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So , it’s a holiday weekend and I have no husband.  Well, he is on vacation that is.  Visiting family in Indiana and watching the Indy 500 with his dad and brother in-laws.  He grew a decent mustache in honor of the occasion.  (*note – I don’t think Sam has ever watched a race before).   I told him he better brush up on his knowledge before he headed into a land of race car die hards. He said he was just looking forward to the beer and nachos. Ohh boys! It’s only been one day and I miss him already.

With Sam gone, I decided to think more about BABY and all the things we still have left to plan for.  Next weekend my sister is taking me out for a fun filled day at Babies”R”Us to start my registry.  It’s all still kind of overwhelming but I think I have a grip on most of the basics of what I’ll need.  It’s hard to believe it is already almost June and I am entering my third trimester! I’m excited and anxious and kind of just wanting it to be August 27th tomorrow so I can meet her already.  A couple fears I have:  I went to the doctor last week and they were a little worried about my slow weight gain.  I have to go take a second ultrasound (next week) to make sure the baby is developing normally and nothing is wrong.  My appetite is three times what it used to be, so i’m not sure why I am not gaining the weight expected of me.  I know that all I can do is what is in my power to do….eat right, take my vitamins, sleep…and the rest is up to God. But I can’t help but have that nagging “what if?” in the back of my head.  I think my mind will be much more at ease once I get results back from that second ultrasound confirming she is ok and growing normally.  Right now,  I have to trust that she is.  Another challenge as of late is finding out I have anemia.  My leg cramps and fast pulse and fatigue all made sense when my blood test’s came back with that result.  It’s relatively normal for pregnant women to get this near the end of their pregnancy, but I do have to add another iron supplement to my prenatal and hopefully my red blood cells will bump up to normal again.  So far, the extra iron has just been making my stomach hurt….but if it’s benefitting the baby, it’s well worth it.  My biggest priority right now is making sure she is ok.  So if you have a minute, I would sincerely appreciate your prayers for her growth and positive results for that ultrasound next week.

But back to the fun side, I have already started my collection of mini odds and ends.  These pictures are some of my favorites….so far, everything fits in just one drawer!

Crochet dress from BABY GAP & Knit Booties by Carolina Knots / Vintage Baby Bonnet from local antique store / Antique Baby Shoes from Hula Hoop Vintage

I know they are everywhere right now, but there is something about a pretty bunting that I just LOVE.  This one by Pieces of Olde caught my eye and I had to have it for the nursery.  Not sure where it will hang yet, but I am imagining above the crib.

AHHHHH and the moccasins (below)!!! I think I squealed the loudest when these arrived at my doorstep.  They are each handmade by Wayside Violet.  Aren’t they adorable!?  I can’t wait to get them on her feet!  Along with that pale yellow vintage sweater….if only it came in my size too!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

xoxo Kelli


Seriously, time needs to slow down.  I thought posting a “bump” update every 2 weeks sounded about right in the beginning.  But 2 weeks feels like 2 days! I feel like my post at 24 weeks was just yesterday, and here I am already, writing agian at 26.   I hope you are not sick of them! Baby is growing like a weed!

So, you hear about women saying that you wake up one day and just “pop”.  Well, it’s kind of true.  My “pop” happened this wednesday.  I woke up, walked past the mirror, and then had to walk back again to stare at my belly.  WHOW! Was I just noticing this now or did it really grow overnight?  I think it just might have!  I’ve realized as each day goes by and  my waistband continues to expand, dressing has become a whole new challenge.  I’m one to lean towards oversized slouchy sweaters and loose fit tanks and tees. But it’s not really working for me anymore.  All of a sudden, I just feel frumpy.  I now have a whole new strategy….to HIGHLIGHT instead of HIDE this belly of mine.  I have found myself wearing more fitted tops and belted dresses that show it off a little more.  And go figure, I went to baby GAP the other day and the woman working there asked me “if I had something cooking!?” AHHH, my first comment from a stranger!  She may have been tipped off that I was in a baby store….in the infant section…with a rather protruding belly….but still!  I’ll take it.  “Yes.  I am cooking up a baby girl.  Due in August.”

I am kind of in love with my new shoes.  They are gigantic, I know.  My sister took one look at them and was like “What ARE those!? They are ridiculous!” Ridiculously amazing, you mean? ;) I love almost everything Jeffrey Campbell touches.  I met him last year at a trade show in Vegas, and he was the coolest, most down to earth guy.  Made me like his product even more.  These Ford Lace-Up’s I bought from Need Supply.  Which, if you have never visited their online store, go now! One of my all time fav’s.  I have been eyeing these ILLESTEVA frames for a while now.  Perfect summer sunnies, don’t you think?

And here is my usually baby bump update pic…big and bare!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

We spent most of it painting the nursery and shopping for a changing table.  Or in my case, a vintage dresser that I will be converting into my changing table. fun fun fun fun! The process has begun.


I have been a busy little bee the last two nights.

HELLO DOLL is a new boutique that is just getting ready to open it’s doors this week.  I was commissioned by the owner to create this 5′ X 7′ canvas painting to display on one of the stores main walls.  Being the procrastinator that I am, I left it to the last minute to get this thing complete.  I tacked up the loose primed canvas onto one the walls in our house (the empty nursery made for a perfect spot) and sketched out the illustration large scale before pulling out my paints.  Several hours and an achy back later, here is what I made.  I had a lot of fun with it.  It’s nice to “go big” every now and then, although I plan on taking a pass on any more projects like this until after the baby comes because…well….it is belly’s turn to “go big”.  Thanks Lynna for the opportunity!


If you live in or near Alpine, check out Lynna’s new boutique, “Hello Doll”.

It is located at 2733 Alpine Blvd, Alpine CA.


I am in love with the illustrations by DEERFACE.   She works wonders with Gouache and WaterColour.  Inspiration to do more of that myself!  She also makes the most adorable Brooches and miniature Stickers which she sells on her ETSY store.

She is offering $50 Gift Vouchers to her ETSY STORE.  This would be a lovely gift.

Well, I am off to Arizona for a few days to celebrate my cousin graduating from college.  Hopefully I will return with some color in my cheeks.   xoxo -Kelli