reason we decided grey for the walls was in case our next baby is a boy and we are still living in this home (which I imagine we will be)  In that case, I will have to split the tiny room half in ships (this wallpaper please), half in bunny rabbits….because I certainly don’t plan on giving up my office!  Haha…I am only kidding, but these are the things I think about!!  Anyway, I digress.  If you know me at all, you know I am an ETSY fiend.  And  the details in this room are almost entirely products of Etsy.  While I was pregnant, I was on there nearly every day searching high and low for the perfect little accessories to add to this room.  Can you say obsessed? Yes, I admit I undoubtedly was.  There are links below to where you can find almost everything you see.


 When I first started thinking about the nursery, I thought the big portion of my budget would be spent on the crib and changer.  I loved the look of the vintage inspired iron cribs but also liked the clean lines and simplicity of the more modern cribs like the Oeuf Sparrow.  Problem was that I couldn’t afford the asking price on most of the styles I liked. I was pretty torn on what to buy, until I spotted THIS crib on craigslist for $25.00!! Yes, I wrote that correctly.  It was love at first site!  I called the guy immediately and picked it up that same day.  Apparently it was one of those “storage wars” stories where the guy bought out a repossessed storage unit and re-sold all the things inside.   This crib was last to go and he did not see the value in it (lucky for me!!)  It was perfect!!! Sam reinforced the bolts, repainted it, and sanded the edges to still give it that vintage distressed look.  It’s dimensions are a little smaller than your standard crib size, so I had to order a custom sized mattress to fit.  A little price to pay in the grand scheme of things.  With the money I saved on the crib, I was able to order my dream crib bedding, the Matteo Tat Crib Set in greige.

For Rylee’s Shower,  my mom bought a few of these POM’S to add as decoration for the party.  I loved them so much I wanted to re-use some of them somehow in her nursery.  I decided to create a sort of paper cloud above her crib.  I didn’t have all the colors I wanted, so I looked up a tutorial on how to create them (I watched THIS ONE) and made a few of my own using my colors of choice.  It was easier than I thought…just a little time consuming.  I tacked them to the ceiling using clear thread and pushpins.  And although flag buntings are widely over used in baby rooms these days, I can’t help but still love them.  I would put buntings all over my house if I could.  I found the perfect quilt bunting at etsy shop Pieces of Olde.  Above it I hung a custom made crocheted garland with Rylee’s name on it….which I got from Re Rae’s Shop.  The large wooden letter “R”  hanging above the small dresser is from Grace Graffiti.  And that small dresser you see was on clearance at Home Goods!  It was an awful pea green color that we just sanded down and refinished using the same paint that we used on the crib.  It’s perfect to store Rylee’s hats and headbands, socks, tights and pajamas.


After the crib purchase I totally re-thought my plan for the room.  Since my crib was vintage, I also wanted some sort of antique changing table (or dresser turned changing table that is).  After scouring again on craigslist and finding nothing, we headed down to the Ocean Beach Antique District.  It was a fun day of sifting through old garb, but it wasn’t until our last stop at Vignette’s Antiques that I found the piece I was looking for.  It’s french styling, rounded legs, and scalloped bottom matched perfectly to other mini dresser I bought at Home Goods.  I measured the height and to my surprise it was 40″, pretty standard to most changing tables on the market.  And bonus, the price was right. Done deal.  Again, we repainted  the original soft pink color to the same ivory that we used on the crib and accent dresser, and swapped out the hardware.  All my major furniture pieces were bought at under $250!!  That never happens!

The peach cloud  mobile I found at The Butter Flying.  It’s one of my favorite pieces in the nursery.

The Sleep Sheep is from Pottery Barn.  (what a life saver that thing is!)

The white floor lamp was another repainted steal from Home Goods.

And the “Mama Bear. Baby Bear ” painting is one of my own.  Soon to be available as a print in my shop!


I’ve been collecting these embroidery hoops over the last two years.  I never was quite sure what I wanted to do with them….until Rylee’s room came to be.  There is something child like and playful with all of them displayed in a cluster.   After I delivered Rylee, I ordered a special mini one from  a.e wilder with her birth date of August 19th stamped on. I added the little fawn clock from DECOYLAB to the mix too.  I always knew I wanted to use one of their many animal clocks for her room….and when I saw they came out with the fawn…I was sold!  Underneath the  embroidery hoops I hung Rylee’s favorite jumper (sorry, MY favorite jumper from Janie & Jack!) on a padded baby hanger I got from Out of the Closet Hangers.

Other hoops were purchased from :  pilli pilli / love, maude / you are with me / Lee Lee’s Closet


Ok….the splurge.  This was it.  I spotted this beauty on pinterest one day and tracked down the model:  Nurseryworks Empire Rocker.  It is aaaamazing, and probably my best investment.  Many nights have been spent rocking baby (and mom) to sleep on this thing.  The peach butterflies coming out from the window on the wall were from etsy shop Bug’s Loft.  And the burlap foot stool was a local vintage find.  I was convinced by a few people to buy blackout curtains versus regular (for obvious reasons). The grey blackout curtains I decided on were from Overstock.  They matched pretty well with the doily rug I got from Anthro.  Thank you Bam for so kindly displaying it for us below.  Haha.  I love that guy.


Last but not least!  A girl needs a space for clothes!  Since we ripped out the closet (which now houses the crib) we needed to figure out how we were going to store and hang her clothes.  I didn’t need a lot of space since her clothes are so tiny….but I did need SOMETHING.  There was an awkward notch in the wall that served purpose when there once was a closet there….but now that that was gone, it just looked like a room divider that was not meant to be there. In comes smart husband with a brilliant idea.  He took that nook and built a mini closet.  Installing two bars for hanging, and three shelves for storage.  It’s pretty hidden from the rest of the room, so I didn’t think it was necessary to have some sort of drape to hide it.  In fact, I kind of liked the idea of leaving it open and hanging her cutest dresses and blouses there.  (I had already started quite the collection!)  The rest of the clothes I wanted “hidden”, I just put in her dresser.  I bought some cute wicker baskets for the bottom shelves that I use to store miscellaneous baby stuff that accumulates.  I realize now that there is a lot of that!

 Ok…there you have it!  Hopefully I haven’t missed any “where to buy” links.  If I did, feel free to email me!  I like to think that Rylee loves her room.  But let’s be honest, it really was just more for me to love….right now at least.  Maybe one day she will see it and appreciate it as I do.  Sigh…one day!  Right now, she really just loves her bunny, and that’s ok by me.

Nursery photos by Sarah Shreves



Soooo it’s Thanksgiving!!! And you know what that means….Christmas is coming!  Ha!  But really, isn’t that what we are all thinking!?  Time to bust out the decorations and deck the halls!  But first things first.  Today we are reminded to GIVE THANKS and to reflect on all the good and wonderful things in our lives. I have SO much to be thankful for.  This year has definitely been a year of change for Sam and I, complete with it’s up’s and downs.  Most of my year I realize was spent growing a baby!  That alone had it’s up’s and down’s!  But that little girl has got to be the biggest blessing yet.  I thank God for her every day.  We have a lot of family in town with us right now, so tomorrow will be a pretty special day.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by the people you love.  AND FOR THE GOOD STUFF :

I designed these winter inspired greeting cards late last year in hopes of being able to sell them in time for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I was a bit late in my completing them, so I’ve got a shelf stacked with these Assorted Winter Card Box Set’s just waiting for someone like YOU!  I happen to think they are still just as cute as they were last year. haha.  Today through Sunday, November 27th, I am offering 25% off the set, which includes 8 assorted cards + envelopes.  They are blank inside, so if you don’t happen to use them all for Christmas, you can always extend them for other occasions! If you buy 2 or more box set’s….you will receive a free magnet! Just enter the coupon code “Winter” at checkout to receive the 25% off.

And in the “spirit of giving”…..a GIVEAWAY! So this little print is not even available on my ETSY shop yet, but it will be very soon.  Whoever win’s this will have the very first one.  I am in the process of making several more paper prints available in my SHOP, so stay tuned for that!  I am kind of excited about having more options for people to choose from! This one is fittingly titled “Hello Dear”.  It is a 12″X12″ print of one of my original works painted on wood, and it could be yours.  This giveaway will last through Thursday, Dec. 1st.



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Thanks everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Her days have officially turned into months.  3 to be exact….but these photos take her back to 1.  They were shot by my good friend and uber talented photographer, miss SARAH SHREVES 

It’s funny how one day I am a kid, and the next I am a mother…..and how quick that transition from childhood to adulthood really feels.  I remember my childhood so vividly, it’s amazing to think how long it has really been since those playground days.  I can still picture my mom at that time….playing with my sisters and I, reading us stories and teaching us all about the world.  Now it’s my turn.   Seeing Rylee grow makes me think so much about life….it’s fragility…..and really,  it’s wonder.  How intricately and thoughtfully we were created and how amazing the human body is.  It blows my mind every time I look at Rylee’s  itty bitty hands and feet, knowing they will one day grow to be as big as my own.  And it makes me so incredibly thankful for  my own mom and the part she has played in my life.  She has taught me what it means to love unconditionally and to give sacrificially.   I have realized there is nothing bigger than the love a mother has for her children.  I had heard that many times before, but  I don’t think it’s something I fully grasped until I became a mother myself.


We hoped to capture Rylee with a few of  those sweet sleeping baby photos I love so much, but she wasn’t having it.  She was wide eyed and alert the whole time, so we just went with it. A few old suitcases, a sheepskin rug and a my favorite ivory blanket from Scotland (gifted from Dear Darling) made the perfect props!  Ohhh…if only baby knew how hard we worked to get a few good photos of her! ha. Thankful to have these marking her one month birthday.

You can find this hand knit diaper cover and others similar over at etsy shop, Titch.


Shoes – Dolce Vita / Dress – Forever 21 / Snood – Pins and Needles / Sweater – Sparkle & Fade

  2 years ago today I got married to the love of my life, one year ago today a little miracle was formed in my belly, and today our family makes three!  God is so good.   I could not imagine a better partner to live life with, nor a more perfect baby to love on every day.  Knowing that I get to spend forever with these two makes my heart smile.

Today I woke up to some inspiring words from my mama that brought tears to my eyes.  This woman knows a thing or two about love….and I admire her so much for the mother and wife that she is…..and for the example of love that she has shown me.  I wanted to share a bit of what she wrote:

 Motherhood is a process and be open to learning growing and changing as you go.  Same with marriage!  It goes through phases of growth and hard and easy times and like the ocean .. is beautiful but has highs and lows which are all a part of the beauty of the magnitude and expanse of the ocean . same  with your child and your husband.  They are complicated and will change , and surprise you at times for good and for bad! And it is all OK because God is your Foundation and ALL LOVE comes from HIM and HIS LOVE is perfect… therefore He COVERS us in mercy and grace, which we can do for each other only BECAUSE of HIM…..

Amen mom.

Baby girl is getting so big! …And sleeping through the night!! Three cheers!

You can find the itty bitty flower headband Rylee is wearing (and many others) at Sprinkles for Sprouts.

Also, the long awaited nursery pictures will be up this week!  Happy Tuesday!



I’ve decided to start an ongoing series of “inspiration” posts all with images and products I am inspired by, or simply like.  Grouped together by a color scheme or common theme (rhyme unintended!).  It’s just that I am always finding things on the web that stop me in my tracks…and I thought why not be regular about sharing some of those things with YOU!?  I won’t promise to do this every single  saturday, because I never seem to follow through with goals for this lil blog of mine….But I do promise it will be ONGOING! Ha…that leaves me a lot of leeway. Hopefully you too will find some inspiration in these posts!

This first one I am calling Cinnamon & Spice.  How delicious is this color palette?  It makes me want to stop what I am doing and bake a pie.  It is in fact the middle of Fall and nothing is better than pie and cider this time of year.  Below are links to where you can find these goodies.  Now really, I am going to go bake a pie!

Mr Yen Falling Feathers Papercut / Kitten Bandit Print by The Black Apple /  Coconut Granola (RECIPE!)RUST Jewelry Bunny NecklaceTan Shirt, Camel Clutch Gold Leaf Hair Accessory /  The Way to A Man’s Heart Art Print /  Wedding Invitations by Papermade – so in love.