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Shoes – Dolce Vita / Blazer & Blouse – Thrifted / Sequin Slip – Free People / Tights & Scarf – Urban

Happy New Year!! Let’s make it a good one!


Hello, I”m back!  This week has been a much needed break for Sam and I.  I can’t remember the last time I have been away from my computer more than I have this week!  It’s felt pretty good.  I don’t even realize how much I rely on my computer until I purposefully try and stay away from it.  It’s crazy what a digital world we live in now, isn’t it?  As great as that is in some senses,  it does have a way of making life increasingly impersonal.  Anyway, my goal for this week was to get away from that.  And what better time than Christmas to focus on relationships and family?   Sam and I both have been off work this entire week, enjoying the super warm December weather and spending lots of time with our little lady.  Despite the hot weather, I just had to get some use out of the red pom hat I bought for Rylee a few months back.  I die over that thing on her.  Our Christmas was great.  A little different feeling this year because we did not have extended family in town like we usually do.  But it was small and intimate….and ALL about Rylee.  Ha!  She got more presents than all of us combined.  I put together this little video of Rylee’s first Christmas and the few days surrounding it….all with my very limited knowledge in imovie. I certainly don’t pride myself on my video skills, seeing as I have only made 2 now.  Really, it’s all for memories sake.  Hopefully Rylee can watch this one day and smile. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! xo.


Christmas 2011 from Kelli Larson on Vimeo.




Sweater – Anthropologie / Leggings – French Connection / Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell / Head Wrap – Target

It’s finally here! Merry Christmas to all!  And happy birthday Jesus!  This is my Christmas outfit.  The poppy red anthro sweater was a birthday gift from my mom.  Love how it fits kind of like a cape.

Below is the Christmas card I wanted to make this year….but never got around to printing.   Good thing we live in a digital world!  Merry first Christmas to my jolly little baby elf!  The family and I are heading our for coffee and a walk on the beach this morning.  Maybe this will become one of our Christmas day traditions…who knows.  I am going to attempt to capture today and make a short video of Rylee’s first Christmas.  I’m not too savvy in video making…but i’m determined to learn!

Hope today is extra special for you! xoxo.



2 days til Christmas!! I can’t believe how fast it has gone!  I feel like I just put up all of my decorations….and now they will soon have to come down.  But trust me, my halls will be decked until new year!  These are just a few pics of our Christmas-y house.  Bam was quite the pest with the lights.  He just wouldn’t stop batting them around and getting all tangled up in them.  That cat…I still can’t help but love him!  I had a field day at West Elm a few weeks ago.  I went there looking for drapes and out I go with a bag full of holiday loot.  That store always gets me.  My favorites were these little Papier Mache Reindeer and Felt Ball Wreaths.  I’ve had a slight obsession with anything felt the past few months, and well, Christmas couldn’t be any different.  I’m sad they can’t stay year around!  But I guess that would take the fun out of putting them UP if they never came down!

Tomorrow we head to my parent house for our “Family Christmas”.  Since my sisters will be with their husbands families on Christmas day, we decided to make Christmas Eve “OUR” Christmas.  Holidays have gotten tricky now with all of us married.  Gone are the days of all of us going to bed early together so we can wake up to the smell of dad’s bacon and eggs and run to the fireplace to open our stockings.  I just love my sisters.  Now we are lucky if we all are together on Christmas.  But that’s just how it goes.  It’s a blessing we all have men to love and family to visit, right!?  I am excited to be celebrating this year for the first time with Rylee.  It makes me happy to think about Sam and I creating Christmas traditions of our own….memories for Rylee to have as she grows.  I REALLY wanted a “Babies First Christmas” ornament to add to the tree, but I just couldn’t find one for the life of me.  Maybe I will find one after the new year on sale somewhere! Ha! I still really want one….(if you’ve ever seen a cute one online somewhere, I’d love to hear where!) We are taking Rylee to a Christmas Eve service tomorrow night and I have her dress and hair bow all ready to go!  It will be her first time attending church. Kind of a big deal! Anyway…I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with the people you love!  Thanks for reading my blog and for all your sweet comments, always!

So thankful this year!


Sweater – CausewayMall / Boots – Steve Madden / Hat – Forever21 / Leggings – French Connection

It’s true….the dreaded 27 has finally come.  December 19th marked my 27th birthday and my baby girl’s 4 month birthday.  I’m not sure why but 27 has always scared me… just sounds so much older than 26 in my mind..  I am now categorized into the upper 20’s!  Whew…I never saw that coming. Ha!  (I apologize for those of you who are older and rolling your eyes at my silly comments).  I suppose I’ve got to face the facts and embrace my age, because 27 is…..well,  right where I’m supposed to be.  Growing up I always had this plan for where I would be at each age in life.  I would be married at 21, own my own card/stationary company by 25, have 3 kids before 30, and live in a small house by the ocean and wake up to the waves crashing outside of my window every day.  While not all of those things happened exactly according to plan….my life as I know it has been pretty good to me.  I think about this last year and all the changes that have come to me and my family.  Things that once seemed scary and unpredictable, all turned out for the best. The biggest blessing of this year, as I am sure you can guess, has been Rylee.  She was once one of those “unplanned events” for Sam and I…and yet we can’t imagine it any other way.  She has brought a new joy to our lives that we never knew possible.  And when I thought I could never love my husband more than the day I married him, Rylee has somehow allowed us to love each other even greater than we did before.  So much so that I think I am ready for another one! (just kidding…kind of).

It was a good birthday.  We sat together with Rylee overlooking the ocean.  Even in the middle of winter, the skies were blue and the sun warmed our faces.  I dreamed about next year and wondered what God had in store for me on my 27th year of life.  I can’t be sure….but I loved this quote I came across that read…
“turn your cant’s into can’s and your dreams into plans”

Starting now.