FREEDOM! No more work through Christmas!  I am actually sitting with my hubby and his family in a cozy cabin in Boulder, CO right now.  This will be my first Christmas away from my family! It’s a little strange, but I am happy to be sharing it with people I love so much.  Sam has three sisters who I adore and all their husbands are equally as wonderful.  We were hoping for a white Christmas in Colorado, but when our flight landed this afternoon there was not a snow flake to be seen.  Boo!  Apparently tomorrow we might get snow…so I am crossing my fingers.  It is not allowed to be this cold with no snow! Tomorrow a little ice skating is in order…. in which Sam will most likely show off his hocky skills and I will wobble about trying not to fall.  I am actually really excited….I live in San Diego and we just don’t do these things.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by the people you love.  Thanks for reading my little blog, I am so thankful for all your kind comments and encouragement.  I will be back in full blog force soon.  I promise.  This holiday season has been a crazy one.

Here is my latest outfit.  I just wore this shirt in a “look” not too long ago. Sorry for the repeat.  Red and green backdrop to celebrate the cristmas spirit.  OH JOLLY!

Photos by JOIELALA


  1. ediot

    LOVE that outfit. and the illustration is so brilliant! well done! hope you’re enjoying your week. merry christmas

  2. Brandi Lisenbe

    i have that shirt and boots…or some just like it.
    You look adorable as always! and i hope you get snow while you are there!!!
    i love Boulder, its just like Austin tx just differnt weather:) oh how I miss living in colorado sometimes!
    Merry Christmas Friend!


  3. Meliz

    I HEART u!
    I love everything about you! Your outfits, your style how you’re illustration these little detailed figures and I love it to rummage your blog :)

  4. mojospastyle

    Absolutely love the illustrations. Do you draw them and then scan them in or do draw them in as vector art? I wish I could draw as cute as you. Your style is definitely the kind of customer I love!!!

  5. Therese

    I really love your outfit. Saw it on lookbook. I just wonder… your boots from steve madden. are they the ones called troopa or hoodlum?

  6. weirdapple

    Do you make that picture of you self?
    And with your style,
    it makes you photo gorgeous!
    I really like this ;)
    Greats ;)

  7. Almond

    I found you on Lookbook.nu . Love, love, love your style, the illustrations are so adorable.

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