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Dress – Ace & Jig //  Hat – Stetson

‘June Gloom’ is taking itself pretty seriously this year.  We walked out the door this morning on our way to the beach and Rylee says “wow mom, it feels like winter time!”  I suppose I can be thankful that our ‘winter time’ is usually mid 60’s and overcast, but still, she was right.  We sure are ready for the sunshine!  Lately, I’ve been living in this Tulum dress by Ace & Jig.  It’s lightweight and comfy and looks cute thrown on with sandals or dressed up a bit with boots and a hat.  My current fave being this Tasya X Stetson collab hat – The Signature.  If any of you are like me and have a tiny head but like big hats, I’d suggest using a hat sizer.  It worked like a charm.  Basically, it’s a padded sweatband that you can adhere to the inside of your hat that will reduce the hat size by 1/2 of a size.  I have basically put them in almost all of my hats to make them fit more snugly.  You can find them HERE.

Photos by Jackie Wonders


dRA X Kelli Murray Capsule Collection
Ryle & Cru Holiday 2015 Studio Photoshoot Ryle & Cru Holiday 2015 Studio Photoshoot dRA3 Ryle & Cru Holiday 2015 Studio Photoshoot Ryle & Cru Holiday 2015 Studio Photoshoot Ryle & Cru Holiday 2015 Studio Photoshoot dRA6

A few months back I had the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite clothing lines, dRA, on a capsule collection featuring a few of my prints.  Diana, the designer of dRA, was a dream to work with.  We threw around a ton of ideas and landed three prints that we both really loved, all inspired by nature but with a feminine flair.  We paired these prints with some of our favorite silhouettes of the season.  What I love most about these pieces is how transitional they are.  They can easily be dressed up for a night out, but they are also great for everyday, worn with sneakers or sandals for more of a casual vibe.  This project was not too far removed from what I do every day with Rylee & Cru….but it was fun to be able to venture into womenswear and design some pieces that I can actually wear!  You can shop the collection in full directly on

For one week only, we are offering 25% off everything sitewide with code dRAxKelli ….so if there is anything you had your eye on, now is the time to snag it!

Check out the love from some of our favorites: WWD, Foam Magazine & Racked LA

Photos by Jackie Wonders


Bell / Little Bell
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Bell Lace Tunic // Litte Bell Lace Tunic

God knew what I needed when He gave me Rylee.  This girl literally lights up my life.  There is something about her growing older that has brought us even closer.  The way her mind works is so similar to my own, I often know what she is thinking before she even says it.  Her sense of humor, her creative spirit, her tender heart….they mirror my own and it is the most amazing thing for me to experience as her mother.  My love for her knows no bounds.

I asked her if we could take some photos together in our new matching tops…she is always so timid at first but in the end she’s always hamming it up.  (again, just like I was at her age).  I’m so in love with these matching lace tunics from Bell.  So perfect for summer.  Crisp white cotton detailed with delicate white lace.  Rylee is in a stage right now where she LOVES matching with me.  Anything I’m wearing, she wants to be in something similar.  It’s not always MY favorite thing to dress matchy-matchy, but when she gets so excited about it,  I can’t really say no!  Especially when they are this cute ;)  Happy early Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there.

Photos by Nicole Moser

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Jacket – Cleobella / Necklace + Bracelet – Maslo Jewelry / Shoes – Emerson Fry / Ruffled Hem Tee

Sam asked as I was walking out the door what band I was going to see. haha.  What can I say, I’ve always just felt good in black.  I usually like to break it up with a color, or just white, but all black everything felt pretty good to me on this particular day.  I’ve had a hard time keeping up with this blog as of late (I am sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been following me for a while).   Nothing has changed really, other than the lack of time I have to devote to this space.  With the growth of Rylee & Cru (the business, but I guess you could say my kids too) has come a ton of work that still rests almost solely on my shoulders.  It’s been such a blast and I wouldn’t change a thing about this past year, but with the growth of one thing, comes the sacrifice of others.  My creative output into the brand takes just about all the creative energy I can muster… when it comes to this blog and social media, I have found myself a little bit burnt out and uninspired.  I guess everything has it’s ebbs and flows.  Right now I am in a season of working my tail off to hopefully build a sustainable business that can support my family, as well as just being the best mama I can be, despite the workload.  Fashion and crafts and diy projects are still things I am passionate about, but don’t always have the time to share anymore.  Hopefully one day I can get back to more of that.  But for now, this is where I’m at and hopefully you’ll stick with me through this crazy adventure :)

Photos by Jackie Wonders


So excited to share with you guys today’s giveaway!  If any of you are mama’s to little girls, you need to check out Lacey Lane!  Founded by two sisters (and mothers!) from Brisbane, Australia, Lacey Lane offers unique and original styles for girls ages 1-8.  Their dresses are probably my favorite!  Can you tell that Rylee likes hers just a little bit ;)  Honestly, it’s all she wants to wear at the moment.  And this 85 degree weather we’ve been having lately is making that completely acceptable.  This style is their brand new ‘blossom dress’, made of crisp white linen with a blue embroidery detail at the chest.  And luckily for you, they are giving away a dress from their collection to one lucky reader!  To enter, simply follow the prompts below!  A winner will be announced here on Monday, Feb 15th!  Good Luck!

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