A few weeks ago marked Sam’s 28th birthday.  There is only one month out of the year where Sam is 3 years older than me….and I milk it for all its worth!  And  yes.  These photos are long overdue…but ahh, better late than never.  In honor of “Movember” and Sam’s respectable stache….I went with the ever played out “mustache theme” for his party.  But really, who doesn’t like a good mustache right?

Needless to say, I went big.  I bought him a motorcycle!  Well, not just me, I had the help from a bunch of our closest friends.  You see, Sam NEVER buys anything for himself.  It’s almost pulling teeth with him to get him to buy something.   I actually love him for that, because I have quite opposite tendencies!  He’s super generous and finds joy in giving over receiving.  I hope I can be just like him when I grow up!  haha.  No, but really.  I KNEW he would never actually go through with buying a motorcycle even though day after day I found him scouring craigslist for a good deal.  SOOOO I decided a motorcycle surprise party was in order!  I wrote all our friends and set up a paypal where everyone could donate to the “fund”…and little by little, I raised enough money to make the purchase.  I felt a bit scummy at first for asking for donations to help my husband get a “dangerous toy”….but after I emailed everyone and realized how excited everyone was to pitch in on the surprise…I felt good about it and knew how much it would mean to Sam know that it was not just a gift from me….but from ALL OF US!  Thanks to all of our amazing friends.  I am still waiting to see Sam shed his first tear in front of me but I think this night he was close!

Vintage 1970’s Honda a.k.a Orange Bang!

Cutest little man in my life:  my nephew, Bruce.  (fitting name for a bad ass biker, wouldn’t you say!?)

woops…stache slip.  This is my family.  I love them a lot.

And this is Mark.  I love him too.


  1. Chelsea

    Wow that’s so sweet of you! My boyfriend is obsessed with motorcycles himself as well :) He actually owns 2 street bikes, and 3 dirt bikes I think he’s crazy haha. I bet he was very verryy happy :)

  2. brandi lisenbe

    Dang girl! you are a great wife! Jacob wants a motorcylce so bad but I am scared to get him…I don’t trust other drivers!
    His dream is to take a motorcycle road trip with his dad…maybe someday …
    Happy bday Sam!

  3. Kendra

    adorable! i love the bike and have considered getting my fiance one for awhile. what a great idea to have everyone pitch in!

  4. Meli

    That is so awesome!!! What a great set of friends!!!???!!! And they are a good looking set of friends, at that. You are gorgeous. As always. LOVE!



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