I put this look together around a tee shirt graphic I designed for Jedidiah that reads “Grow from the Inside”.  The graphic is printed on a long body burnout tunic.  It’s the best kind of tee…long, super soft, and perfect for layering.  This post is a bit premature as the tee will not be available to buy for a few more months on our online store….BUT, I guess you could call this a sneak peak !


  1. Sarah

    So pretty! I love when designs don’t look super branded. I would totally wear that. Please let us know when it’s available!

  2. anna

    the perfect t-shirt! and I wore pretty much that exact ensemble to work on Monday(but I can’t draw so my illustration would just be a stick person.) Love the shirt & your illustration!

  3. Karianne

    Wow, you’re talented! How do you make those illustrations? I love it! I also love the way you dress, it’s inspiring :)

  4. -Cat.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I absolutely LOVE your blog and I’m now your newest follower and adoring fan! Your illustrations are some of my favourites I’ve ever seen. LOVE!!


  5. Kara

    Kelli!! You have such a gift with your art!! I have followed your work for a very long time with Jedidiah. You never cease to amaze me!! Love the new paintings of you in a wedding dress and saw the cute save the date on Green Wedding Shoes!!

  6. Blair

    I am in love with that print! It is making me want to get a tattoo!! I love your work!

  7. Rhonda

    I agree with Blair I want your work as tattoos do you do anything custom? I am a single mother of twin daughters and would love something done of us three.. if you could plz email when you have time of some info or price quotes will be amazing! love your work and style keep it up. hope you and the bun in the oven are doing great!



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