I am loving all things knit (and cozy) right now.  I think because the weather is finally turning Fall here in San Diego.  This cream hand knit sweater is my favorite.  It is too big for me, but that makes it better.  I wear it tucked into shorts,  layered over leggings and boots, or paired with a patterned skirt and tights.  I just wish I had THIS BAG to top off the look.  A girl can dream.



  1. brandi lisenbe

    i love the tights mucho mucho!
    and the heels!
    and teh shorts ….ok i like everything!
    you just look so classy lil K!

    i am going to tweet this now:)


  2. Lilian

    Maybe she’s just West side and does the sign accordingly every time time she watess someone YEAH BOUY, YOU JUST GOT HIT BY A DAEWOO LANOS! PEACE. Comment by Marushiru on December 18, 2012 at 9:22 pm

  3. Nastia

    Hi, again I feel like telling you how much I like your wuiferdnl blog!Only the pictures are just to small, I think.It took me a while too to find out how to get them bigger, but to me it seems to be a good effort to have it done.If you ld like me to , I can explain how to enlarge them on your blog. I mean the most interesting thing on a blog like this are the pictures and the layouts from blogspots have too small pictures to my mind. But anyway- great work!And nice writing!( sorry for my english..)

  4. http://www.sanzinia-morelia.com/

    I love fashion and love sharing my post with you and your readers each week. You inspire me with your kick ass self love and I am so happy to know how you feel as i feel the same. I hope more people read these and find that self love that everyone should have. X


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