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Objects Without Meaning Jumpsuit / Wendy Bellissimo Jacket / SALT sunnies from Loneflag / ShoeMint HOPE boot

Well, it’s finally beanies and boots season! My favorite.  Fall, you took too long to arrive, but I’m loving every chilly second of you.

I’m so excited to be hosting another giveaway from SHOEMINT today.  ShoeMint is a free, members-only website, with personalized style recommendations, tips, and trend reports.  They offer exclusive monthly shoe collections of over 30 styles ranging in price from $70-$150.  They are high quality and super cute, but won’t empty your pockets (love that).   They add new styles every month based on the newest trends and shipping and returns are always free!  Aside from their in-house brand, they’ve also curated an edited assortment of emerging brands such as Superga, Schutz, and Yosi Samra.  Needless to say, there is plenty to choose from!

Giveaway :  ONE winner will win 1 pair of shoes of choice. To enter, simply go to ShoeMint and sign up (completely free, no obligation to buy…you won’t regret it!) and then comment back on this post with your favorite pair of shoes!  The giveaway will run through Friday, Oct. 24th and is open to US and Canada only.

Receive $40 OFF your first pair of shoes (for first time purchases/members) by signing up here.

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Ace & Jig pants, Objects Without Meaning top via Loneflag / Necklace – BRIKA / Sandals – Everlane / Sunglasses – SALT

I’m all about the relaxed look these days.  Getting out the door is not as simple of a task as it used to be, so I’m loving pieces that are easy to throw on yet look pulled together.  This OWM top is made of silk-like Japanese cupro and is one of those great transitional pieces that can easily be dressed up or down.  And these Ace & Jig pants are the most comfortable piece of cloth you’ll ever own.  They are the perfect ‘statement’ to a simple outfit.

The necklace I am wearing is from one of my favorite shops BRIKA, by designer LunaSol.  Brika is a beautifully curated online shop that features a number of independent designers and a truly unique product range.  I am especially drawn to their collection of jewelry.  The necklace I am wearing is hand-cut and stamped by the designer, Lindsey of LunaSol…you can read her story here.  Today, we are actually giving away one of these Safi Necklaces on instagram!  So head over to my profile, comment and follow @shopbrika to enter!

Rylee Jean | Kelli MurrayRylee Jean | Kelli Murray Rylee Jean | Kelli Murray Rylee Jean | Kelli Murray

I couldn’t not post these photos I took of Rylee a few weeks back!  I mean, such a big kid already!  Last year, when I was doing the 52 project, I got pretty consistent with putting my “good camera” to use.  I actually really miss those weekly posts and I’ve already decided I am going to do it again next year!  I missed too much this year! Plus, now I have two kiddos to photograph….so it will just make it that much more fun.  I hope you don’t mind an overload of my children on here again. haha.  I’ve always said this space is somewhat of a visual diary for me to look back on when I am old….so that is reason enough for me to share their sweet faces on here too, right?  They are in fact my world.  So many people have said that second children never get as much love (in the photo sense), and I can already tell it’s true with Cru man.  Picking back up with this photo project will help give me the extra push that I need sometimes.

Ry is wearing her dad’s beanie, Oh Cozy Knits scarf, Ollie Jones Feather Dress, Gap denim vest, and Zara boots.  This girl is ready for FALL!!

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Solly Baby Wrap in Navy Shibori Tie Dye / Free People Crochet Tunic / Hudson Jeans / Warby Parker Sunglasses

I’ve got to say, these Solly Baby Wraps are totally worth all the hype.  I’ve tried a handful of different baby carriers in the past, and these have proven to be my favorite, especially in this infant stage.  They are incredibly comfortable, the fabric is super soft, and they come is a variety of great (fashionable!) colors.  Over the last week Cru has had a lot of gas and reflux, which has turned him into quite the fussy baby.  It breaks my heart to see him so uncomfortable sometimes!  I’m working on changing up my diet to see if it will help, but for the time being, this carrier has been my life saver.  I use it when we go out, but even around the house as well.  I wrap him up tight to my chest and it instantly calms him down.  It allows me to have my two hands back, and it lulls him to sleep nearly every time.  I think he likes it as much as I do.

Rylee continues to impress me with her helpfulness and sweet disposition toward her brother.  I guess I am still waiting for that jealous streak to come, but I am crossing my fingers that we might be able to skip it all together.  I’ve heard that the three year age gap is a bit easier than the two….so I am sure having her a little older is making a difference!  Sure do love her.

And yes, it’s still sinking in that I have TWO kids! Oy!  Not sure where work fits into this picture yet, but I suppose I still have a few more weeks ;)

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Ace & Jig Indigo Coverall – Loneflag

Let’s just say I could wear this jumpsuit every day this season and not feel too bad about it.  Ace & Jig knows me well :)  It’s finally feeling a little like fall around here, which means I am bringing out the plaids and beanies.  It’s strange how excited I get for a change in season….and wardrobe!

A few days ago I got asked the question “what are you pursuing right now life?”  It’s a pretty loaded question, and I guess there could be a laundry list of things I want to get better at or chase after right now (one of them being a little more shut eye!)  but the one thing that stuck out in my mind was contentment.  Being ok with where I am at right now and living in the moment instead of always reaching for something greater.  I know that has it’s time and place, but with a 17 day old baby and another one running around my legs, it’s hard to get much accomplished at all other than keeping them fed and entertained! I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself to “do it all”.  And while I learned this lesson when Rylee was born, I am learning again that the expectation I put on myself to “do everything, and do it well” is unrealistic and unattainable.  There is a season for everything.  And right now, my heart is invested in my family…my kids.  Usually when I think of the word “pursue” ,  I think of personal career dreams and accomplishments.  But more than any of that, right now I long to pursue ‘relationship’….with God, with my family, even quality time for myself…which somehow always ends up at the very end of the list. (and we all know that at the end of the day that “list” is never completed!)

The shift into fall is always an exciting and inspiring season for me.  I’ve already started planning some fun things we can do together as a family in the coming months!  Apple picking, the pumpkin patch, baking nights, holiday crafts, and road trips.  Sam and I have never been one of those spontaneous, on-the-fly couples…..nor have we ever been too good about scheduling in quality time together….so you can see how some of this gets pushed to the wayside and forgotten about! Life get’s busy, things get hectic and overwhelming, and insert more excuses here. Well, this year is going to be different.  I hope I don’t disappoint myself ;)