WOWWW! Take a look at these dresses from QUAIL BRIDAL! I found out about the new site through one of my good friends who’s sister just got a job working as their sales executive! How amazing!

Shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my wedding was quite the challenge. (I am just now realizing it has almost been a year since Sam and I got hitched! Holy!) Well, the problem was that I wanted the PERFECT dress (expensive) for the PERFECT price (cheap). Not easy for the world’s most picky shopper!  If you never read my WEDDING DAY POST, you can find out where I finally found my bridemaids dresses for (cough cough…$38 dollars!). It’s true.

But back to QUAIL BRIDAL.  They make it EASY…and their styles are fresh and affordable.  They offer both wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses in an array of coordinating fabrics and colors.  Are these not the CUTEST!?!  Why need to be a bridemaid!?  I want the PARISIAN DRESS for myself for the next party I have to attend!


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