I’ve partnered with BONLOOK to offer one lucky reader a free pair of glasses!  There are so many great styles to choose from, offering both prescription eyeglasses as well as sunglasses!   Your prize will be a $99 voucher including a virtual consultation!

I am wearing the Simply Fabulous Eyeglasses in Havana and the J’adore Sunglasses in chocolate tortoise.  Sam is wearing Urban Dandy in Black (yes, you fellas can enter too if you’re reading this!)  I am still trying to decide on this years frame style, so if you want to weigh in, you can vote here.

To enter:  Comment below with your favorite pair of Bonlook glasses & follow me on bloglovin.

For an extra entry you can follow me on facebook (leave a separate comment below letting me know you did….or do!)

Details:  This giveaway is open internationally.  The prize is one $99 gift voucher.
Shipping is not included and the voucher is not applicable on sale items.
The winner will be chosen and announced on Thursday, January 24th.

  1. Sandra

    I think, the black Robinson glasses are my favourite. Since I have a tiny head, most glasses don’t really fit me, but those are specially designed for small faces so they might be perfect for me. :)

  2. Mac

    I’ve always been kind of partial to Honey Badger! I sure hope I win! I have an eye appointment tomorrow!

  3. Sylvia

    I really like the Robinson. Is that boring? I hope not. I just have a really small head and I think they would suit best…

  4. Vik Masasieka

    I think I virtually tried on 99% of all bon look glasses :) I really like them, and where I live you can;t find anything similar. So I would love love love wining this :) and I would chose J’adore
    Chocolate Tortoise :)

  5. leah faye

    I just got my first pair of bonlook glasses and I love them! Would love a pair of sunglasses I love the nomad chocolate tortoise!
    I already follow you with bloglovin:)

  6. Mary W

    I am in desparate need of new glasses! I LOVEeeeee the Coquine in Black. What a lovely giveaway! xox!

  7. Crystal

    I like the Urban Dandy in Black. You guys look so cute in your glasses! You totally need to get Rylee some. Babies look so cute in glasses

    xoxo Crystal

  8. Candice

    I would love to win the Marlowe crimson glasses. I’ve been looking for a fun red pair so this is perfect! Follow you, too!

  9. Cordelia

    I think for my favorite I will have to go with the Urban Dandy in black, they remind me of my sunglasses, which are my favorite accessory!

  10. Lauren

    I follow you on bloglovin!

    I’ve been itching for a pair of the Marquis in Black. I did the virtual consultation and that is what they recommended for me too!

  11. Leanna

    I would LOVE the ‘La Marquise’ in black or tortoise :) They’re the perfect cat eye shape without being overly trendy. Such a great giveaway!!

  12. ashley

    i don’t wear glasses, so i’ll leave more of a chance for the glasses-wearing-ladies. but i wanted to say that i love your cream top in the first few pictures. so pretty!!

  13. Kiley

    Great giveaway! Love the Hooverville glasses in black. Thanks Kelli for wonderful opportunity to win. Crossing my finger….

  14. Berit

    Oh. Wow!

    I looove thisone: Bonnie & Clyde/Green. And I love that this is an international giveaway, hurray. My Swedish head neads new glasses. :’)
    I tried it on. And virtually… it looks great.

  15. Lara

    Perfect, I need new glasses anyway and tthere are so many lovely glasses. My favourite one are the J’Adore eyeglasses in black!

  16. Mia

    I love the SIMPLY FABULOUS HAVANA! They look really cool :) Thanks for the giveaway I love your blog!

  17. Marcia

    I love the simply fabulous havana as well!!! so amazing! and I’m following on bloglovin :)

  18. Brittany B

    i would LOVE a pair of BonLook glasses!!! i have been eyeing them for awhile. i like FLANAGAN

  19. Lina H

    Flanagan grey! ..would work perfectly for my first summer of being a hot momma… I would just need to find matching ones for my little baby girl :) new follower.. (found you on instagram)

  20. Monica

    I haven’t worn my prescription glasses in 4 years… it’s time for an upgrade!
    I love the Bonnie and Clyde frames in black!

  21. Amanda

    I have always LOVED the Honeybadger frames in tortoise — cute, with just a hint of nerd, just how I like my glasses AND my men. Speaking of, your boy is a STUD! I follow you on Bloglovin’!

  22. Janne

    The Noman sunglasses in olive looks amazing. I think it will look perfect with my small face and blond hair! I hope I have a chance to win one. Thanks!

  23. Coley Kuyper

    I love Bonlook! I’ve been browsing their website for months now! The brown “drink the kool-aid” ones are a pair i keep going back to, but I also love Hooverville in burgundy!

    ps. I’ve been following you on bloglovin’ and facebook for a while now, so i got all the bases covered! haha Thanks Kelli, this is great!

  24. Alanna

    I’ve been having serious eye-glass-envy ever since I first saw a pair of BonLooks on A Beautiful Mess, Skunkboy, Keiko Lynn, and now you, too!! Dying to get my hands on a pair of the new Marlowe’s in Crimson.

    I have already been following you for quite awhile on Bloglovin and Facebook :)

  25. Jenny

    My current favorites are the Flanagan and Drink the Kool-Aid. So cool that they have frames designed for small faces as I have trouble finding glasses that fit my face well.

  26. dana

    Love the glasses ad would absolutely love to get a pair.. They are extortionately expensive here in Switzerland…

  27. Kayla

    I love the Simply Fabulous Eyeglasses that you’re wearing! Such a great giveaway. I already follow you on BlogLovin’ :)

  28. Fedora

    Well, I love J’adore in Black (but also in Chocolate Tortoise are amazing, at least on you :) ) . Fingers crossed!

  29. Sara

    I wear my Hooverville frames everyday, but I’d love to try out the Honey Badger in Olive!

  30. Emma

    Hello! I like the Flanagan in grey or rose gold, I too have a small face and it can be difficult to find glasses to suit me. I enjoy reading your blog :)

  31. Olive Green

    I’m digging the Bonnie & Clyde’s. I am following you on Bloglovin and liked you on Facebook as well!

  32. Michelle

    I want the Aviator in Tortoise for sure! p.s i downloaded your gift tags and they were a giant hit at Christmas!

  33. Katie

    Oh I’ve been wanting to get a pair if Bonlook sunglasses for awhile now!

    I love the Captain Thunder aviator sunglasses in gold!!!

  34. Jessica

    I’m following you on Bloglovin & my favorite glasses from BONLOOK are the J’adore Chocolate Tortoise. I have been wanting those glasses for so long! I just haven’t wanted to pay $100 for them.

    P.S. I love your glasses, they look great on you!

  35. Chelsea

    I’m dying to get into the La marquise in tortoise. I already follow you on facebook but just added you to follow on blog lovin!

  36. Traci

    Love love love the La Marquise and the J’adore in tortoise!! Birthday is two weeks away, what a lovely present!! Fingers crossed!! Now following on bloglovin!

  37. kelle

    i love bonlook! my favorite pair is the one i currently wear – the honeybadgers :) but it’s time for a new prescription so i think i’d go with one of their newer styles this time around.

  38. Sarah Waclawski

    I follow you on Facebook too and ordered your print from brickyardbuffalo for the Sandy Hook relief operation. It’s beautiful!

  39. Krissy

    I love “la marquise” in tortoise as sunglasses or eyeglasses. They’re a trendy cat eye with a classic color.

  40. Jess

    I love the Mile Ends in Tortoise, the Cobson glasses are super cute too! My puppy just ate my glasses, this would be great! Love BONLOOK!

  41. Karina Ascunce

    My favorites are actually the Simply Fabulous in Havana or tortoise. I don’t have any frames in that shape and they are lovely!

  42. Katy

    It’s a huge tossup between Charlie and Robinson! They’re both so cute-I would absolutely love either one of them! Preferably in black! :)

  43. Chelsea W

    I really like the cavalier sunglasses in burgundy. I’m just now getting into anything burgundy.

  44. Angela

    Oh my, I like several! The Bonnie & Clyde are great. Really dig the Aviator. It would be really tough to decide on just one. I’m just going to have to virtually try them on again & again. :) what fun!

  45. vanessa s

    simply fabulous havana is a favorite. i do like you on facebook, how do i get a new entry??

  46. Chenoa

    My current favorites are the La Marquise in tortoise – Although, I’d be really with any of them :)

  47. thegypsyandthetraveller

    Love BonLook!

    I love La Marquise in tortoise, the perfect pair of sunnies.

  48. Mia

    I could do with a new pair of sunglasses- Bonnie and Clyde in green please! Fingers crossed!

  49. Nicole D

    The Marlowe in crystal would go with everything. So cute!
    I follow you on bloglovin :)

  50. Gina

    I’ve been swooning over Bonlook’s fantastic selection of eyewear for a while know. Even though they all seem amazing to me, I’m taking a particular liking to the J’Adore in Tortoise. Love the blog!

  51. katie jessica

    i love this giveaway! ive been wanting to get myself a new pair of eye glasses. i adore the honeybadgers!!
    im liking you on bloglovin & facebook too! xxx

  52. Sarah

    I absolutely love the peaock in dark chocolate or the beautiful ones you are wearing, the simply fabulous in Havana!!
    I’ve recently lost my glasses so a new pair of frames would be perfect for me right now!

    Liked on Facebook and followed on bloglovin :)

  53. carolyn

    I think the Nomads, with their included mirror clips, are fabulous! Just liked you on Facebook, as well :)

  54. Or Havazelet

    Hi Kelli,
    I’m following your blog for at least 2 years now, and in the past year I start to follow you on FB and bloglovin’ (and even Instagram).
    Because I’m from israel I was waiting for a international giveaway, and I hope it wont be the last.
    Anyway my favourite pair is COQUINE TORTOISE.

    Have a great weekend,

  55. Christina Pham

    I absolutely love Smoking Hot Caramel and La Marquise in Tortoise!

    I also have you liked on Facebook! On Bloglovin’ I may go as Closetbug or my email for that site is rinnystar, not the one I have currently on this comment. :) Great giveaway!

  56. Hannah

    What an amazing giveaway love bonlook and have wanted to snag a pair for quite some time! I love quite a few but a couple favorites are flanagan and poppy!

  57. Lindsey

    Love your blog and love Bonlook!

    This was a tough choice, but I’d have to say that my favorite is definitely the “Honeybadger” (and not just because the “Honeybadger Don’t Care” – great name)

    Following you on Facebook as well!

  58. saralynn

    love the brown Drink the Kool Aid best!what an awesome name and perfect time for a giveaway since i broke my favoritest pair!

  59. Ashley B.

    I love love love the Honeybadger in chocolate tortoise. I need a new pair of glasses so bad. I hope I win!!

  60. Michaela

    My favorite pair would have to be the Bonnie & Clyde in Midnight Blue- what a cool pair of glasses!

  61. Nia

    The Honey Badgers are definitely my have frames with so many cute colors to choose from, but its a toss up between the chocolate tortoise & bondi blue!

  62. Jessica

    J’adore chocolate turquoise, the ones you are wearing, were my absolute favorite. They look adorable! The Simply Fabulous in Havana pair isn’t too bad either! :D

  63. Krista Scarlett

    Without a doubt, the Honeybadgers are my favorite. In Olive. My face is round, so I have a helluva time finding the perfect shape for me, but these are just the right size and cat shape! I’m in love! xo

  64. Whitney Griggs

    I am new to the bonlook world and excited about updating my terribly outdated glasses…I am really digging the La Marquise!

  65. Danielle

    Hi Kelli,
    I LOVE the black and clear Nomad, and was just thinking about how desperately I need some pretty new glasses as well :)
    Thanks! xox

  66. Lauren

    Ohhh goodness how do I even pick?? I’m definitely loving the Whisky in Tortoise and Flanagan in Rose Gold?! Hello, love!

  67. Kelly Teno

    Hi Kelli! I love the ‘Robinson Tortoise’ or ‘Black’, and the ‘Drink the Kool-Aid’ (Black & Clear). I have been a fan of yours well…since before I found you on Facebook, stumbled upon your inspiring wedding invitations a few years ago. Thanks again for all your posts. Ephesians 3:20, God Bless!

  68. jessie

    I love the griffin glasses in black!!! Your blog is my favorite and it’s the only one i always look for new posts on bloglovin <3

  69. Betty Hansen

    My favorite is the J’adore Sunglasses! I follow you on facebook and LOVE reading your blog. No matter what you wear you always look adorable as well as the hubby!

  70. suzy

    I am loving the Jungle Chic in the Cherry Jubilee color at this moment. I live on their website, going through the virtual try on. Next up to try Urban Dandy.

  71. helen

    Amazing giveaway! I love the sunglasses you are wearing, J’adore Chocolate Tortoise.. Oh summer, I looking forward to it (it’s very snowy here in Belgium!)
    I allready followed you on bloglovin and now liked your facebook page!

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