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Rias Case Speckled Hide Tote / Everly Swing Dress / Free People Necklace / Alexis Russell Bangles

I’m so excited about today’s giveaway!  My friend Julie is the owner and creative mind behind the brand Rais Case.  I met her a couple years ago when Sam was fist opening his shop (Loneflag) in Del Mar.   She moved into the space next door to us which served as both her workshop and retail space.  I remember chatting business with her and finding all sorts of inspiration in her creativity, work ethic and humility.  Fast forward a couple years and it’s pretty amazing to see where her business has taken her.  Even selling in stores like Free People and Anthropologie!  And it all started with a leap of faith (and a lot of hard work of course).  Julie’s passion for her craft is definitely evident in her bags.  They are made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail.  My current favorite it this beautiful Speckled Hide Shia Tote…..isn’t it beautiful!?  Today we’ve partnered up to give one away to one lucky reader!

To enter, simply follow the prompts on the rafflecopter below!  A winner will be chosen on Monday morning!  Good Luck!



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Dress – Free People / Sandals – Madewell (similar) / Rings – Wanderlust + Co

Summer has finally decided to bring it’s HEAT and once again we are left melting….wishing our 1970’s home had an AC unit! Whew! I’ve basically been living in swing-y dresses and sandals. And I’ve always had a thing for dainty gold rings, and these by Wanderlust + Co are a few of my favorite.
Tomorrow is our Rylee girl’s fourth birthday! She insisted on NOT having a birthday party this year. Sam and I both think it’s due to the fact that several months ago we told her that when she turns four she could no longer have bottles before bed. That girl remembers everything. Don’t judge me too hard for that, but yes, she still has a bottle at night. Of all the things to be strict about, that has always been one I never felt was worth the battle. Anyway, I tried to explain to her that her birthday will come and she is going to turn four with or without a party….but she is still on the party boycott hoping that without it she might get to live another year at 3. haha.
Sam and I planned a small family pool party anyway, without her permission, so hopefully tomorrow she will wake up ready to celebrate her “not-birthday”! I mean, I don’t know a child on earth who would deny swimming, gifts and cake. But Ry is a stubborn one (i have noooo idea where she got that from!?) so wish me luck! haha.

Wonder Years
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Me:  d.RA skirt and blouse / Free People Bleeker Bucket Bag / Salt Sunglasses

Rylee:  Bluet Dress from Shan and Toad

My girl is turning four in 12 days!! I can hardly wrap my brain around that.  She is at such a sweet stage right now.  Rylee has always been super independent.  I mostly loved that about her because it made it pretty easy in social situations and gave me a bit more freedom.  But there were definitely times where I selfishly just wanted to feel more ‘needed’ by her.  I’m not really sure what has changed, but she’s reached an age where I finally feel that from her.  That every now and there are things that only I can fix, and tears that only I can wipe away.  When she calls for me to snuggle with her and to scratch her back and tell her stories.  When she gets hurt and only wants me to hold her to make it better.  The hugs and kisses and I love you’s are being thrown right back at me and it’s kind of the best feeling on earth!  It only took four years to get here, but hey, I’m soaking up every second of it because Lord knows she is going to be way too cool for all this in the blink of an eye!  I was chatting with a mom of teen girls yesterday and she kept telling me “oh, you just wait!”  Trust me, I can wait. ;)

Ry is wearing my favorite little dress from Shan and Toad.  I can’t get enough of her in midi skirts and boots….even in the middle of summer :)

Photos by Shelby Clark


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Rylee: Marcel Tee / Nico Nico Skirt (similar) / Chankklas Sandals   Me:  Nico Nico Stevie Dress  /  Rich Hippie Design Necklace

Hello Summer.  How we love you.  Rylee and I are probably our happiest when we are out in the sunshine, toes in the sand or swimming in a pool, preferably with a watermelon in hand :)  We’re both wearing outfits from an adorable shop out of Australia called Tiny People.  They carry some of my favorite kid’s brands as well as a carefully curated selection for mama’s too!  My dress and Rylee’s skirt are by Nico Nico.  To say they’re comfortable would be an understatement!  I can’t get Ry to NOT wear this skirt.  It’s the first “maxi” she’s ever owned, and let me tell ya, it’s a hit.  Apparently maxi’s are right up there in the running with her princess dresses…..so obviously, I’m pretty stoked about that.  And I’ve shamelessly been wearing this dress 2-3 times a week and will probably continue to do so as long as this heat sticks around!  Sam and I have been super busy these last couple of weeks prepping for our tradeshow with Rylee and Cru.  August 1st is creeping up real fast!  Who knew running a kids line would take SO MUCH WORK!? haha.  I guess I kind knew what I was getting into….but man, it’s more than I expected.   But our little team is making it happen (with our fair share of mistakes)….but we are growing and learning and I’m excited about the future of this little brand I’ve started.  God willing it will be something I will be able to do and support my family with for years to come!


Photos by Shelby Clark

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Me : d.RA Mars Dress // Pons Avarcas  // 2 Bandits necklace & Scarecrow Open Cuff // Art Hide Clutch via Tiny People

Ry : Popupshop dress via Apple Baby  //  Pons Avarcas sandals // Rylee + Cru Backpack // Sons + Daughters glasses

Come  summer, my wardrobe tends to turn very white.  And no one does white better than d.RA in my opinion.  Their Mars Dress is the epitome of a perfect summer dress…breezy and lightweight (and white!) with a hint of lace.  And my love for midi’s continues….

Pons Avarcas have been on my radar for months and Ry and I were lucky enough to receive our first pair, in matching brown of course.  I am likely going to match with her for as long as she is still cool with it.  And at the rate she is growing….I think I just have a few more years of fun, if  I’m lucky!  I swear, there are moments that I look at her and think, ‘where on earth did my baby girl go?!’  I get glimpses of her as a teenager and it totally freaks me out…with all her wit and sass.  Good Lord.  I see so much of myself in her lately, and it excites and scares me all the same!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me preparing for our very first tradeshow in NY with Rylee & Cru!  I’ve been a mad woman staying up into the wee hours of the night finalizing our SS16 collection.  Can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been up to!

Photos by Shelby Clark