Chin up, chin up / Everybody loves a happy face / Wear it, share it / It’ll brighten up the darkest place / Twinkle, sparkle / Let a little sunshine in / You’ll be on the right side, looking at the bright side / Up with your chinny-chin-chin.

– Charlotte’s Web circa 1973

My sister and I were watching the original Charlotte’s Web the other day with her little babes.  Bruce – 2 and Copper – 5 months.  Bruce said “Hey “elli”, let’s watch “ilber”.  I couldn’t resist.  I forgot what an awesome movie it is.  But maybe I love it so much because it brings back the child in me.  It makes me think back to when me and my sisters were little and we would all huddle around the tv and watch it together and sing along. I still know almost every word to “Chin Up” ! haha.  Ohhh to be 2 again!   Anyway, Charlotte’s Web really has nothing to do with this post other than titling it “The Bright Side” from the  Chin Up song.  I’ve always been into pairing pretty things with rougher/tougher things when it comes to fashion.  Here, I paired my skinny military cargo’s with a more delicate chiffon blouse and flower crown.  Shoes are old Steve Madden, borrowed from my sis.  And my hair is freshly whitened….by none other than….my sis! She’s the only one who get’s that I want it as close to white as possible…almost grey even. I know, it’s weird.  But I just can’t rock that yellow tone.

My headband, is surprisingly hand made by my mom.  (I say surprisingly because she would be the first to tell you she’s not much of the “creative” type) I was very proud of her…and I love it!  I wear it as a necklace, a crown/headband like in these photes, and even as a belt shown HERE.

Photos by JOIELALA


    • kelli

      She used to be Brandi…but now she’s a full time mommy and stylist to just my family :) White hair (and purple shampoo) for life! haha!

  1. kelly ann

    i LOVE charlotte’s web!

    you’re so pretty. and your headband?! insane. it’s perfect, i wish your mom sold them so i could buy one for myself! ;)

  2. Lainey

    This is pure perfection. Your mom did such a wonderful job on the flower piece. It has many uses. Are you cargo skinnies the Houlihans?

  3. anna

    I bought green cargo skinny’s last month & they are my new go-to pants. I love to pair them with black & cobalt. That headband is cute! As always your outfit is adorable.

  4. martha

    I love your haaair *.* is it dyed? I’m thinking about dying mine, but my mum doesn’t like the idea…
    anyway, love your blog so much:)

  5. Michelle

    Those shoes are soooo pretty! I love the color, I think I need those! The headband is also very beautiful..makes me think that I should be more creative when it comes to accessories.


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