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Dress – St Roche / Bracelet – Maslo / Hat – Stetson

Pink and ruffles are usually not my MO, but mix those ruffles with black boots and a hat and I’m all about it.  I’m obsessed with this dress by St. Roche from Plan De Ville.  Really, I love just about anything St. Roche creates.  It’s lightweight and just the right amount of ‘girly’ aaaand it’s my favorite color ;)  We all know that one can never have enough little white dresses!

We were just in Palm Springs for the last few days on a quick family vacation, and let’s just say, summer isn’t going anywhere.  At least for a while anyway.  When we hopped in the car to head back home the temp read 113 degrees!  Granted, it came back down to 80 by the time we got back to San Diego, but STILL! All this to say, I am going to continue to wear white dresses until Fall decides to show it’s face.

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Photos by Nicole Moser

Rylee & Cru Fall 2016 Collection
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Well, this is coming awfully late and most of our collection is already sold through (what!!??) but I HAD to still share these campaign photos here for Rylee & Cru FW16 collection that launched last Wednesday.  Shot by my insanely talented friend Jackie Wonders.  When I chatted with Jackie about my vision for the shoot, we were both stumped on location.  The collection is titled “The Woodlands” and the theme is centered around woodland animals, so obviously, a forest seemed fitting. But finding a forest in San Diego is just not in the cards.  Luckily, we found the next best thing at a hidden trail in Del Mar of all places.  I’m so thrilled with the outcome.  Jackie always has a way of taking my vision and bringing it to life, not matter what the circumstances or curve balls that are thrown at us.  Being flexible and rolling with the punches is a necessity when it comes to shooting with children, and no one does it better than her.  Possibly my favorite campaign photos to date.  You can still shop the collection on our website (although it is quite picked over) or through any of our amazing retailers – stockist’s listed here.  Do some digging and you may be able to find the pieces you are looking for!  This job is a dream and while it might be hard and demanding at times, I wouldn’t change it for a thing.  OH, and did I mention we just bought a new warehouse / studio space!!??  Big things happening guys.  More on that later!

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I got the opportunity last month to travel to Alabama with my family for a project with Travel & Leisure Magazine and Alabama Tourism.  We had the chance to visit some of the best attractions Orange Beach had to offer.  I remembered someone telling me once how great the Alabama beaches were, but man did they exceed my expectations! Hands down the best day of our trip was when we spent the afternoon at Alabama Point.  If you are a regular to my blog, you know how much we love the beach.  I thought nothing could beat our beaches here in San Diego, but I have to say, those Alabama beaches stole my heart! :)  Warm water and the softest white sand as far as our eyes could see.  And those boardwalks…well they were pretty dreamy too.