I have been a fan of the band Augustana ever since i first heard their music about three and a half years ago.  I remember driving up to a tiny venue up in LA to watch them play a show to a crowd of about 30 people.
They were good then, and even better now.  Their newest album is a shift from their debut album All The Stars and Boulevards, which had more of a modern pop-rock flavor. With soulful vocal harmonies, reserved guitar lines, piano arrangements, and lyrics that really “move”….Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt quickly found it’s way into my rotating mix of album favorites.  If you haven’t heard them for yourself, well…you’re missing out.

With that said, I was honored when Jared, the bassist for the band, asked if i would design a few t-shirts for their current tour with Counting Crows.  Below are the designs I did for them.  I must say, it makes my job a lot easier to be able to design to lyrics i am inspired by.  If you want a tee….all you gotta do is go see them live and stop by the merch booth!!

Do it.


  1. Lily

    Kelli – saw Augustana in Clearwater, FL and loved your “Can’t Love Can’t Hurt” t-shirt – fantastic design. I wish Augustana would sell them on their website as well, because had I seen the bird cage t-shirt at the merch booth I would have bought it too!



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