Inspired by Jodi of Che & Fidel, I’ve decided to join in on the 52 project…taking a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Often times, my weeks fly by like the wind and I forget to pull out my camera (the real one) and capture it’s special moments, if any moment at all.  Rylee is at the age where every week I can see her changing, growing, learning.  I want to be able to look back on this year and literally watch her growth, frame by frame.  Usually I get a little nervous about challenges like this for fear of failure….but for me, this year is about following through on my goals!  I hope I don’t disappoint myself!  One day,  I think this will be pretty special for her to look at too.  It might turn out to be a really great way for me to get to know my camera a little better as well.  Maybe I will notice the growth in my photography too (wink).  I’m excited about this! Thanks for the inspiration Jodi.

  1. Nicolle

    I am so excited for this challenge. Don’t give up – just think of how precious these photos will be to Rylee, and her children, and their children, and your family! I think it’s a great idea. Yay!

  2. Natasha

    That’s such a great idea! One a week seems pretty manageable too. I’ll admit to being pretty slack when it comes to pulling out the big camera, it’s always worth it in the end though xxx

  3. ana {bluebirdkisses}

    I’m going to look into this project right away. I started off trying to take a photo for every day that J went to school this year, and I did great for about 2 months but then I slacked off and eventually forgot all about it. I hope I can do 1 portrait a week, like you it sounds like a pretty great reflection point in a years time.

  4. rebekka

    Yay! Love your work so much and LOVE that you are participating in this…can’t wait to follow you along :) This photo is perfection.

  5. jodi

    This is the perfect portrait to start your project! So pleased you’re joining in….and if I don’t see your link one week, I’ll chase you up ;) xxx

  6. Maxabella

    Rylee is so so so so cute! I love this shot and it’s great to meet some new wonderful bloggers via Jodi’s project. This is going to be fun! x

  7. maddie

    you can’t go wrong with this resolution. Even if you do fail in June, at least you’ll have 6 months of super cute photos of Rylee!

  8. kdutz

    I love that you share so many of your projects, this is a great idea, such a great way to document your daughter’s year!
    I would love it if you shared even more of your diy’s and projects, I find them very inspiring!

  9. Ann

    What a gorgeous photo! I’ve decided to join in for similar reasons – life is going by so quickly and I want to try to capture glimpses of these precious moments with my children. Looking forward to seeing more!

  10. Anna

    I love this idea! my daughter turns 1 april 24 so i think i will do that too!!! it will be more like the 50 project for me


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