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You may have already heard through instagram, but Sam and I are thrilled to announce we are having a baby boy! We couldn’t be more excited!  It’s taken a little while for it to fully sink in…..I mean, I’ve been in girl mode for almost 3 years now! And while I obviously knew a boy was a possibility, I was more shocked than I thought I’d be when I saw….”it”….on the screen!  We’ve had a boy name picked out for a while now, so I love that I can already call him by his name…Cru Larson.  Middle name is still TBD.  I’ve been doing a little a lot of online hunting to familiarize myself with the boy side of things.  I’ve come to realize it’s definitely more of a challenge, and comes a lot less naturally to me.  I’m sure I’ll find my way soon enough! Until then, suggestions are welcome!

I’m 20 weeks now and his kicks keep getting stronger.  They started out as little flutters, but have grown so strong to where I can see him moving from the outside.  It’s my favorite part of pregnancy, and I can’t say there is much I love about being pregnant other than feeling him move and knowing what I will be gaining at the end of this journey.  Some women feel great and love the process, but I am not one of those women.  I meticulously count down the days until the finale.  This second pregnancy has been better in some ways, and harder in others.  The nausea is less frequent and less intense (with Rylee I had to stay on medication my entire pregnancy to curb the sickness that never went away).  But my body is more tired and achy, and most of the time, I just feel like an 80% version of myself.  BUT, I’m half way there.  And the thought of snuggling with him and kissing his cheeks make every discomfort worth it.  Still, Sept. 12th can’t come soon enough.

collection no.1

ONE – olli oxford black dotti // TWO – lea love dress // THREE – big sister in a box //  FOUR – ez pudewa firefly wishes art print //  FIVE – stars pillow //  SIX – bunny ear hairband //  SEVEN – jess brown handmade rag doll // EIGHT – hansel from basel seamdot crew sock


When I started this blog, I remember mostly posting about inspiration and all the wonderful things I found on the internet.  Over the last year, I noticed I’ve lost that a little bit.  I love discovering unique and beautiful product online, so I thought I’d start fresh with my collection column and bring you all of my current favorite finds….be it a ‘mini’ collection like this one, items for your home, or your own wardrobe.  I’ve never been good at sticking to regular columns here, so we will see how this goes.  But it’s true, it’s one of my absolute favorite posts to create, and it brings me back to this humble blogs beginnings.

And congrats to Hannah, you are the winner of the ShoeMint giveaway!  Email me with your info!