It’s a little too worm for winter in San Diego, but I just love my hat!  My husband gave it to me for my birthday in December and he thinks I never wear it.  But it is one of those hats you really can’t wear more than like once every two weeks.  Otherwise everyone will know you as that funny hat girl.  So I wear it selectively…and it makes me happy when I do.  Thanks Sam.  Here is an illustration in ode to my furry hat….if only it came with the antlers.

hat frame02

  1. brandi lisenbe

    oh i love the illustration. you should take a photo of yourself wearing it:)
    i love these hats! i have a basket full of them bc i lived in colorado for a couple of years.
    we will be posting your engagement photos soon:)

  2. brandi lisenbe

    yay! you posted a photo! i la la love it! my friends saw that we posted something about you and they said they met you and your hubster the other weekend at a friends house. small world. they live in encinitas.

  3. hannah

    i have an idea…maybe you should visit minneapolis…and then you could wear your hat. :)

  4. MANO

    Doens’t matter if the weather if is cold or warm in San Diego, Stylish hat:)

    in Italy we are wearing fur hat although 20 degrees.

    A fur accessory will not only warm you up but will also become a part of your style. Fur has always been, still is and will always be fashionable after all!


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