I know, I know….it’s not much of a bump yet! BUT it’s there and i’m claiming it! Today I am 16 weeks (4 months) along in my pregnancy.  I have noticed in just the last few days my bump growing bigger, and I think…no, I KNOW….. my growth spurt is on it’s way.  I have to be honest and say I am a little bit nervous about that part.  I know the growth is so gradual that your body just adjusts with the process….BUT it is still hard for me to imagine a huge basketball in my stomach.  I mean, that’s got to be uncomfortable right? I wish I wasn’t nervous…but I just am…especially now getting to the four month mark and knowing that over the next four weeks the baby will double in size.  By the way…it’s the size of an avocado right now, about 4 1/2 inches.

I was laying in bed the other morning, savoring my last few minutes under the covers before I had to get up and get ready for work, and i felt a little movement in my stomach.  I swear it was the first time I felt the baby move, and I got so excited.  Yesterday I had my check up appointment at the doctors and was able to hear the heartbeat.  It was so loud and strong! And it just re-affirms me that everything is going just the way it is supposed to be going.  I have always doubted that I would be a person to have a smooth, normal pregnancy.  I’ve had so many odd medical issues in the past, I just assumed pregnancy would not be an easy go-around for me.  But my body is proving me wrong, and so far, I don’t have much to complain about aside from being sleepy and nauseous on and off.

Since I had to show off my belly, I made both my boys stick out theirs too !

I have a feeling that next month you will be seeing a much larger belly from me!

On a different note, check out my interview up on THE PROJEKT today!!

  1. Liz

    HAHA I love Sam’s shot. That is totally something my bf would do too! Congrats on everything Kelli, you’re going to be the cutest mommy.

  2. Chelsea

    Awh you are so cute prego Kelli! It’s crazy how your stomach still has that flat appearance at 4 months :)!!!! You and Sam will make great parents!

  3. Jenny May

    Ahhh, Kel how adorable are you! I can only wish I’m even 1/2 as cute as you are when I’m preggers! Love Sam’s shot too ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing you next month!!


  4. Hannie

    Oh this is so lovely! I can understand feeling nervous about your impending bump – I imagine it must be a huge change for a woman’s body, even if our bodies are built to cope with it! I myself also doubt that I will have smooth pregnancy because of previous health problems, but it’s lovely to hear that your little one is doing just fine.


    Much love,

  5. Ilana

    Hah oh that is just gorgeous! A baby is such a miracle in itself, I cannot imagine what it would feel like to have a baby move in your tummy. WOW!

    All the best :)

  6. Julia Gentry

    There are just not enough words to describe how beautiful it is to see you pregnant! Although it is such a small avocado bump, it is a BABY and I cannot wait to see the precious gift you bring to this world! I just wish I was closer to enjoy this process with you.
    I miss you.

  7. Girl and Closet (Veronika)

    aww, honey congratulations this is soo exciting and YES your growth spurt is SO on it’s way. My girlfriend is just a few weeks ahead of you and she has really started to show & looks adorable. CONGRATS, to you and your man. xx veronika

  8. Kathleen

    aww big congrats girl!! you really are going to make such a beautiful and chic mommy ;) miroslava duma!! hehe. so exciting to be in this stage of life, and so happy for you! wish you all the best girl :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  9. herecomesthesunblog

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope it’s a smooth and wonderful journey for you and your family :)

    Your little bump is so adorable! You’re going to have so much fun as the little one grows.

    All the best with everything and I wish you many years of happiness as a mother!

  10. jadie

    congratulations kelli! i was nervous, too. i just KNEW i was going to gain 100 pounds and swell up to be the size of a house and have every horrible pregnancy symptom/problem in the book! but at 37 weeks now i have had a really great pregnancy (aside from the horrible morning sickness) and am constantly amazed my bump isn’t any bigger! not to sound like i’m bragging or anything- people can spread so much negativity around this time (at least in my case) that i wanted to offer some encouragement :)

  11. stacey

    you bump is so cute I know if I was pregnant I would be the size of a whale! love bam’s belly my little piglet (my dog) gets her belly out all the time she just loves a tummy tickle! just know you are going to look stunning even at 9 months pregnant

  12. Jennifer

    I am so envious, you are still so thin even at 16 weeks. Swear to God, I look fatter and I’m not even pregnant, LOL! And is it okay to say your husband is really hot? You two are a very good looking couple! That baby is going to be beautiful :)



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