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I first heard about the non-profit organization LIGHT GIVES HEAT through my aunt who had been buying tons of their home-made beaded necklaces to lend support. For what? I thought I’d dive a little deeper.  I came to learn the STORY of the Hansow family…their quest to adopt a daughter from Uganda Africa…. and how the birth of LGH came to be. One word. SELFLESS.

Their focus now is on their Suubi Project, which employs 125+ women by allowing them to create their beautifully hand crafted paper beaded jewelry.  LGH then buys and resells the goods in America, providing a fair and consistent income where there was once none.  They also have interns and volunteers on the ground in Uganda teaching literacy and English classes and simpy loving on these Suubi women.

“We are in need of an opportunity to look outsided of ourselves, to see that our neighbors are also the people halfway across the world.  At the end of the day it is not an ‘us over them’ situation, at LGH we truly view our relationship with the Suubi women as level and reciprocal.  We can offer them our resources and time, but they offer us love, perspective, and hope!” – Dave Hansow

I was able to create an ad for Light Gives Heat this month which was published in RELEVANT MAGAZINE.

May_June 2009 Issue – Page 8.