WOW!! I just realized I am up to 200 followers!  Thanks to all my new friends, as well as old!  I really do love sharing bits and pieces of myself with all of you weekly… and it means a lot to me to have this community of support.  I never knew blogging could be so fulfilling…and so encouraging.  That’s really thanks to all of you. xo.

Well, Saturday night was a much needed date night out for me and my hubby, SAM. (Not to be confused with my cat, BAM). Ha!  We have been busy little bees lately and have not had enough “US” time.  Don’t you just hate that!?  Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and for just one day I didn’t have ANYTHING on my “to do” list.  Only to hang out with my husband.  I’m not sure when that day will come….so I guess I will be thankful for the fun we had this weekend.  We were both part of an event called Fruit of the Soul in downtown San Diego where over 30 local chefs came out and prepared specialty tastings of some of their top dishes.  AAA-mazing.  Obviously, I ate way too much.  Our friends at SEZIO curated the art show there and converted 2 box trucks into pop-up shop galleries. (pretty great idea, right?).  The inside of each truck was lined with artwork from a handful of San Diego artists.  It was a great night. Music, food, friends, laughs, food, art….and….more food.  ha. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I sold this new piece….to whom?  I am not sure.

But if you are reading this and it was YOU….THANK YOU!

Title:  “Wishing and Waiting”

I originally drew this girl representing my dear friend Suzy, who recently moved to Glasgow (Scotland) for an adventure of a lifetime.  She is a tiny little thing…fearless, creative, spontaneous…with one of the biggest hearts I know. GAH..she just inspires me!  As I was thinking about her and her courage to step out of the familiar  and into place so unknown to her, I began thinking about my own life.  I tend to like to stay in the “comfortable”.  Anything too far from what I know or what I am used to, intimidates me.  Sometimes I wish I was braver, stronger….fearless even.  It’s something I am constantly working on.   My thought with this painting is the beauty of “letting go”.  Realizing that fears, insecurities, and doubts are often the things that hold us back from really running after our dreams and living the life we want to live.  Hence…wishing and waiting.  But I am inspired by people like Suzy, who packed her bag and opened her heart to a whole new adventure.  Yes, these are a lot of thoughts for a painting of a girl holding a balloon…but I thought i’d fill you in on where my mind was at with this one.  And this hairstyle is my favorite right now.

And  well, these are just mittens.  Because winter is coming and that makes me happy.  This piece is still for sale HERE if you want it.  It measures 10″ X 7″ and hangs from a small metal chain.



  1. stacey

    I just had to comment I love your work it is so brilliant do you sell any pieces overseas? as I live in the UK. I came across your blog from seeing your wedding which was just so utterly stunning. I have actually been to San diego I came with my best friend for a holiday we stayed in the Gas lamp district we loved it I am hoping to come back with my husband.
    Anyway just wanted to say I think you rock!

  2. Fashionoverfifty

    I just have to tell you that when I first read your blog, it was me–quite a while ago! Fashion Illustration, design~its great to see you have been successful! I love to see artists succeed–sometimes it can be tough. You are an inspiration to me–maybe I can make it work this time around!
    Best of luck–eventhough you are very talented–sometimes it takes dumb luck!

  3. kelly ann

    i wish so badly that that piece, of the girl, was hanging above my desk right now, it’s so perfect. my brownish-red hair is in heidi-braids all the time, i love that hairstyle a lot. :)

    your work is so beautiful.

  4. Carly

    I always admire folks who can just pack up and go, too. It always seems like I’m too caught up in my daily “to-dos” to do something that spontaneous…

  5. Juliana Lins

    Hello Kelli, I am delighted with your work.If Brazilian and I can tell you that you have inspired me greatly and helped to choose a career …. do college work as fashion and fashion design, however, his work has shown me I can go very grateful além.Fico and once again I congratulate you for so much personality.

    sorry for bad english!

  6. Jennifer Hertweck

    I love love love your work! Cutest ever! Do you sell your pieces overseas aswell? I live in Cape Town, South Africa…got the perfect spot on the wall in my flat where one of your pieces would look amazing! Thank you for being so inspiring.

    • kelli

      Thanks so much Jennifer! I would be happy to send you something! Just email with with what you are wanting to get. I don’t offer shipping overseas on my etsy because it costs a lot…but I do do it upon requests!

  7. Kelly Orange

    Thank you for being part of Fruit of the Soul :) I found out today who took your piece home with them! She’s the owner of Cucina Urbana & Kensington Grill (Tracy Borkum) – apparently she’s been eyeing your work for a while. Lemme know if you would like her contact information for any reason!~

    I Love making connections & helping to get art out into the world :) BEAUTIFULNESS….

  8. Suzy Lee

    you. how did i just now see this?! you are an absolute dear-heart. i can’t tell you enough how your heart painted onto those canvases and sketched into those notebooks, sings to hearts all over, such pretty, hopeful, courageous things. every time you get vulnerable and honest to show us the magic you’ve arted, it is immense bravery. you are a total dream. i am beyond blessed that He had a plan for us and can’t wait to visit and hear about the Wonders He’s been doing in you and through you in those sweet but epic days of your life. adore you so my kell-belle.


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