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Rylee: Marcel Tee / Nico Nico Skirt (similar) / Chankklas Sandals   Me:  Nico Nico Stevie Dress  /  Rich Hippie Design Necklace

Hello Summer.  How we love you.  Rylee and I are probably our happiest when we are out in the sunshine, toes in the sand or swimming in a pool, preferably with a watermelon in hand :)  We’re both wearing outfits from an adorable shop out of Australia called Tiny People.  They carry some of my favorite kid’s brands as well as a carefully curated selection for mama’s too!  My dress and Rylee’s skirt are by Nico Nico.  To say they’re comfortable would be an understatement!  I can’t get Ry to NOT wear this skirt.  It’s the first “maxi” she’s ever owned, and let me tell ya, it’s a hit.  Apparently maxi’s are right up there in the running with her princess dresses…..so obviously, I’m pretty stoked about that.  And I’ve shamelessly been wearing this dress 2-3 times a week and will probably continue to do so as long as this heat sticks around!  Sam and I have been super busy these last couple of weeks prepping for our tradeshow with Rylee and Cru.  August 1st is creeping up real fast!  Who knew running a kids line would take SO MUCH WORK!? haha.  I guess I kind knew what I was getting into….but man, it’s more than I expected.   But our little team is making it happen (with our fair share of mistakes)….but we are growing and learning and I’m excited about the future of this little brand I’ve started.  God willing it will be something I will be able to do and support my family with for years to come!


Photos by Shelby Clark

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Me : d.RA Mars Dress // Pons Avarcas  // 2 Bandits necklace & Scarecrow Open Cuff // Art Hide Clutch via Tiny People

Ry : Popupshop dress via Apple Baby  //  Pons Avarcas sandals // Rylee + Cru Backpack // Sons + Daughters glasses

Come  summer, my wardrobe tends to turn very white.  And no one does white better than d.RA in my opinion.  Their Mars Dress is the epitome of a perfect summer dress…breezy and lightweight (and white!) with a hint of lace.  And my love for midi’s continues….

Pons Avarcas have been on my radar for months and Ry and I were lucky enough to receive our first pair, in matching brown of course.  I am likely going to match with her for as long as she is still cool with it.  And at the rate she is growing….I think I just have a few more years of fun, if  I’m lucky!  I swear, there are moments that I look at her and think, ‘where on earth did my baby girl go?!’  I get glimpses of her as a teenager and it totally freaks me out…with all her wit and sass.  Good Lord.  I see so much of myself in her lately, and it excites and scares me all the same!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  It’s going to be a busy few weeks for me preparing for our very first tradeshow in NY with Rylee & Cru!  I’ve been a mad woman staying up into the wee hours of the night finalizing our SS16 collection.  Can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been up to!

Photos by Shelby Clark

Claudine & Ash
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 Claudine & Ash Kalani Baby Bag // Ecote Carlin Romper // Sandals // O’Neill X Anna Sui Wanderer Kimono

These are some photos we took on our way out to Arizona last week.  7 hours in the car with two babies meant a whole lot of pit stops.  The kids were amazing up through hour 5….but those last two were filled with a lot of whining and “are we there yet’s”.   And honestly, I think Sam and I wanted to get there even more than the kids did! :)  But we made it to Sedona in one piece and just in time to catch the sunset….which was pretty incredible amongst all of the red rocks.  I got this new baby bag from Claudine & Ash and it was a life saver on the road.  I loaded it up with all the necessities: diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, first aid kit, blankets, ect. I’ve owned a lot of diaper bags over the years, and this one just might be my favorite yet.  It’s black (which is always my color of choice) and made of this beautiful, soft pebbled leather and trimmed with rose gold hardware. It has a ton of pockets and comes with a changing matt and the cutest matching nappy purse with a tassel zipper.  The purse is so cute I would honestly wear it as a clutch alone.  I was totally blown away by the quality!  If you’re on the hunt for a diaper bag, I couldn’t recommend this one more.  You can view all of their bags HERE.  You really can’t go wrong!

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So I’m usually not one for matchy matchy mother / daughter outfits…but when they are as good as these from dRA, I’m game.  dRA does whites so well.  Their clothes are classic and timeless…with crisp lines and tailored shapes.  I’ve always been a sucker for a good set, and this Zuben top + Heather skirt is one of my favorites from their collection.  So perfect for summer.  They also recently launched d.RA mini, which is exciting for obvious reasons!  Rylee is wearing the mini Rasalas Dress in cotton dobby.  I’ve got to admit….having a little girl is too much fun sometimes! (Rylee’s shoes are from Zuzii and mine are from Urban Outfitters)

Sam snapped these photos for us this last weekend on our mini getaway to Sedona, AZ.  We had an incredible time and enjoyed the change of scenery.  I’ll share more photos soon!

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Duster – Cleobella / Dress – Urban Outfitters (old) / Hat – Free People (similar) / Boots – Madewell

Hello, hello.  Yes, I am still alive. And here is an outfit from 6 weeks ago to prove it ;)

It was not my intention to neglect this space for as long as I have.  Sorry for disappearing on ya.  There have been many nights where I have tucked the kids into bed and sat down at my computer with every intention to write a blog post or two.  But in each attempt, my mind is just so exhausted and full of other to-do’s, that the thought of writing something worth reading, even writing at all, seems like a great task in and of itself.  I started this blog never imagining thousands of people would read it everyday.  It was a space I could put my own personal stamp on….a creative outlet that allowed me to share who I was and what I loved.  Before my kids came along, it was easy.  It was inspiring.  The community that came from it encouraged and motivated me to continue pursuing my creative dreams, and I did.  After Rylee, it became a little harder to keep up with.  And in the last 6 months, after Cru’s arrival (not to mention the launch of a brand new (second) business, Rylee & Cru), it’s become really hard.  The clothing line got off to an incredible start in November and has kept me insanely busy since.  I am currently working on our Spring/Summer collection for 2016!  I am still maintaining my etsy shop, taking on invitation jobs and other various freelance work.  One of my favorites over the last few months has been designing cards for Papyrus!  I am still doing DIY projects, I’m still creating new art, I still love fashion and discovering new and exciting brands and products….I am just not sharing these things here as much as I used to.  Sometimes, I feel sad about that.  I really wish there was more time in my day for blogging.  But the reality is, that in this season of my life, there just isn’t, unless something else is sacrificed. And right now, there is nothing else I am willing or able to sacrifice.

All that to say, I love you guys!  Thanks for being friends, supporters and encouragers over the years!  I will still post here as much as I am able, but don’t be disappointed if my updates are infrequent!  Let’s still be friends and stay connected! For the day to day, you can follow along with me on instagram!

my personal instagram – @kelli_murray

– rylee & cru instagram – @ryleeandcru