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at {mine}
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I wanted to introduce you guys to an innovative new interiors community called at{mine}.  We all know pinterest, right?  Well at{mine} is built somewhat similar, only it’s owning the interior space….allowing a place for members to post snapshots of their own homes, tag the sources of their style, and be inspired by the stories, people, and brands behind the real interiors.  It’s really designed for the ultimate interior enthusiasts!  I think as creatives, interiors are something we all are inspired by in one way or another.  I’ve always been drawn to the neutral, rustic, modern meets vintage style of home. For you, that might look different.  But what’s cool about at{mine} is that it features real homes, of all styles, from all around the world.  You can explore different categories, from bedrooms to kitchens, workspaces to styling…depending on where you are needing inspiration.  You can follow along with your favorite users and comment or “heart” your favorite photos to encourage different users within the community.   Once you become a member, I promise you’ll get lost in the pages of this site!  Or like me, get inspired to tackle your next home revision project that you’ve been putting off for months! :)

CLICK HERE to sign up and create your own profile.  Enjoy and be inspired!

Images above from at{mine} users:  Agata Witkowicz / Benedicte Clouet / Cate St Hill / Hege Morris / Little French Rag / Pepper Schmidt / Katy Orme

and you can visit my profile HERE.

Sunuva Giveaway
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It’s hard to believe that summer is already almost nearing it’s end!!  Although summer in San Diego usually lasts well into October….so we have a couple more months of warm sun and beach days still ahead of us, if the weather cooperates!  I’ve partnered up with Sunuva today for a great giveaway!  They are offering up £100 to spend in their shop (which is roughly $150)!  Sunuva specializes in quality stylish swimwear for kids!  I’ve always had a hard time finding swimwear that is both super well made and also really cute.  Sanuva does both.  Rylee and Cru are wearing a couple of my favorite designs:  The Lobster swim trunks and the Cherry Bikini.  The Lobster design also comes in this irresistable floatsuit for babies, and it just might be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen on my chunky boy! Perfect for our days at the pool.

To enter to win, simply follow the prompts on the rafflecopter below.  A winner will be chosen on Saturday morning!  And if you just can’t wait, Sunuva is currently in the middle of their summer sale so everything is up to 50% off!  Can’t go wrong.
*Giveaway terms and conditions apply: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. The voucher is not redeemable for cash. If the order is returned, we will issue a refund of what was paid.


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DIY Photo Wall Hanging

For a long time I have been wanting to add more family photos to our home.  It seems like I never get around to printing out photos anymore.  Everything is digital these days, which makes me kind of sad.  There is definitely something special about holding physical prints of all of those captured memories.  I loved this DIY because it brought me back to some of my favorite moments with my kids, and it’s something I can look at everyday and smile at those sweet faces.

Supply List:

Scissors / String / 4″X4″Square Photos (from Walgreens) / Hole Puncher (with various sizes)  /  Tree Branch

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1.  Cut 5 strands of string all at the same length (roughly 5 ft). Make sure you cut them generously so you won’t run out of length at the end.

2.  Begin to hole punch each photo at the center top and center bottom of each square photo.  I used the smallest gauge punch on the Martha Steward Screw Punch.  I decided to hang 35 photos, 7 per string and 5 across.  But feel free to make this whatever width and length you want!

3.  Start with your first string and thread it through to top hole of your first photo.  Tie it in a knot…..leaving at least 8 inches excess string at the top.  You will need that later to tie the string around your branch. The long part of your string you then thread through the bottom of the photo from back to font.  No need to knot the bottom.  Grab your next photo and thread the string from the front to the back and knot it.  Basically, you just want your string to be visible on the back side of all of your photos and not the front.  You just repeat this process until you get to the very end.  At the bottom hole of your last photo, tie a knot.  You can leave the excess string hanging or clip it.

4.  Repeat this same process with all of your strings and photos.  (it’s a bit time consuming!).  Once you’re done, tie them all to your branch, evenly spaced out.

5.  Hang it from your wall with two nail supporting the branch!


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Rias Case Speckled Hide Tote / Everly Swing Dress / Free People Necklace / Alexis Russell Bangles

I’m so excited about today’s giveaway!  My friend Julie is the owner and creative mind behind the brand Rais Case.  I met her a couple years ago when Sam was fist opening his shop (Loneflag) in Del Mar.   She moved into the space next door to us which served as both her workshop and retail space.  I remember chatting business with her and finding all sorts of inspiration in her creativity, work ethic and humility.  Fast forward a couple years and it’s pretty amazing to see where her business has taken her.  Even selling in stores like Free People and Anthropologie!  And it all started with a leap of faith (and a lot of hard work of course).  Julie’s passion for her craft is definitely evident in her bags.  They are made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail.  My current favorite it this beautiful Speckled Hide Shia Tote…..isn’t it beautiful!?  Today we’ve partnered up to give one away to one lucky reader!

To enter, simply follow the prompts on the rafflecopter below!  A winner will be chosen on Monday morning!  Good Luck!



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Dress – Free People / Sandals – Madewell (similar) / Rings – Wanderlust + Co

Summer has finally decided to bring it’s HEAT and once again we are left melting….wishing our 1970’s home had an AC unit! Whew! I’ve basically been living in swing-y dresses and sandals. And I’ve always had a thing for dainty gold rings, and these by Wanderlust + Co are a few of my favorite.
Tomorrow is our Rylee girl’s fourth birthday! She insisted on NOT having a birthday party this year. Sam and I both think it’s due to the fact that several months ago we told her that when she turns four she could no longer have bottles before bed. That girl remembers everything. Don’t judge me too hard for that, but yes, she still has a bottle at night. Of all the things to be strict about, that has always been one I never felt was worth the battle. Anyway, I tried to explain to her that her birthday will come and she is going to turn four with or without a party….but she is still on the party boycott hoping that without it she might get to live another year at 3. haha.
Sam and I planned a small family pool party anyway, without her permission, so hopefully tomorrow she will wake up ready to celebrate her “not-birthday”! I mean, I don’t know a child on earth who would deny swimming, gifts and cake. But Ry is a stubborn one (i have noooo idea where she got that from!?) so wish me luck! haha.