I wouldn’t consider my blog a “fashion blog” per say….I would call it more of an art blog…or maybe I shouldn’t even try to categorize it at all!  haha.  Just my life, work,  inspirations, and other odds and ends along the way.  But I would definitely say fashion IS art. So I suppose it fits right in.  Fashion is something I have always loved.  Perhaps not quite as much as art, but it follows right on its tail!   Still, one of my favorite things to do is to put together an outfit.  Usually I end up with a room piled high with clothes, but sometimes that’s what it takes to find just the right look isn’t it!? ? I admit I have gotten a little “fashion lazy” with my long work days and crazy non-stop schedule.  Sometimes it’s easiest to roll out of bed and throw on the first thing I see.  I mean, really!  BUT, when I do have time to think about what I want to wear…I have all too much fun.  I have been keeping up as much as I can with Fashion Week updates as they come in  (usually via STYLE.COM email blasts)…but I was finally able to really dive into a good majority of the Spring 2011 collections the other day from Paris, Milan, London and New York.  I was inspired (to say the least).  Here are just a few of my highlights.  Hope you are inspired too!


Clean sportswear and a neutral color palette never goes out of style!  Phillip Lim takes the cake with his Spring 2011 collection!  I love the way he mixed up fabrics with this collection (lots of sheers) and created unpredictable shapes and layers. And ohhhh…the detachable collars!!  (DIY!?)


So pretty it hurts.  Ultra-feminine looks in a pastel palette.


A little bit sporty, a little bit urban chic!  I love this collection because it is so wearable! Props to Isabel for creating something we all can wear!


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