Ahhhh the weather the last few days!! It feels like summer has arrived and I am soaking up every second of it!  I’m not sure what it is, but I seem to be appreciating the sun more this season.  How it warms me up and makes me feel all happy and vibrant inside!  Or maybe it is the babe that is making me feel that way…..all i know is I love it!  It doesn’t happen often that I get my ENTIRE family down to the beach together….but today was my lucky day! They all headed up to Pipes in Encinitas, a beach just down the street from where Sam and I live.  The day couldn’t have been more glorious.  Our guys (husbands) surfed for hours while my sisters and I had fun with the kiddos.  Bruce is my little sister Kyleen’s oldest boy.  Age 2.  And Copper is her baby.  8 months.  I can’t get enough of them.  Playing with them makes me look forward to the day when I can take my little girl to the beach and play in the waves! …perhaps WITH her big boy cousins.

Ok honestly, WHERE did that belly come from!?  One more week until I am 6 months and BAM…the belly is exploding.  I suppose my time was coming…and well….it has arrived with force.  I can literally FEEL it growing.  My muscles and tendons are pulling and cramping and my skin is stretched tight.  My pants no longer button and leggings have become my daily uniform.  I think it’s time I take the plunge and buy some actual “maternity” pants to get me through the next three months.  If this week is any indication of the growth to come, I will certainly be needing a new wardrobe.  I don’t think I really even realized how big I had gotten until I saw this pic (above) that my mom snapped today at the beach.  I showed it to Sam and was like “Is my belly REALLY that big!?” He laughed….”Have you looked in the mirror lately?” Ha! I guess I hadn’t really noticed.   Reading my weekly update from Baby Center this morning, I laughed at all the things it said my body might be doing and feeling this week.  Right on schedule!  Swollen ankles and feet – CHECK.  More definite fetal activity – CHECK.  Hearty appetite – CHECK. Achy abdomen – CHECK.  Leg Cramps – CHECK.  Stretch Marks – not yet but buttering up with hopes that I might be one of the fortunate few to dodge them altogether. Pregnancy is awesome isn’t it!? Haha.

My older sister Kerri and I, with Bruce.

The Bailey’s

My cute little sis, Ky. Holding Cooper.

My favorite boy.

…and that belly again. Yeesh.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Do anything fun??

xoxo -Kelli


  1. Tori

    omg… you can’t even tell you’re pregnant unless it’s a side view! such a petite little body you have! all the best to you :) xo

  2. Lainey

    How do you look that amazing with a belly? I’m in awe of you right now. I would be so lucky to look like that when I’m pregnant.

  3. Stacey

    I love the beach it looks so lovely where you are, I agree about the sunny weather it makes me feel so happy (we don’t get much of it in the uk) we have had the hottest Easter ever it’s been so great.
    Baby bump is still cute, love the picture of Bailey looks like he is trying to fly!

  4. Carly

    You look great Kelli! And, how about that added cleavage? That’s not a shabby side effect of pregnancy. : p

  5. marie a la mode

    You look so cute with your little belly! I wouldn’t even have known you were pregnant if you hadn’t turned to the side in your photos! You look amazing : )

  6. Heather

    Awe! My heart is so happy looking at your cute little baby bump!
    I celebrated my first anniversary with my husband this weekend :) We are heading for a little weekend away in San Diego in about 10 days. Looks like the weather is going to get a bit colder by then :( Bummer! Any fun little ideas of things to do while we’re there?

    • kelli

      How fun Heather!! What part of San Diego will you be!? If the weather is still as glorious, you’ve got to have a beach day! La Jolla is beautiful as well as Coronado.

  7. Mary Kate

    I’m landlocked in Colorado – but I’ll be in Cali for the first time (well except the crazy amounts of layovers – but that doesn’t really count) in just a few weeks! I hope its hot enough to be out on the beach!! Seeing your photos makes me just a bit less patient for vacation! Oh and Cute Suit!!

  8. Heather

    I’m crossing my fingers for glorious weather!
    We’re actually staying downtown at the W but we plan hot OR cold to spend some time at the beach! We actually got engaged on the beach at La Jolla Cove the same weekend, 2 years ago!
    We’re just excited to get out of the desert for the weekend!!

  9. brandi lisenbe

    hahaha you cant even tell your preg unless your standing sideways! I hope thats how it goes for me too. YEAH RIGHT! i’m short and don’t look as cute as you in a swimsuit anyway!

    Love the beach! love your bikini! Glad you got to spend the day with Family! we have been going every weekend! sun= happy



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