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Tysa Frida Frock / Nomah Project Hat

Tysa Designs has been a favorite of mine for years.  I remember being pregnant with Cru 3 years ago, I lived in a few of her maxi dresses. They are definitely not maternity dresses and I’ve worn them long after, but their flowy maxi’s do lend themselves nicely to a big ‘ol belly!  This babe has been cooking for 37 weeks now and to say I am ready is an understatement!  Not really in the sense that I have everything prepared…but just that my body feels like it could give birth any minute now.  The last 4 weeks are quite a treat aren’t they!?  haha.  I am still working and trying to wrap up projects at Rylee & Cru before she arrives so I can take a few weeks off after she arrives.  But I am trying not to set too many expectations for myself…as everyone has been sure to tell me how hard it is having 3  kids, and especially having 3 kids and working.  I know it will all work out in one way or another…..I will just have to take it one day at a time.  I’m hoping she and I will both be feeling healthy and strong and ready to take on the challenge.  Wish me luck :)

One perk of having an auto immune condition is that I get to see her cute little face in ultrasounds more often than most.  I got to see her a few days ago and they said everything was looking great.  Weighing about 6 pounds and seemingly very healthy.  Considering all of my own personal health issues over the last two years, I am so grateful my body has been able to stay relatively strong throughout this pregnancy and give her all the nutrients she needs to thrive.  I’ve put on a lot more weight this time around (even though I’ve actually eaten less and probably healthier this pregnancy) but someone decided to remind me of that the other day which made me feel pretty crummy.  “Oh wow, you’ve gained some weight haven’t you!?” was the exact phrase he used.  I laughed and said yes but in my head all the bad thoughts started creeping in.  I got in my car and some tears welled up in my eyes….but I quickly pulled myself out of that self loathing state and instead reminded myself that I am growing a human and how incredible my body is to even be able to do that.  I’ll take all the extra butt dimples if it means I get a healthy beautiful babe at the end of all of this. Some people say the most stupid things to pregnant women don’t they!?  Oy…when will men learn ;) Anyway…doing my best to stay positive these last couple of weeks! I can’t wait to meet her!!


Patunia Pickle Botton Tote  /  Ingrid and Isobel Dress  /  Tassle Sandals 

Give me all the woven baskets! This one by Petunia Pickle Bottom just launched and it’s my favorite of them all.  Designed to be a versatile, multi-purpose bag, it doubles as a diaper bag with it’s interior woven pockets, wipes case, changing pad, and leather stroller straps!  It packs up perfectly for travels with tots, or packs down for relaxing days at the beach.  Custom-designed & hand-woven by Certified Fair Trade makers in Africa.  And if you are pregnant and on the hunt for quality maternity wear, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Ingrid and Isobel!  I have been living in this off-the shoulder dress (in both Navy & Black).  It’s made of the most comfy stretch jersey and I know I’ll be wearing this long after the baby arrives too (so nursing friendly!) Below are some of my favorite Ingrid and Isobel maternity pieces I own and love…

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Photos by Jackie Wonders