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Valentines day is coming up and Rylee just got the most perfect dress in the mail for the occasion!   Two Els joined forces with Le Petit Organic for this limited edition rose colored dress.  Isn’t it perfectly sweet and girly!?  2 different styles will be released tonight on Le Petit at 9pm ET time! Staying true to her style, we paired it with her black ankle boots and round sunnies.  Can’t believe how “grown up” this girl is getting!  Yeesh.


I recently collaborated with Little Wife Power House on a new quilt design and I’m so excited to share it with you today!  “The Cru” features an all-over plus design in a toasty walnut colorway on the front, and creamy woodland creatures scene on the back!  I had so much fun picking out these color combo’s and fabric designs.  I love that it’s totally gender neutral and matches perfectly with our shared nursery here at home.  The quality of construction and fabric on this quilt is top-notch.  Something you’ll definitely want to save and pass on to future kids.  LWPH also offers a matching crib sheet with the woodland design HERE.  Such an adorable set!  Today through Thursday, get 20% off with code THECRU20.

And can you believe this little chunk is going to be 5 months old in just one week!?  Time is FLYING.

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Stroller – Nuna IVVI // Diaper Bag – Leader Bag Co. // Fox Softie – Petit Pippin // Ry’s DressLadida

There are A LOT of overpriced diaper bags on the market, most of which I would never consider investing in.  But when I discovered Leader Bag Co….my mind changed.  They combined every element I’d want in a diaper bag, into one stylish and functional everyday backpack.  I LOVE that this diaper bag is a backpack.  From a design standpoint, it’s the best I’ve come across.  With it’s multiple pockets, durable fabric and classic style.  It’s made of water repellent 14oz duck canvas, vegetable tanned leather, and a wipe clean 210 denier nylon interior.  It also comes with a matching leather change pouch and padded, wipe-clean change mat.  It might come with a price tag, but when you think about how much use this will get (I use mine EVERY day), the fact that it is sourced and manufactured here in the states, and the care and quality integrated into each bag, the price really is justified.  And I love that it was created by 3 sisters (and moms).  Moms know what moms need, and they hit the nail on the head with this one.  Each bag comes with 2 stroller straps as well, so mine clips perfectly on my Nuna IVVI stroller.  This stroller has a big roomy storage basket underneath, which made shopping with two kids this holiday season just a little bit easier!  I also have the Nuna Pipa carseat, so when Cru passes out in the car, I can just click it right on to the stroller wheels and we are good to go.  It’s funny how my shopping experience has completely changed as a mom.  It used to be a little therapudic for me.  But now with kids, it’s a mission!  Usually I try to plan the best route to get us in and out of the mall as quickly and productively as possible.  Before anyone melts down or spits up or needs to eat!  So much for leasurely strolls and window shopping! Oy!  Thankfully, well designed products like these make life as a mama just a little bit easier :)

And I can’t not mention that sweet little handmade fox by Petit Pippin!  How cute is he!?


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Photos & Video by Kavin Lindgren

There were a lot of really great things about this year….but the greatest gift was the arrival of our baby boy, Cru.  In the weeks leading up to my delivery, my friend Kavin shot some footage of our family of three.  It was such a strange and special time for me…knowing that in just a few weeks we would be adding another member to our family and life as we knew it would no longer be the same.  I found myself really cherishing those last few weeks with Rylee.  Soaking in her smile, her sweet spirit and her funny little voice.  Feeling so grateful for the three full years I had with her as my only child.  When Cru finally decided to make his entrance into the world, we all fell deeply in love.  Watching Rylee and the way she loved him was more than a heart could handle. I knew right away what a great big sister she would become.  A week after we brought Cru home from the hospital, Kavin was able to come over and capture our new family of four….and Cru at his tiniest.  He put together this ‘before & after’ video that I will cherish forever and ever.  We look tired and worn out (because we were) but also really really happy.  It’s a snapshot of a time in our lives that I’ll never forget.  What a year.  Cru, you have been the greatest gift to our family.

Happy New Year everyone.

Christmas 2014
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Odette Williams Apron Set / Cru wearing Baby Gap & Rylee + Cru pixie / trimming the tree / a new Christmas illustration

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our amazing new stockings custom made by YOSPUN

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Some snapshots of our Christmas (and the days leading up to it).

It’s been an incredible year.  The biggest blessing being the birth of our baby boy.  Cru has filled our hearts with even more love than imaginable.  Life is often hectic and rushed and moves much more quickly than I’d like, but he is a reminder to slow down and savor every moment.  It’s hard to believe, but he will be 4 months old already in the beginning of the new year.  After his colic stage passed (thank the Lord), he has been the happiest, sweetest boy we could ask for.   Rylee turned 3 in August and she really is my little mini-me.  Sam laughs that I could have made her on my own given how similar we are.  She is strong yet sensitive, creative, stubborn, goofy and keeps us all laughing.  I really wish I would have kept a notebook to jot down all of the funny things she has said over the course of this year…because every page would be full.  Sam has been keeping (crazy) busy with Loneflag.  It’s been amazing to see the way it has grown in one short year and the community that has come from it.  And the very best part, for me, is seeing him so passionate about his work.  It’s been a huge life-giver for him this year, and I am so thankful for that.  I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for the business.  And as if 2 kids and a freelance art career wasn’t enough to juggle, I decided to go for a long time dream of creating my own children’s label.  Rylee & Cru was successfully launched in November and has been keeping me very busy!  It’s been a ton of work, but also incredibly rewarding.  The response was better than I could have ever anticipated and it’s lit a fire in me to try to make this a long-term business.  I am working on our next collection now which is set to launch sometime in early February!  I guess I just want to thank all of you who have supported, encouraged, or simply followed along here this past year.  I know this space is not updated as often as it used to, but I am doing my very best with this mom + business thing and let’s just say it’s not easy, and I know many of you can relate!  The list never ends and it seems that lately we’ve barely been able to keep our heads above water.  Christmas always has a way of bringing me back to gratitude.  I’m humbled and overwhelmed with thankfulness for my 2 healthy babies, for my supportive husband, for the fact that I am able to do what I love for a living and continue to follow my dreams, and mostly, that I have been saved by grace through Jesus.  Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve 2015.