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Minnesota Fall

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Fall in Minnesota.  I’m not sure it gets much better.  Our family flew out to Sam’s hometown last week….our first family vacation of the year.  Which is kind of sad to say out loud, but made it that much more enjoyable.  And it helped that we were escaping the 90 degree heat of San Diego and entering into the most magical Fall weather (and colors!) imaginable.  Drinking hot drinks and wearing (gasp) a coat! ;)  It’s the way Fall ought to feel.  Maybe San Diego will take a hint and shape up next year, but experiencing the Fall in Minnesota seriously got me thinking about moving there.  But then I remembered how long the winter’s last and I’m not sure my California bones could endure it.  Regardless….it gave home a run for it’s money.

Sam and I had the chance to spend some time alone, sans kids, visiting his old stomping grounds and meeting up with old (and new!) friends.  Rylee and Cru got loved on all week by their Grammy and Grampy.  We did all the ‘Fall things’. Pumpkin patches, apple orchards, playing in the leaves… was perfect.  The tree’s alone were worth the trip.  Apparently we came at the tail end of Fall, just before the trees decide   Rylee fell in love with Grammy’s new kitty Percy. The second she woke up in the morning she wanted to go in the barn to feed him and snuggle him.  It was the cutest thing.  It made me ache for another kitty again just for that sweet little relationship.  Thanks for being so good to us Minnesota, we’ll be back again soon.

Musana Giveaway
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Button Down Tunic Dress // Goddess Necklace & Festival Bangles by Musana / Diet – X Bag

I love it when I come across companies that are creating fashion for good.  Musana is one of those companies.  They create a line of beautiful jewelry, handmade by female artisans in Lugazi, Uganda.  Their model is to empower women to provide opportunities for their children, creating a generation of change.  For most of these women, this is the first time they’ve received a steady salary.  The financial stability of employment allows these artisans to provide their children with a stable home, nutritious food, medical care and an education.  And not only are these women given a job, they are also given the opportunity to take English, business, health and various other classes hosted at the Musana workshop throughout the week.  All this to say, Musana is really making a difference.  How amazing to know that something you purchase is impacting women and their families in such a profound way!

I am wearing the Goddess Necklace and Festival Bangles from their new Fall collection.  And today, Musana is generously giving away this same set to one lucky reader!  To enter , simply follow the prompts below!  A winner will be chosen on Friday the 23rd.  Good luck!
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How cute is this perfect fall dress by Anais and I!?  Our weather has been so brutal (high 90’s in October!!) so I am literally counting down the days until colder weather arrives.  But we enjoyed some short lived cooler temps yesterday and I asked Ry if I could snap a few pics of her before school.  I uploaded these photos to my computer and almost cried when I realized how OLD she is looking!  She’s growing up into such a beautiful little girl and it’s got me all emotional over here!  Her hair is just long enough to pull off milk maid braids, so I’m doing it anytime she lets me (she is a particular one with her hair!).  And luckily, I’m still the judge when it comes to what she wears, so I’m going to enjoy that as long as possible ;)

Anais and I has a beautiful Fall range that I am head over heels for.  This Emma Dress is one of my favorites.  It’s classic and tailored and so cute paired with some chelsea boots!

Shop the full Fall collection by Anais and I HERE >>>

Emerson Fry

Emerson Fry Drop Shoulder Coat in Camel  //  Yoshi Tunic Dress  //  Black Mules  //  Tens Sunglasses

RAIN!  I’m thanking the heavens for this temperature drop and much needed rainfall!  I’ve never been more excited to put on a coat…..especially when it’s as beautiful as this one.  Emerson Fry has always made some favorite outerwear.  Their incredible coats are what first attracted me to the brand, but everything they create, from the perfect white linen tee to my dream mules, is perfectly minimal and timeless.  I’d honestly live in their Fall collection and not need a single other item of clothing.   It’s all interchangeable and can be worn a million different ways.  I’m wearing the Yoshi Tunic with heels for a more dressed up look…but I also love this tunic worn with skinny black pants and boots for a daytime look.  Give me all the black, white and camel! What’s not to love.

Shop the entire new Emerson Fry collection HERE >>>

In other news, I baked my first apple pie yesterday (look!) and I’ve got to say, I think pie baking is my true calling ;)  Welcome Fall!

Photos by Shelby Clark