Family / Maternity Shoot with Acres of Hope Photography
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And if you can believe it….these aren’t even all of them!  Sorry for the photo onslaught, I am just terrible at narrowing them down!  My sweet friend Erica, who I’ve known since high school, is the incredible talent behind Acres of Hope Photography.  We’ve worked together a lot in the past, and I am so lucky that she was able to capture my family at this special time in our lives.  If I remember correctly, we were one of the first weddings Erica ever shot, all the way back in 2009.  Proud of where she’s come with her photography business and especially blessed to still call her a dear friend.

It’s strange to sit here and think about how this will mostly likely be the last week we have together, just the three of us.   I remember it was a challenging transition for me after having Rylee….learning to balance my work, time with Sam, friends, home responsibilities, and being a momma to this new baby girl.  Of course, over time, together we learned what worked for us and what didn’t, and things eventually got a whole lot easier.  I learned to let things go, to give myself grace, and at the end of the day, to always remember what is important.  Over the last three years, Ry has filled our lives with more joy than we could have ever imagined.   On one hand, I am more than ready to welcome our baby Cru into the family.  My body is echoing…”MORE than ready!”.  But on the other hand, I do have a bit of fear over how this will change our “groove”.  I know he will come and we will love him like mad….but I suppose my fear is mostly rooted in Rylee.  Wondering how she will adjust and if I will be able to be there for her as much as I’d like to.  It’s probably a silly fear, but one that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  I know with Cru, I will have to find a new groove taking care of two kiddos.  I’m sure I’ll face some similar challenges as I did when Rylee first came into our lives.  But when I look back and remember some of those trials, they pale in comparison to everything we’ve gained in her.  I can’t wait to meet this boy, and for our lives to be turned upside down and for all of us to fall head over heels in love again.  Crossing my fingers it’s only a few days (hours!?) away!


Wearing // Top photos:  Lace Dress – Free People, Boots – Matisse ; Bottom photos: Fly Away tunic & Ikat Kimono – Free People,  Minnetonka Hat


  1. Nicole

    Kelli, I am a new fan of yours. No, your fears are not silly, they are valid. I am only 9 weeks into having a second child, and it has been quite the emotional transition. My 2 1/2 year old is doing great with the new baby, and I am now finding time with doing thingwe have always done, just the two of us. Other times include the new baby of course, but my toddler is ok with new baby so far. I think I was more worried and anxious more than anyone, but children are crazy resilient.

    • kelli

      Hi Nicole! Thanks for saying hello! Congrats on your new little one! So exciting! Yes, such a mix of emotions! But I am more than ready to meet this boy and experience it all! xx

  2. Nicole

    You will do great with the change, even though it will be hard at first. I so relate to what you are saying. You will find the balance again. God bless you and hope baby comes soon for you!

  3. Victoria

    My goodness, Kelli, these photos are absolutely breathtaking – all of the outfits, the lighting, your family – so so beautiful!

  4. Tasha

    I keep checking my feed to see if Cru has arrived! I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! Haha! I just love babies. These photos are stunning, how lucky you are to have such talented friends.

    This time around you will be so much more relaxed and I am sure Rylee will be an amazing, little helper. It’s such a special thing watching your baby grow to be the older sibling. These last days are special, as are the days that will follow. Enjoy it all! XO

  5. Daniella

    These photos are magical! They are SO beautiful and capture all the happiness and love that surrounds the three of (soon to be four).

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  6. Nicole

    It would be so great if you could do a post about your favorite places to get clothes for your little ones!

  7. Sarah Runyon

    The greatest gift my parents gave me was my brothers! I have four:) I have a little brother that is the same age difference from me as Rylee will be to your little boy. She has so much joy ahead of her with her little best friend she gets to call family. Although it can be worrisome as far as transitions and routines go, this is the beginning of a lifelong unbreakable sibling bond that she will thank you for! You have a beautiful family. Best of luck and love to you all!

  8. Cynthia Swanson

    These are so AMAZING! you really have such a beautiful family :) Definitely something to be proud of!

  9. fedora

    Wow these pictures are so beautiful ! It makes me wanna be pregnant to make the same ! and even find that pretty kind of dress you have ! I wish you the best !

  10. Christy

    These photos are gorgeous! I love everything, especially the styling! Do you mind me asking where Rylee’s blue dress in the top pictures is from? It is adorable!



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