Emerson Fry

Emerson Fry Drop Shoulder Coat in Camel  //  Yoshi Tunic Dress  //  Black Mules  //  Tens Sunglasses

RAIN!  I’m thanking the heavens for this temperature drop and much needed rainfall!  I’ve never been more excited to put on a coat…..especially when it’s as beautiful as this one.  Emerson Fry has always made some favorite outerwear.  Their incredible coats are what first attracted me to the brand, but everything they create, from the perfect white linen tee to my dream mules, is perfectly minimal and timeless.  I’d honestly live in their Fall collection and not need a single other item of clothing.   It’s all interchangeable and can be worn a million different ways.  I’m wearing the Yoshi Tunic with heels for a more dressed up look…but I also love this tunic worn with skinny black pants and boots for a daytime look.  Give me all the black, white and camel! What’s not to love.

Shop the entire new Emerson Fry collection HERE >>>

In other news, I baked my first apple pie yesterday (look!) and I’ve got to say, I think pie baking is my true calling ;)  Welcome Fall!

Photos by Shelby Clark

allik_1 Allik_2b allik_3 Allik_4

Top – Alli K Margot blouse / Ankle Jeans / sunglasses – SALT / Heels – Zara (similar)

5 out of 7 days of the week you’ll probably find me wearing black and white.  I’ve been trying to simplify my closet and de-clutter lately.  Every year I go through a phase where I feel like collectively as a family, we just have too much “stuff”.  And for me, that mostly means clothes ;)  But with two kiddos, toys are giving clothes a run for their money!  My rule is that if I haven’t worn something in my closet for over a year, it’s probably something I don’t need.  People usually do a Spring cleaning, but I guess my itch to purge is coming just a little late.  (closet sale coming soon btw!)  This top by Alli K is one of my favorite white blouses (in my ‘keep’ pile of course).  I don’t think you can ever outwear a good white blouse.  I love the length and the layered look of this piece, and it’s one of those great transitional pieces that I can dress up or down.

Photos by Shelby Clark

Fall Fringe
mn1 mn2_ mn3

Minnetonka Boots / Free People Dress

I’m joining 25 other bloggers to share “25 Ways to Wear Fringe” with Minnetonka Moccasin Co.  Check out the full lookbook here.  I went with a 70’s sort of vibe for my look.  Also, check out their #FallFringe sweepstakes where you can post an Instagram of your #FallFringe style for the chance to win a $500 fall shopping spree + a $100 gift card to MinnetonkaMoccasin.com!


coastal1 coastal2 coastal3 coastal4 coastal5coastal6

Me:  Glasses / Shirt / Pants / Shoes  //   Rylee:  Glasses / Dress / Boots (similar)

This girl starts preschool next week!! Ahhh!! It’s hard for me to believe I’m already a mom of a school kid!  I’ve been a little worried about how Rylee will cope with this new experience.  She’s definitely my sensitive soul and is not too keen on the unfamiliar.  We’ve had our ups and downs with Sunday school at our church….(lots of tears at drop offs) ….but the last few weeks have been really good, SO I’m hopeful that she will feel comfortable and optimistic going into this.  I think if day 1 is a good one, it will be clear sailing.  But if day 1 is a bad one, it might be a challenge!  Anyway, wish us (her!) luck!  Praying she will be brave and not let fear mask her true personality.

If one thing screams school girl it’s new specs, right?!  (even if she doesn’t really need them!)  How cute are these frames from Coastal.com‘s new kids collection called ‘Born To Be’ by Zooventure.  She is wearing the Zooventure 8014 Frame in Tortoiseshell.  And I’m wearing the Derek Cardigan 7001 Frame in Brown Tortoiseshell….and yes, I really need these!  So many cute styles (and great prices) for kids and adults.

Photos by Shelby Clark 

calvin1 calvin2 calvin4 calvin5calvin3calvin7calvin6 calvin8

Me : d.RA Calvin Romper / Strap Sandals / Lace Lover Wide Brim Hat / Love Tatum Sharktooth Cuff / Rich Hippie Design Necklace / Cleobella Hendrix Tote

Ry: Louis Louise Dress from Tiny People / Mini Guate Huarache Sandals

WHY is it always the hottest in September!!?  I remember last year I gave birth to Cru during the hottest week of the year.  We brought him home to sweaty, non air conditioned house, and I promised him life would not always be that awful :)  Our bodies just stuck together for those first few weeks of life.  And here we are, getting ready to celebrate his first birthday in a few days, and the weather seems awfully familiar.  There’s been a lot of nude babies running around my house ;)  …which, if you know Rylee, that’s not really anything out of the norm anyway.  I’ve been wearing as little as possible as well….mostly this d.RA romper on repeat.  Rompers are sometimes a tough buy for me.  They usually have to fit my body shape perfect in order for me to really love them.  What I like about this one is the loose boxy fit.  It feels a little bit like a dress when I wear it, but it’s got the perk of shorts :)  Which is a definitely nice as a mom who is constantly bending over to pick up a baby.  Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying the last days of summer!  Seems like it’s going to last for quite a bit longer for us!

Photos by Shelby Clark