Finally! I finished our wedding programs!!  I created it to be some what of a “mini book”.  Thanking our parents and guests….and writing a little something special about each person in our wedding party. I am also making a little bookmark (a picture of a painting I did) to put inside the program for everyone to take home. Hope you like it!

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Labor of Love.  Photos by Sarah Shreves.


  1. Somer Penington

    Hello! I absolutely LOVE your program books, and have been wanting to do something very similar for my own wedding this coming November…may I ask how you published it? Thanks so much!

    • kelli

      Thanks Somer! I actually have a friend who owns a print shop here and he helped me with all the printing. I just sent him my digital file and he did the rest!

  2. nicole

    i absolutely am in love with your blog and your work. i have a million creative juices flowing through my veins and absolutely no way whatsoever to release them. it’s sad, really. tell me, how did you decide to do what you do. feel free to email me.

    • kelli

      Hi Sonia! I do! They are available on my etsy store…but only as the digital file. Take a look if you are interested.

  3. Melissa I

    Hi Kelli !

    Just curious if you still have these amazing Programs in a digital file?

    All the best,
    Melissa Marie



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