Happy Halloween!! My kitty Bam and I had fun dressing up while dad was out running errands at Home Depot (typical Saturday mind you).  I have an amazing husband.

I had dinner with my mom last night and she gave me a little bow tie she got for Bam for Halloween.  He didn’t like it much, but he sure did look cute.  I love him so much, I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have a real life baby. Ha! One day.  She also gave me my old baby book.   I laughed when it came to the page where she documented my favorite foods.  At 19 months old, my favorite food was “sweets”.  Really!?  This explains a lot!  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays….mostly because of the candy.

Tiny Masks by CLARE OWEN

If only my headband and tail were white.  Then we could be twins this year.

I am trying my best right now to not eat all the candy I’ve set out for trick or treaters.

Kids, ya better come quick! xo -Kelli


  1. Chelsea

    Ah I’ve been eating the candy we bought for the trick or treaters like crazy as well! :) Have a great halloween <3!!!!

  2. sherri

    Oh my dear SWEET Kelli. I for sure was not the perfect MOM and looking back on your baby book i was Shocked that SWEETS was the ONLY thing i wrote down for your favorite food.. :O( I’m sorry dear… I passed along the sweet tooth to you…. but YOU are also SWEET … soooo it isn’t ALL bad.. :O) I LOVE you!

  3. jen

    kelli this is too cute :-) bam has also grown into an adult grumpy looking kitty!!!! which in fact makes him even cuter, which I thought was completely impossible from the kitten photos ;-)

  4. Hannah

    I just want to squeeze bam. Jesse was so excited about the trick-or-treaters coming over that he ran to the door and yelled trick or treat in this really deep voice every time they came over. The kids were scared out of their minds. We are going to have to work on that for next year.

  5. Emma

    ha ha you and your kitty cat Bam look awesome! I’m obsessed with CATS! I would own 20 cats if I could!

    I found it so cute that you wrote:
    “I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have a real life baby.”

    My boyfriend and I treat our cat Fifi like she is our baby… even cradle her.. he he so silly really but i cant help it.

    Love your blog!
    check out mine if you like
    I featured your lookbook outfit’s in a post, so inspired by your style!


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