Sometimes I feel like the slowest baby bump grower ever.  I read this article the other day on a woman with “Baby Bump Jealousy”.  She was 5 months along and couldn’t help but compare her large, round, very pregnant-looking belly to all the other little belly’s she saw of women in the same month of pregnancy.  I kind of found myself relating to her and her “bump envy”….only in the opposite.  I always had this idea in my head that when you find out you are pregnant, you automatically “get a belly”.  In my case, that was far from the truth.  5 months later and still no one has any idea that I have a little person growing inside me.   The worry wort in me resorts to thoughts of…”Is everything ok?” , “Is my baby growing the way it should”?, “What if something went wrong?”.  It is definitely not small because of lack of nutrients.  My appetite has been ravenous.  I know I can tell a big difference in the shape of my stomach, but I kind of wish other people could tell a difference too!   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the, “Oh please, that is my belly after a burger.”  I mean really, what is the fun of being pregnant when no one can tell, right!?   This is why every check up I have with the doctor is a HUGE source of comfort for me.  To have the them feel my stomach and tell me everything looks good, and to hear the baby’s loud heartbeat helps to reassure me that my body is doing just what it should be doing and growing at the pace that is normal, for me.  I get a little smile every time I feel a small kick or punch (which happens about 10 times a day already!), wondering what acrobatic movement is going on this time.   I know, it is silly to complain about not having a big belly.  Especially knowing when I get a really huge one, I am sure I will want it to be smaller! I suppose we all need to accept our different pregnant shapes and sizes and enjoy the miracle that is taking form within us!  But in all honestly, I am looking forward to LOOKING pregnant!  Maybe by month 8! haha!

I can hardly stand it, but in just a few days I get to find out the sex! I could have found out much sooner, but I decided to just wait it out and go when the doctor would be 100% certain. It has been a true test of my patience to say the least!

SOOOO….What is your guess!?! BOY or GIRL!!? Either way,  I will have all too much fun shopping!! All of the images below you can find with links on my PINTEREST. Verdict coming soon!



  1. Chelsea

    Whatever it is your baby is going to have THE cutest outfits hahaha <3 I can't wait to see your baby bump get bigger and bigger!

  2. Liz

    Look at the bright side, post-pregnancy your body will probably bounce right back to your skinny minnie self! You’ll be a hot in-shape mama with a cute baby. THEN who will be jealous? ;)

  3. Kelly

    Your baby bump is the cutest! And I would feel the same way if I was pregnant.. .I want to look pregnant! anyways, I think it’s going to be a girl. =)

  4. Crystal

    Kelli…I know how you feel love. When I was pregnant with both girls I was consistently told how small I was and it got so frustrating when people would question how far a long I was. You are growing a life and you don’t want to ever feel like you are not doing a good job. Just know that you are. Every mama to be has a different body and each body has a different way that reacts to pregnancy. This is the way that your body is dealing with pregnancy and it is fine. The baby will be healthy and perfect. BTW …. boy all the way!!

  5. Jori

    Your baby is, without a doubt, going to be the best dressed kid on this planet!

    I wanted to tell you how great you look and explain that I felt the.exact.same.way. I am certainly not as thin as you are, but I am thin. Nobody knew I was pregnant until 7 months in. And even then, I had to be wearing something pretty fitted! I met a lot of other mothers and currently pregnant mothers who were showing in 2 month or 3, and it was generally because they had been pregnant before. With first pregnancies you don’t show as much for a good amount of time.

    Also, maybe this isn’t true for everyone, but I can definitely say for myself and other mothers I know, the “baby bump” part gets a little old at times because that baby is just crammed in there. It’s an awkward feeling when they’re in your ribs :) BUT…now that my guy is here, I REALLY miss those discomforts. I say just enjoy what is happening with you while it is happening.

  6. Carmia

    Aw, I WISH we could baby clothes that cute here! Or maybe not, I might just have fallen pregnant by accident to be able to play dress-up… I say you look hot, and maybe in two months’ time your belly will be bigger and you can rock the ‘hot momma’ look. Enjoy it!

  7. Kerri

    Your bump is perfect just the way it is for baby Larson…. my vote is GIRL :) Have fun with Sam’s parents!!

  8. Weronika

    It’s so hard to believe you are 5 months along! I can only imagine being the same way because of a small frame. You probably won’t see a big belly until the final weeks of your term, exciting I’m sure! I kinda have a feeling you’ll have a boy ;) either way congratulations, keep up the positive thoughts and everything will be just fine :)

  9. Rhonda Sutton

    ha ha ha i was 6 month prego and no one knew it either one day i started to show and then one night it was like BAMB!!!!!!!! pregnant! i cried then.. it wasnt until my last trimester did i find out that i was having twins. i went from 118 pounds to day of delivery 208! i was told i was defenatly having a boy i was excited. on January 21,1997 i had twin girls. :) Chelsey and Chantelle. I made the news in Arizona and the newspaper for the small town i lived in i was the 4th woman to give birth of twins that year and there were 9 sets of twins still due!!! something was for sure in the water. and not to be to much info here.. but i was on birth control and he wore a condom. so it was in my Path that i be a mother. that is why i want a drawing from you and to make it a tattoo. on my back or arm. i am a strong woman and yet a mother of now teenage daughters life is fierce but i grab it by the horns and hang on. My daughters will be freshman in high school in August i will be a Jr in college! my guess right now is a girl but i cant be 100% because your not showing lol.. it would be ideal to have a boy first tho that way he can help take care of his little sister. well at least in my head.. :)

  10. Carly

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to know what you guys are having! And, I’ve always heard you don’t show much with your first, so I imagine your bod is perfectly normal. : )

  11. Linnea

    Your baby bump is so cute! Just perfect!! Gosh, those little girl clothes are sooo adorable, too! I love the little swimsuit!



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