A super simple DIY feather headband for you today!

I made a bunch of these for Rylee’s one year old birthday party.  Some for the babies and kids, and yes, some for the adults too!  There are endless ways in which to embellish them, but for this DIY, I am showing you how I created Rylee’s specifically.


– Metallic Rope Trip (or any decorative trim of your choice)  I found mine at my local fabric store.

– Feathers –  For this headband, I used goose satinettes and purchased them here.  But I also really love the guinea feathers.

– 3/4″ Elastic

– Felt

– Pom Pom Balls

– Glue Gun

– Sewing Machine and/or thread and needle.

1.  Cut a stripe of felt to your desired size for the front piece of the headband.  For Rylee, I cut it at 5″ X 3/4″.  Using your glue gun, start attaching the feathers to the felt, slightly overlapping each as you go.  I started with the center feather, and then worked my way across to either side.

2.  Once you have all of your feathers glued, snip off the bottoms flush with the felt so you can’t see them from the front.

3.  Flip your felt piece over so the right side is facing you and glue on your pom poms to the upper half of your felt.

4. Once the pom poms are dry, glue down your metallic rope trim (or other trim of your choose).  If there is any leftover felt hanging down from the bottom…trim that down so none of the felt is showing.  I had to use extra glue to secure both ends of the rope to keep it from unraveling.

5.  Create an Elastic Backing –  I cut my elastic to 14″ in length, leaving an extra half inch on each side for sewing.  I then created a coordinating fabric casing to go over the elastic.  If you don’t know how to do this, you can watch this video series to learn how.  OR, you can skip covering it with fabric and just use the raw elastic.  Sew your elastic backing onto the front feather piece at either end of the felt.  And there you have it….SO simple…and adorable!  You can also see a couple other variations I did here.


  1. Jasmine

    I just saw a gorgeous photo with one of these and now I know how to make one :)

  2. Mary

    Most of your DIY projects are amazing, but this one is appropriative. Taking Native culture and using it as cutesy dress up disassociates the wearing of certain items from its cultural context and inherently degrades the significance it has to whole groups of people. You should consider what kind of implications this has for you as a white person to take on cultures that aren’t your own just for the fun of it.

    • kelli

      Why can you not see this as celebrating other cultures and not making fun!? Plus, my dad is part Cherokee, so to say I am just a white person making fun of it is totally off base as well. I appreciate all cultures and traditions.

  3. Sarah

    Hi! I was just wondering where you got the other triangle fabric/ribbon for the front of some of the boys headbands? Did you make it yourself and paint triangles? I would love to know, because i am going to be doing a Pow Wow themed birthday for my little one. Thanks!


    Dear Kelli and readers of this article,
    Thanks for the referring links to our website LAMPLIGHT FEATHER. We enjoy DIY crafters and have a lot of interesting feather items to stoke your creativity. However the two links above in this sentence:
    “For this headband, I used goose satinettes and purchased them here. But I also really love the guinea feathers.” both point to older web pages that has been replaced. Probably better to go to our Craft Feathers Page or to our Guinea Feathers Page.
    Hope this is helpful,
    Tony Hill

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  6. Kim Langlais

    Super Cute Feather Headband! This is a Nice Project and Maybe a Fun Gift Package Accent for the Next Baby Shower or Newborn Gift. You Could Definitely Theme these for a Boy or Girl too.



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