I asked my good friend Russell Brownley if he we do me the honor of putting together a short video of Sam and I for our wedding day.  Instead of the traditional slideshow you often see at receptions, I wanted to create something a little different…. more of a video montage of past and present…. combining archival footage with Super 8 film.  I scrounged up some old home videos from Sam’s parents as well as my own, footage they had shot of us when we were kids, and converted them all onto DVD’s.  I spent far too many nights sitting on the couch with my family crying with laughter over these videos.  Ohhhh the memories!   I spent hours sifting through old photo boxes picking out my favorites from each “stage” of childhood.  And then i went through my own albums and pulled pictures from when Sam and I first started dating up until now.

I have always loved the old Super 8 style film, and lucky for me, Russell had just the right stuff to make it happen.  He took us out a few evenings after work and shot us at the beach and riding bikes around our neighborhood.  I handed off all the old DVD’s and pictures I had gathered to Russell, and he ran with it from there.  When I saw the video he had made for us for the first time, I nearly started crying.  It is exactly what I was hoping for.

Kelli and Sam. from Russell Brownley on Vimeo.


  1. bmolavi

    I totally love this!!!
    We have so many recordings from when I was little, so this would be totally feasible. . .If the videos were not in Colombia haha
    But I’ll seriously have this idea in mind in case I find a way to pull it off

  2. britany

    i’ve been following you on instagram for a while but i’m new to your blog. you and your family are so beautiful and such an inspiration. keep doing what you’re doing, i think you’re great!!!



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