1.  Heart stamped Macarons

2. ‘Be Mine’ Card by Rifle Paper Co.

3. Vintage Floral Dress from Gary Pepper Vintage

4.  Braid illustration by Lisa Congdon

5. Pale Rust Cushion with Pom Poms

6.  Heart tattoo photo via Purse n’ Boots

7.Valentine Shoes – Ban.Do Heart Shoe Clips

8. J T’aime Template

9. DIY Cupid Arrows Cupcake

10. Handmade valentine on Aesthetic Outburst. (found via Pinterest)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day is FULL OF LOVE!

xo -Kelli


    • kelli

      I wish I had a bump to show off but unfortunately it’s hasn’t grew in yet Tiff! I am thinking this month might be the “month of growth” for me! :)

  1. Juliana Lins

    Hi Kelli, how are you?! I hope so … my name is Juliana Lins, I am Brazilian, fashion student and I have a little problem in finding a solution that only you can give me!

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    I’m attending the last semester in technology fashion designer, where I have to assemble a portfolio inspired by an artist and I am simply inspired by her work which I find wonderfully perfeito.Para the creation of the portfolio I need to explain the whole concept of my theme “fashion designer” and also conceptualize my source of inspiration with infomações this work, which in my case I chose his work.

    I did some research and could not find anything very specific about his biography, sources of inspiration, his concept of art, education … well, that information will be very Ulteo me to build my work.

    I wonder how much you should be busy, especially now with the baby that’s to come – congratulations, though, would have delighted to make this work encerração of course inspired by her art, then I ask you with all the affection of the world that takes into consideration my awe and please indulge me his artistic biography.

    Already I feel grateful for the attention and I’m waiting as soon as possible to know if I can count on your help or not.

    Juliana Lins.



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