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Photos by Nina Seibert

This weekend we were thrown a beautiful beach soiree by the authors of the new children’s book, Fairy Birds.  Rylee got to invite a few of her friends to the private book reading, which was complete with snacks, crafts, gifts, tutu’s and fairy wings. Pretty much a little girls dream party.  It was such a special day.

Fairy Birds is the first book in a series of stories that teaches kids important characteristics like giving, kindness, and love.  In each book of the Fairy Bird series, the little Fairy Birds learn how to grow one of the six colorful feathers they need to become Fairy Godmothers.   This first story is all about learning to grow their pink “Givie” feather, which they grow as they give to others.  The message is beautiful and the illustrations are captivating.  You can purchase Fairy Birds here.

Thanks to Heidi & Heather for putting together such a great party for our little ‘birds’!  Those wings have not come off of Rylee’s back since :)


  1. Tasha

    That is just sooooo cute! Rylee looks so sweet with her wings on. The book sounds fantastic too, might have to get ourselves a copy xo

  2. Vicky

    Oh! good and lovely idea! I live in Argentina in a nice city-Mar del Plata- we have a very long beaches to make nice parties!

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  3. Caramay

    Kelli the girls look so beautiful! I really like the sound of those books too, prefect for growing girls. A side note – can you recommend any great little online stores for kids clothing? I’ll be having my first soon and you’ve always dressed Rylee so beautiful. Any ideas would be great :)

    • kelli

      Oh there are so many that I love!
      Some favorites: Zara, Thumbeline, Darling Clementine, Bobo Choses, Makie, Sweet William, tadashop.com

  4. Kim

    this is so fun, colorful, whimsical and sweet :)
    what a great concept I always think it’s cool to find new ways to teach little ones :)
    that last picture is so sweet :)

  5. farah liyana

    this is so magical, what a lovely day it must have been for the kids. xx super super cute

  6. Mary w

    Stop it. This is an absolute dream! I want this for my birthday! Happiest birthday wishes sweet girl. Xoxox


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