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photos by Taryn Kent

Have you guys heard of Madsen Cycles!?  I mean…look at this bike!!!  A few friends and I + the sweet folks at Madsen rallied together to get this vintage blue dream-mobile for our dear friend Tori and her family, who has been fiercely battling cancer since early last year.  (you can read Tori’s full story here).  We thought this bike might bring her a little sunshine during this otherwise difficult season.  When the package arrived at my doorstep I couldn’t believe it’s size!   The bike came in pristine condition, and almost fully assembled, which made it pretty easy for my non-handy self!  I popped on the front wheel and adjusted the seat height and it was ready to ride.  Luckily for me, I was able to give it a test drive before delivering it to Tori.  I realized when I hopped on this thing that it had been over ten years since I rode a bike! 10 YEARS!?  Which is a little sad and also a little intimidating when you realize you not only have to balance yourself, but also your kids on the back!  But thankfully, it was really easy to get the hang of.  The bike rode super smooth and the different gears made it easy when going up and down hills.  It’s the perfect bike for cruising around the neighborhood, kids in tow!  It has 2 benches inside the bucket with four seat belts.  We also got the add on front rack for extra cargo and brown leather saddle and grips, which I think set it over the top.  The details on this bike definitely make it one-of-a-kind.  Plus, there is nothing better than getting out of the house and going on adventures with your kids (in style) ;)

Shop all the Madsen bike options at !


I am so excited to be teaming up with Brickyard Buffalo this week as their guest editor!  If you are unfamiliar with Brickyard Buffalo, they are an online pop-up market that showcases individual companies and their freshest items….at a killer deal.  I’ve hand selected a few of my favorite companies and makers for this weeks deals, as well as added a few of my own! Check out the items that are available below, and shop all of these and more at today!twig

The Twig Co. makes some of my favorite wooden toys on the market.  Their Pixie camera has been a longtime favorite of ours.  I had the chance to collaborate with them on this custom colorway – white with metallic rose gold dial! This is an exclusive colorway (at a discounted price!) and only available through Brickyard Buffalo this week!  Jump on it.

Rylee & Cru clearly has a soft spot in my heart ;)  I decided to make the above four styles available at a super discounted price: Starry Night Romper, Camp Bubble Onesie, Dash Playsuit, and Daisy Playsuit.  These items won’t get any cheaper than they are on Brickyard Buffalo this week, so snatch them up while you can!

art printsThree of my art prints are also available at 30% off: C’est La Vie, Bunny Print & Poppy Print (custom colorway).

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Walter & George makes some of my favorite leather clutches.  Each piece is handmade and unique and artistic, and I love that!  Their natural speckled clutch makes my heart flutter!

free babes

Free Babes offers adorable handmade bows for your little ladies.  Grab these at a great price today as well!


Sweet ‘Love you’ Night Light from my girls at Murray & Finn

mm…and more great deals including these ‘mommy and me’ stripped dresses!

I hope you love all of these items as much as I do! Everything is available THIS WEEK ONLY on Brickyard Buffalo! Happy Shopping!!

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Knit Poncho / Black Denim / Boots / Hat

I think I’ll forever have a thing for big chunky knits.  Season after season, I love them more and more.  I probably wear black pants and boots 5 out of 7 days a week in the Fall/Winter.  And then I just rotate my favorite oversized sweaters around so I don’t look like I am wearing the same thing everyday.  Sneaky right!?  ;)   I’ve rounded up some of my favorite (mostly chunky!) sweaters out there right now. Click through to shop…
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2015.  What a year.  I can’t believe I am just now sharing this family session we did with Beth of Liz Anne Photography back in October!  But I suppose the timing is fitting, as we are embarking on a new year, and these are the only (professional) family photos we managed to squeeze in.  Beth emailed me asking if she could shoot us while she was in town for a few days, and it only took me 2 seconds of looking at her gallery before screaming, “YES!”  She is so insanely talented.

I love this family of mine so much.  This year has been a really good one, and a really hard one at the same time.  It’s the year I really started my business – Rylee & Cru – and realized how incredibly hard it is to start and maintain a children’s clothing company.  If you would have told me how many bumps we would run into throughout the process, I might have thought twice!  But my love for what I do has trumped all the hardship and growing pains we’ve experienced this year, and the encouragement and support of the brand is what has kept me motivated to keep going, keep learning and keep getting better at what I do.   From what I hear, year one is always the hardest….sometimes it takes even a few more before things get easier.  I’ve had to really learn to let go of some of the control and trust other people to help.  This has always been a challenge for me.  I am the kind of person that likes to control every aspect of my business to ensure that it is done right, but growth only happens when you allow people to help you.  2016 holds so much potential for growth, and I am so excited to see where the brand takes us in the coming year.

Sam just celebrated year 2 of his shop, Loneflag, and I am so proud of him for what he has accomplished there and the community he has built around that space.  It’s inspiring for me to watch the way he leads people, and motivates them to be the best version of themselves.  This year he also launched a branding agency that is an extension of Loneflag, called Other Sons.  He works with a team of great guys who specialize in branding, sales and marketing.  It’s been amazing to see that flourish alongside Loneflag.  AND last but not least, he is working on a second location called Moniker General that is a collaborative space in Liberty Station that will be full of amazing brands and services, set to open in the Spring of 2016.  Clearly, the boy’s got his hands full, but I am thankful he is a man that makes time for his family.  Being two driven people who own our own (four) businesses, obviously brings it’s own set of challenges to our relationship.  Family time has to be intentional, otherwise our days can easily get swept away with working, phone calls, emails and trouble shooting.  That balance is tough, to say the least, and is probably something we will always be working on if we want to continue to pursue our dreams in entrepreneurship.  Sometimes I think Sam and I both are a little too understanding of each others busy schedules, that we don’t give each other the time we deserve, and need.  This is one of our goals for next year, to make more time for US.  To put away the phones and forget about our to-do lists and spend more real, quality time.  Because at the end of the day, if everything failed, we would still have each other and our beautiful kids and a sovereign God….and really, what more do you need in this crazy life?  But with that said, I sure am thankful to be able to pursue my creative passions while being a mamma and a wife.  I am thankful for the nanny I found this year who love my kids so well (Casey, we love you).  I am thankful for my mom who would bend over backwards to help in any way she can.  It really does take a village.  And my village is a dang amazing one.  And my kids….well, they are my life.  Rylee started preschool this year and it has been just the best thing.  That girl is my heart.  She is growing up before my eyes and I am just so proud who she is, and who she is becoming.  Cru is my feisty little thing and definitely gives me a run for my money.  He is ALL boy.  But man, his soft side certainly makes up for it’s counterpart.  Mama’s boy forever….hopefully ;)

Happy New Year friends.  I hope this year brings a whole lot of happiness and joy to your lives!  So much love from our fam to yours!