So, I was planning on doing a Valentines Day DIY to share with you guys this weekend…but then I came down with the flu and the last few days have consisted of nothing but advil and netflix.  Muah muah. So instead, I am sharing a bunch of other inspiring DIY’s I’ve spotted around the web.  It’s not too late!  You’ve still got 2 days!  Ready. Go.

1.  Dip Dyed Treat Bags  //  2.  Date Idea Arrows  //  3.  DIY Fabric Valentine  //  4.  DIY Hand Warmers  //  5. Valentine’s Day Fudge  //  6.  Root Beer Float Shooters  // 7.  Lettered Wrapping Paper  //  8.  Wax Resist Watercolor Cards //  9.  Fabric Covered Wall Letter


  1. Chrissie

    These are way too cute! I don’t have the time to make any DIY valentines this year, but I definitely have ideas for next year (and why wait next year, I can make these anytime :)!) Particularly in love with 1 and 9.


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