After drawing this little lady the other night,  I thought I would do a fun little post on how to get her “LOOK“.  I just might make this a regular on my blog as I had so much fun doing it!

Yes….perhaps it is a representation of me…missing my old bangs…but for the purpose of my “Little Lookbook”, let’s call her Ella.   I usually draw my characters in clothes I would like to wear….and I think just about everything here are either pieces I own…or want to own!


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brixton look

Here’s where to find it!

1.  Brixton Drifter hat

2.  Oliver Peoples Sheldrake prescription eyeglasses

3.  Urban Outfitters Cooperative printed cardigan

4.  AG Stevie Skinny white denim pant

5.  Forever 21 Bow Graphic Tank

6.  UO bow cuff watch

7.  Elizabeth & James Swoon black leather wedge heel

8.  See by Chloe Funny Love Leather Satchel

Hope you liked it!  Maybe a bit down the road I can do this with REAL people with REAL style! Maybe a few guest bloggers even!?

Happy wednesday!


  1. Jenny May Meyers

    Your drawings get cuter and cuter…seriously. The style is awesome.

    LOVE THIS idea…great series Kelli! :-)

  2. Carly

    Great idea for a series, Kelli. You’re making me think I really NEED some Oliver Peoples specs. Haha.

    And, those shoes are gorgeous.

  3. Mara

    oh I love this idea! This is AWESOME! Ella seems very cool..reminds me a little bit of myself :)

  4. anna

    this is so great!! and i want that cardi from uo. cute idea, you should def make it a feature!

  5. LoveFeast Table

    I agree with Kristin (my LoveFeast Table partner in crime..see above comment) -love it! I nominate us for faux guest bloggers! Maybe you can cartoon us up (we’d send a picture) and you can make us a virtual makeover!! LOL! That would be fun and maybe we’d have to by the stuff in real life!! Cute feature….we say thumbs up!! ~Chris Ann


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