Another LOOKBOOK addition.  Again….shot by Miss Katie Gardner.   I call this dress my grandma smock….because it is not particularly flattering and it reminds me of the doilies and tea.  Two things I actually in fact love.  Along with old school VW buses.


  1. Andre Ann

    hello! your illustration is darling! i work a lot with textiles and graphite. you definitely have inspired me!

    thank u! your work is gorgeous! xx

  2. Laís

    Hey BaBy,

    My name is Laís, and I’m from Catarina (, a brazilian magazine. We found you through, and we would really love to have you in our Twentieth Seventh edition. It’s quite simple. You just need to answer a few questions and send us a high quality image – our magazine is also printed.

    This is my e-mail:

    See yah!

    Laís Giusti
    Revista Catarina

  3. tc

    miss LaJolla so much more when I see your great pics and fashion! follow us if you like at @beautyapps.
    i also added you to our blogs gallery at
    keep in touch, send us photos and will add them as best we can.
    cheers, tc


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