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Rylee and I are honored to be featured over on Small Fry blog this morning, one of my current favorites!  I got to meet up with Jenna, Emily and Nicole, the wonderful women behind the blog, for lunch at  the Zinc Cafe in Solana Beach and chat about life, work and motherhood.  They were as amazing in person as they seem online!  You can read more about our visit here.

Photos by Eliza J Photography


 The 52 Project – a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013

wearing:  heart romper – BabyGap  //  Boots – Zara  //  Headband – Clickknits

It’s not often that I capture her full blown toothy smile.  But I’m so glad I did.  That mouth full of teeth, in all their crooked, awkward glory.  Just like mine when I was a little girl (thank God for tooth fairies).  But I love that goofy smile more than anything.

Sickness has been whirling around our house for the last week.  It seems that everyone I know has come down with something this month.  It’s the first time as a mother that I’ve had glimpses into what the “terrible two’s” might look like for Rylee girl.  And it’s not pretty.  I am blaming it on the cold, but man oh man, it was not an easy week.  Rylee and Sam are finally feeling better, but I think they may have passed the torch to me.  And just as I was ready to pat my immune system on the back.  Blasted cold!

On a happier note, thanks to everyone who “shopped my closet”. Blown away by how much sold in just the first day!  So thankful.  Orders will be shipped out over the next two days.

And lastly, I’m doing an instagram giveaway running today through thursday for one of my prints and a matching tee shirt.  Head over to my instagram for more details. xo.


Finally!  This honestly took me an eternity you guys! And by that I mean aaaall weekend. ha. Phew!

 SHOP MY CLOSET is now live!  Pop on by and take a look at what I’ve got for sale.  There’s A TON!  Have you ever gone through a phase where you just want to purge of everything you own and start over?  Well, that’s where I’m at, which is good news for you!

Open to domestic shipping only.  If you live internationally and are interested in something, email me and I can set it aside and we can handle payment separately.  Thanks!  xoxo  Kelli


wearing:  Velvet Dress – Afends (similar) // Sweater – Urban Outfitters (similar) //  Tights – Anthropologie (similar) // Boots – Sam Edelman //  Photos by Erica Schneider

So it definitely has not been feeling like winter lately.  Although this outfit suggests otherwise.  These were taken a few weeks back (when it actually felt like winter), but I’m just now getting to blogging them.  As much as I love the warmth, I have to admit, I am a little sad to have to give up  scarves and sweaters.  Dressing for the cold is my favorite.  Not the cold weather, just the dressing for it part.  Ridiculous but true. But who am I kidding. Cold to me is 60 degrees.

Sam is in NY right now for work where it’s like 15 degrees.  Poor guy didn’t even bring a jacket…silly boy.  We California kids just don’t get it.  He’s been traveling more than ever for his job over the last few months…and honestly, I’m ready for him to be home to stay for a while.  It gets awful lonely and I swear, the house makes unusually scary noises when he’s away.  The other night I walked down stairs with a shoe in hand (yes, a high heeled shoe), thinking someone had opened our door.  I am sure if someone had really broke in that night, they would have won that fight for sure.  Anyway, last night was one of those nights of just really missing him… so I bought myself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and got sucked into American Idol.  I have to say, it did help a little.

Aaaaaand. The winner of the Bonlook Giveaway is you miss Courtney Kennedy! Email me to claim your prize! xo.


 The 52 Project – a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013

wearing: bunny shirt & boots – ZARA / jeans – TARGET / Sweater – H&M / Headband – Handmade

I guess this project has kind of turned into “portraits” and not just a “portrait”.  I can’t ever seem to choose just one.

I’d like to take a minute and acknowledge that little tuft of hair on top of her head.  Hello hair.  It’s nice of you to finally show up.  Now if you could just get a little longer so I can finally get this girl in some pigtails before she turns two, I’d certainly be grateful.