Leather Shoulder Contrast Top – c/o Sheinside // Shorts – Zara // Cutout Ankle sandals / boots – c/o Choies // Fringe Vest – Urban Outfitters (similar) // – Daisy Crossbody Bag c/o Linea Pelle

(How do you like Rylee’s photo bomb at the bottom there!? ha. Love her.)

So, I made it guys.  My bangs are officially long enough to pin back.  This calls for celebration!  I really didn’t think i’d make it.  Those bad boys have been the death of me the last few months, and every other day I’ve been tempted to chop them.  But here we are! (and yet, still, sometimes I just want them to be like this again).  But the husband likes them long, SO…i’m riding it out.  What do you think!? Long…..or blunt? Such an important issue, I know. haha.  I think i’ll always have a thing for blunt cut bangs.  They are my comfort zone.  But we all know we need to get out of that every now and then!

I got these fabulous cutout boots from Choies.  They have more of a pointed toe than I am used to…but they are growing on me!  I’ve been wanting a pair for a while now.  Below is my wishlist roundup.  I say boots are appropriate all year around….and these cutout options are making me feel even better about that opinion!

1.  Rachel Comey Dazze in Charcoal Perforated

2.  Shakuhachi Cutout Tassel Boot

3.  Sam Edelman Petty Whitewashed Booties

4.  Ecote Scaled Leather Ankle Boot

5.  Jeffrey Campbell Everly Cutout Boot

6.  Jeffrey Campbell Gallant Ankle Boot

7.  Triple Chain Moto Boot

8.  Modern Vice X Natalie + Dylana Suarez Jett Boot


  1. Tasha

    Haha! Rylee looks pretty happy about stealing the show!

    Yet another fabulous look Kelli! And the selection of boots is dangerous! My wishlist is long enough, but it seems to double whenever I look at your’s ;-) haha! xxx

  2. Christine Evolving

    OMG Kelli your hair looks AMAZING! I vote keep em’ long and you can always ‘swoop em’ across’ and pin back to create the illusion of bangs…its so easy to go back to blunt but not so easy (as you know) to G-R-O-W-W…..xoxo

  3. Candice

    You always make me want boots! I am so not a boot girl because I have horrible ankles and they just straight kill me. But I’m always looking for flat boots without the heels! Maybe one day I will find my perfect pair.

    I adore this outfit!! But I adore ALL of the clothes always! You are kind of like my fashion inspiration!! :)

    I was growing my bangs for monthsssss.. I finally could tuck them.. And then I just was over it and cut bangs again. I feel like I need them. They are my little clutch.

  4. Kastles

    So cute! Those boots are super fun! And I like your hair both ways! I am trying to decide if I should grown them out or not too! Rylee’s photo bomb is the best btw! Her little overalls are so cute too!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    <3 Kastles

  5. angel swanson

    i love this entire ensemble!! and looove rylee’s cute overalls, too! <3 my husband recently asked me to grow out my bangs as well… i looove blunt cut bangs but i'm trying to go with his preference, since i wouldn't be happy if he shaved his head. LOL

  6. Mary

    Hey kelli! If you get a chance, could you tell me if the black cutouts you have on run true to size or big/small? Im usually a perfect 7.5 but it looks like they only have whole sizes. Thanks so much xoxox!!

    • kelli

      I was wondering the same thing Mary. I ended up getting a 7 and I am usually a 6.5. They are a little big for me….so I guess they run pretty true to size. I might have been able to pull off the 6….but I can’t say for sure.

  7. bliss-ologie

    Unsure at first glance, but they’re growing on me fast. Kind of rock n roll, kind of salem witch trials. I’d say you pulled them off brilliantly.

  8. Kristin

    love your outfit so much here!

    i am always in the bangs trap. i prefer blunt-cut bangs too, but i’m too lazy to get them trimmed regularly… so i’m always cutting them, then growing them out, then cutting them again …. i can never settle!



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