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I got the opportunity last month to travel to Alabama with my family for a project with Travel & Leisure Magazine and Alabama Tourism.  We had the chance to visit some of the best attractions Orange Beach had to offer.  I remembered someone telling me once how great the Alabama beaches were, but man did they exceed my expectations! Hands down the best day of our trip was when we spent the afternoon at Alabama Point.  If you are a regular to my blog, you know how much we love the beach.  I thought nothing could beat our beaches here in San Diego, but I have to say, those Alabama beaches stole my heart! :)  Warm water and the softest white sand as far as our eyes could see.  And those boardwalks…well they were pretty dreamy too.

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Hackwith Design House: Bridal Collection

Hackwith Design House has always been one of my favorites when it comes to quality basics.  Sam and I had the opportunity last Fall to visit their studio in Minnesota and meet the designer and founder, Lisa.  It’s always so inspiring to me to connect with other women entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses and chasing dreams.  Lisa has created a beautiful brand, all of which is produced right in their own studio by their talented team of seamstresses.  Just recently Hackwith launched a bridal collection, including gowns & jumpers for the brides and dresses & separates for the bridesmaids.  I put together two looks, the first wearing my favorite Emmy Top which makes a statement with it’s unique knot back detail. And the second look I am wearing the Violet Dress in cream, which is has an easy, slightly oversized fit that I always feel so comfortable in.  This is a piece that could easily be dressed up or down….one of the main things I love about Hackwith designs is how versatile and wearable they are.  This bridal collection definitely doesn’t fit the typical mold in terms of wedding wear, but that is what I love.  They are pieces that are beautiful and timeless, but that can be worn again and again.

Shop the full collection HERE

Photos by Jackie Wonders


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Romper – DRa // Bracelet – Love Tatum // Sunglasses – SALT

I remember growing up I hated my hair.  It was so thin and fine and had no body or texture.  I was envious of the girls with thick long hair and the girls with the perfect curls.  But you always want what you don’t have right?  It’s like an unspoken rule.  A really bad one that keeps us from appreciating the things we do have.  As I have gotten older, I’ve grown to actually really love my hair.  Yes, it’s still very fine and it doesn’t hold a curl to save its life.  BUT, it has it’s perks.  It drys super fast.  And as a busy mama, always on the go, I’ve grown to really appreciate that.  It’s also stick straight….always has been.  So I can dry it quickly and if I want to wear it down, that really all that needs to happen.  No straightening or products I have to use.  I remember my sister cutting blunt bangs for me in high school and immediately feeling more confident.  It was like an instant “style” that took zero effort on my part.  And at 31, I’m still rocking them.  I’ve tried about a million times to change it up, but blonde with bangs is just my look and I don’t feel like myself any other way.    Luckily for me, my sister is my hair guru and has been doing it for as long as I can remember.  I am only still this blonde because of her.  We do my hair at her house with all our kids running around being crazy, but I don’t know it any other way.  (*note – she went to school for hair and worked for years as a stylist, so she knows her stuff).  Anyway, I have moments of thinking “am I too old for this hair style / color”?….I mean, you can’t be 40 with platinum hair, right?  But really, who makes those rules anyway?  I’ll be rocking this look for as long as it makes me feel good, and I’d encourage you to do the same, without worrying about what other people think it should or shouldn’t look like.

I’ve partnered with Dove Hair to celebrate how I love my hair.  Celebrate the ways you #LoveYourHair by sharing photos of your own unique, beautiful hair on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  And check out this inspiring film they created that touches on the pressures women feel to have their hair look and feel a certain way > HERE

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Photos by Jackie Wonders

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Dress – Ace & Jig //  Hat – Stetson

‘June Gloom’ is taking itself pretty seriously this year.  We walked out the door this morning on our way to the beach and Rylee says “wow mom, it feels like winter time!”  I suppose I can be thankful that our ‘winter time’ is usually mid 60’s and overcast, but still, she was right.  We sure are ready for the sunshine!  Lately, I’ve been living in this Tulum dress by Ace & Jig.  It’s lightweight and comfy and looks cute thrown on with sandals or dressed up a bit with boots and a hat.  My current fave being this Tasya X Stetson collab hat – The Signature.  If any of you are like me and have a tiny head but like big hats, I’d suggest using a hat sizer.  It worked like a charm.  Basically, it’s a padded sweatband that you can adhere to the inside of your hat that will reduce the hat size by 1/2 of a size.  I have basically put them in almost all of my hats to make them fit more snugly.  You can find them HERE.

Photos by Jackie Wonders


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Life has felt so full lately.  So many things to do and never enough hours in the day.  It’s definitely been a challenging season, and finding some time for myself…some “rest amidst the chaos”… is one of the things I have been searching for. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to really excel in all the areas of my life….as a wife, a mom, a business owner….and a lot of times I feel like I am just not measuring up.  When I find myself in this space, the best thing for me, ironically, is to rest.  To take a step back and reevaluate my priorities.  One of my definitions of rest is just “being” with my kids.  Letting my mind take a break from work and to-do lists, and being fully present with them….living in the moment.  It’s one of the things that brings me the most joy and fulfillment.  Even something as simple as a walk along the coast.  Getting outside and exploring the world around us is something I think all of us crave.  There is this cliff near our house that overlooks the ocean and the view always takes my breath away.  It’s one of those spots that seems to put everything into perspective.  We took our new Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller for a spin there this weekend.  It’s a stroller I’ve actually had my eye on for years so I was really excited when it arrived.  Strollers are usually a bear for me to put together so I usually leave that chore to Sam (lucky guy).  But I decided to give it a try myself this time around and to my surprise, it was super easy to set up.  Right away, I was most impressed with the quality.  Obviously, I love an all-black stroller (I wear black usually 6 out of 7 days a week and it’s only fitting that my stroller matches my wardrobe, right!?) but you can tell the fabric is really durable and made to last.  The Cameleon is an all-terrain stroller with a reversible seat and handle bar.  One cool feature that I figured out was that it can transform to two-wheel mode by reversing the handle bar and removing the smaller front wheels.  This allows you to push it through the sand much easier.  I’ve actually never been able to successfully move a stroller through thick sand without help….so as much as we are at the beach, I know this feature will be put to good use!  Bugaboo strollers are designed to ‘move freely’ with features like the custom shock absorption, one handed steering and a seamless 360 degree turn.  The quality and craftmanship of this stroller are pretty obvious, even from the first time I put it to use. I’m looking forward to going on more adventures with the kids with this stroller.

Visit the Bugaboo website to learn more about this stroller and join The Endless Stroll.  And follow along with Bugaboo on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.