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I know I am a few days late in re-capping my weekend…but it was a good one (better than most) and started off with a bang on Friday with WRITER’S performance at Sushi Art…part of Sezio’s Four Day Weekend.  Unfortunately I missed the set by Joel P. West & The Tree Ring the night before, but I heard nothing but rave reviews.  I’ve never talked about WRITER here on my blog before, and well, that’s a shame.  One of my dearest friends Jayme Ralph and his brother Andy make up the dynamic duo.  They were good when they started and even better today.  Their music is the kind that puts you in good spirits, the kind you want to listen to all the time.  For me, on a long road trip or in my garage painting…or live, at a party.  Because live is always best with these boys. Their beats make ya move.  It’s inspiring, and Friday night was no exception.  The venue was transformed into a sort of fort….an amazing, happy, homey, love filled fort….all thought out and pieced together by artist Wes Bruce.  He is quite the genius when it comes to installations.  Just look at these pictures!

JEDIDIAH had the opportunity to partner up with SEZIO and set up a mini pop up store inside the venue.  I must say, it was the coolest pop up store i’ve ever seen.

Photos by Carly Ealy


I need to watch Garden State again.  In coming up with a title for this post…I kept thinking “Garden”, which then lead me to “Garden State”….which I remembered was an amazing movie with an amazing sound track, and I am due for a re-run.  Not to mention I just threw Sam a big surprise party last night in which I surprised him with motorcycle! (Yes, I went big.  Details from that to come).  Well, in the movie, Andrew (Zach Braff) has a motorcycle with a sidecar.  Remember that?  It’s pretty amazing.  I need to convince Sam to get one for the bike I got him. Ha! I won’t hold my breath.  ANYWAYYY…back to THIS post.  These pants have got to be the most comfortable things I own.  Literally, I could wear them everyday.  I guess I could say the same for the entire outfit, with exception to my shoes.  But I will sacrifice comfort for cute feet any day.  Plus, they eliminate the risk of the outfit looking too frumpy with my slouchy knit and baggy trousers!  What wonders a pair of heels can do! :)

I hope you all have a great week!  Back to the grind tomorrow.

photos by Joielala


Wow.  It’s not often that I am moved to tears through a blog post.  Maybe that means I am looking at too much visual inspiration online and not reading enough “food for my soul”.  In fact, I think that has been the case lately.  Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren emailed me today asking if I could create a custom illustration for her.  Sadly, I am booked through the holidays (sorry  to anyone who might have been thinking about getting something custom made for Christmas!)  It’s a madhouse around here lately!  Anyway, back to my point…Lauren’s email led me to her blog, which I wish I would have known about sooner.  She is one of those bloggers straight from the heart.  Honest, genuine, and raw…even if the words she writes might not be what everyone wants to hear.  Her post “honest” is what got me.  Read it, and then THIS post….and then read on.

First, my heart breaks that so many girls today struggle with accepting and loving themselves for who they are.  When did it ever get this bad?  Or was it always this way?  We admire (and often covet) the beauty of others, but don’t see the beauty in ourselves.  We only WISH we could “look like her”,  knowing full well that will never be.  We size ourselves up and beat ourselves down.  We have this idea of perfection painted in our heads….but it’s just that, in our heads.  I think a lot of us can relate to this on some level.  I certainly do.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever, FULLY, be happy with the person God has created me to be.  I wish with all my heart I could say I am, but somehow, the person I have the hardest time loving is me.  I love deeply and care deeply for the people around me.  Why is it so hard for me to do the same for myself?  Like Lauren wrote, it’s not at all about impressing people or being the prettiest girl on the block (i think that is a misconception a lot of people make on struggles like this).  Being a relatively shy person, i’d actually much rather not be.  It’s just discovering how to not let our insecurities get the best of us.  To not allow the world to dictate our worth.  It’s learning to love MYSELF the way I love my husband, and my mom, and my cat for that matter!  I think it might be a forever journey….but I pray that everyday I learn ways to love me more and to celebrate all the wonderful things I am blessed by in life.

I think all of us contain beauty in our own unique way.  And while it might not be in our smile, or our skin, or our shape…. beauty of the heart has a way of trumping it all.  I hope we can all learn to love each other just a little more, judge each other just a little less, and celebrate the bodies we have been given.  Trust me, it’s something I am learning every day.

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