Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to start my own greeting card and stationary line.  I think my first art inspirations actually came from stationary lines like Suzy’s Zoo & Precious Moments.  So cute, right!?  I wanted to do what they did, and it’s a dream I still hold today.   I remember growing up, I would never allow myself to buy a card for someone…I had it make it!  With every card, I “trademarked” the back as Kelli’s Kards.  Yes, Kards with a K.  I thought I was clever.  Well, here I am today taking my first baby step in the card business.  I picked out a few of my favorite illustrations that I thought would lend themselves nicely to a greeting card and just went for it.  I unveiled the new card designs at my art opening a few weeks ago (pictures still coming soon) and was pleasantly surprised at the reaction…and sales!  Now I just want to keep making more!  But for now,  I still have stock of these designs and they are now available on my ETSY store for purchase.

All the cards are printed on acid free archival paper and come with a contrasting paper bag envelope.


This is my first ever assorted “BOX SET”.  I created these with a winter theme in mind and sold them before Christmas at my solo show “Dreamer” (they make for a good christmas card).  However, in designing them, I wanted to make sure that these cards could be used any time, (not just at christmas), so there is no “ho ho ho” or “happy holidays” to be found.   Only a sweet illustration and a blank white inside to say what you wish.  These too are available on my ETSY.  Included are 8 assorted cards and 8 contrasting paper bag envelopes.  Sealed in a box and wrapped with baker’s twine.



In the spirit of all things paper, I decided to also try out some simple paper prints of a few of my designs as well.  I realize that the higher quality canvas prints that I currently sell on my store are a bit expensive for some of my customers who are interested in buying something (but just can’t swing $65).  SOOO…I thought i’d try out some smaller price point prints for you!  I am offering 3 designs in 8″ X 10″ and 3 designs in 11″ X 14″.  And lastly….I  have a couple magnet sets for sale.  I thought these would be just a fun little addition to the shop.  I was happy when I tested out my first magnet yesterday on my fridge and it had “super strength” (none of that weak, barely holds a piece of paper stuff!).  I hope you like it!


“Fancy Living” 8″ X 10″ paper print

Rooted in Love A2 Card Set

“Dreamer’s Awake” 11″ X 14″ paper print

Winter Dreams Magnet Set & “My Beloved” 11″ X 14″ paper print

“Wishing” A2 Card Set

“You & Me” A2 Card Set & 8″ X 10″ paper print

“OH HELLO” mini note cards with contrasting paper bag envelope.

Dolled Up Magnet Set

Lots of love to you.


  1. Lúcia

    Your artwork is amazing! you’re very very good! I love all these new things! good job and good luck with future creations :)

  2. Amy Nievera

    The cards are beautiful! Would you give a discount if someone bought them in bulk? I’d like to use some as holiday cards next year and I would need 40.

  3. Kerri

    I always saved your cards you gave me as little kids and used them as decoration in my room! I remember one Valentine’s Day card with a scrolled heart crafted on the front you made when you were like 10- pretty sure I had it until college :)- you are wonderfully gifted Kell-Bell!

  4. kelly ann

    i am totally purchasing your “wishing” card set in a few days… i need it in my LIFE. one of my absolute favourites of all of your paintings! ;) you talented lady, you.

  5. Carly

    These are totally fantastic! I’m jealous… My card making still echos my third grade self. Haha.

    Hope you and Sam had a beautiful Christmas!

  6. the joielala girls

    i bought the “oh hello” cards at your show and every single person i have given one to has freaked out and told me they were going to frame it! :)
    i love that you’re making cards and magnets! you’re so talented! xo – taryn

  7. Jenny May

    Kelli! These are so awesome! I’m so glad you have made your art into greeting card, I’m def. going to buy some :-)

    See you in a couple weeks!

  8. Anna

    LOVE THESE!! But I don’t see the magnets in your Etsy shop… are you planning on adding them? I’d LOVE them!! :)

  9. Brandi

    Are you still swamped this year?
    just wanted to know when you were going to do or if you would ever do custom art?

    love your stuff!!!!

    and i grew up on precious moments. my mom used to always put those stickers on my brown paper bag lunches with a scripture.

  10. Ilana

    Okay, wow, seriously I need to get my hands on your prints!!! :) What a stunning job!! Hope you have an amazing year ahead and looking forward to seeing all the new art being showcased by you this year x



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